County Wexford, Republic of Ireland

The seaside village of Rosslare (or Rosslare Strand) is a beautiful hidden gem in County Wexford, Ireland. Being the sunniest spot in Ireland, Rosslare rewards locals, tourists and passersby with beautiful sandy beaches, rich history and exciting sports.

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View of the Johnstown Castle close to Rosslare

The stunning Johnstown Castle in County Wexford

Holidays in Rosslare

From the moment you arrive in Rosslare Strand, the village's magic reveals itself wherever you go! Unspoiled landscapes, inviting waters and seafood delicacies come together to turn Rosslare into a year-round seaside resort that caters to all preferences!

For families with children, adventurous groups of friends or even solo travelers who seek out the sun in Ireland, Rosslare covers everything! Consider staying at least for a weekend, though you might need extra days to discover neighboring locations in County Wexford.

How to get to Rosslare

Dreaming of visiting Rosslare Strand and learning its secrets? You can easily get there by ferry, as it is situated right next to the village of Rosslare Harbour, where the Rosslare Europort is.

To learn more about the ferries to Rosslare from Fishguard, Bilbao, Pembroke and Cherbourg, check out our relevant section.

Other ways of getting to Rosslare include bus and train services. There is a great public transport network in County Wexford, though sometimes the itinerary might include intermediate stops where you’ll have to switch buses/trains.

Tip: the villages of Rosslare Strand and Rosslare Harbour are connected by public transport. Though they are relatively close to each other, moving around is easier this way.

What to do in Rosslare

What isn’t there to do in Rosslare? Seafood tourism, hiking and biking excursions, cultural sightseeing and outdoor sports are among the best things to do in Rosslare. Most of them are available throughout the year, due to the mild climate of Rosslare.

There are countless things to do and see in Rosslare Strand, its harbor and nearby locations. Continue reading to discover the best of Rosslare with our personal recommendations!

Sandy stretch on the beach of Rosslare Strand

Endless sandy stretches in Rosslare

Sightseeing and activities in Rosslare

Scenic and sophisticated, County Wexford offers some great opportunities for historical and cultural sightseeing, as well as nature exploration! And if you have more days to spare, there are many hidden gems to uncover!

Here are our top monuments and attractions in Rosslare, including some nearby suggestions:

  • The picturesque and evergreen Kirwan’s Garden
  • The Hazelwood Stables
  • The Rosslare Lifeboat Memorial
  • The Sweet Shop Gallery, full of sweets and inspiring art
  • The majestic Johnstown Castle, just a 20-minute drive from Rosslare
  • The Irish Agricultural Museum, located on the grounds of Johnstown Castle
  • The Irish National Heritage Park, just a 15-minute drive from the village

As for activities in Rosslare, we highly recommend the following:

  • Hire a bike in Rosslare Strand and go on a biking excursion
  • Walk along the Harbour Trail, one of the most exciting trails in all of County Wexford
  • Go for a swim at the main sandy beach of Rosslare Strand
  • Play golf at the beautiful and sun-kissed courses of Rosslare
  • Try out thalassotherapy at Kelly’s Resort Hotel Spa
  • Get your adrenaline pumping at the International Outdoor Adventure Centre

Tip: one of the highlights in all of County Wexford is Our Lady's Island, with its beautiful monastery and lake. You can get there by car or public transport.

Nightlife in Rosslare

There are only a few nightlife options in Rosslare, most of them in Rosslare Harbour, where you can also enjoy beautiful sea views. Alternatively, there are some bars and pubs in Rosslare Strand and the village of Kilrane.

Food in Rosslare

The cuisine of Rosslare follows numerous Irish traditions, all while taking advantage of its natural surroundings. From fresh seafood to pure plant-based delicacies, there’s something here for all kinds of foodies!

Seafood, however, steals the spotlight. A great example of this is the Wild & Native Seafood Restaurant, with several signature dishes, like surf and turf, and crab claws. Of course, don’t miss the opportunity to eat traditional fish and chips, available in both Rosslare Harbour and Kilrane.

Huts at the Irish National Heritage Park in County Wexford, close to Rosslare

Unique huts at the Irish National Heritage Park, close to the town of Rosslare

Useful information about Rosslare

You can choose to stay either in Rosslare Strand or Rosslare Harbour. The first option is great for relaxing holidays by the sea, while the second option is more convenient, given its proximity to numerous traveler amenities and the Rosslare Europort.

Both areas have pharmacies, stations for buses and trains, accommodation options and bank branches.

Tip: a key advantage of staying in Rosslare Harbour is that it's also very close to Kilrane, which is visitable on foot!

Important phone numbers for your stay in Rosslare

Check out some useful phone numbers for your stay in Rosslare:

  • Rosslare Europort Authority: +353539157921
  • Rosslare Medical Center: +353539132800
  • Rosslare Golf Club: +353539132203
  • Bus Éireann (bus services in Ireland): +35318366111
  • European emergency number: 112, 999

Transportation in Rosslare

Whether you find yourself in Rosslare Strand or Rosslare Harbour, walking, hiking and biking opportunities await you! But what if you want to move between the two villages or explore other areas in County Wexford?

Moving around with your car is definitely a good option, but there are also public transport solutions. You can find both train and bus services between Rosslare Strand and Rosslare Harbour that last around 15 minutes. There are also connections to Wexford, as well as to Waterford, though the itinerary is usually indirect.

Tip: the neighboring village of Kilrane is roughly 20 minutes from the port on foot. To get there from Rosslare Strand, however, taking the bus is more convenient.

 View of the lighthouse in Rosslare, Ireland

Quiet moments by the sea, with the lighthouse of Rosslare in the distance

Ports in Rosslare

Right next to Rosslare Strand and the village of Kilrane, you can find the Rosslare Harbour, where the Rosslare Europort is found, one of the most important ports in Ireland.

The Rosslare Europort is conveniently connected by public transport (bus and train) to other points of interest in Ireland. For instance, there are bus connections to/from Dublin Airport and train services to/from Wexford.

Here, you can also find accommodation options, traveler amenities and even some unique sites, like Kirwan’s Garden.

Rosslare ferry: schedules and tickets

You can visit Rosslare by ferry all year long, as there are several connections to/from neighboring ports. The ferry connections are operated by the following companies: Stena Line, Brittany Ferries and Irish Ferries.

Here, you can find more details about each ferry route to Rosslare:

  • Cherbourg (France) - Rosslare ferry: you can catch a ferry from Cherbourg to Rosslare 3 times a week, with the estimated travel time being 15.5-18 hours.
  • Fishguard (Wales) - Rosslare ferry: there are usually 2 daily ferries from Fishguard to Rosslare. The ferry makes the crossing in 3.5-4 hours.
  • Pembroke (Wales) - Rosslare ferry: the Pembroke - Rosslare ferry route is normally active twice a day, with the duration of the journey being around 3 hours.
  • Bilbao (Spain) - Rosslare ferry: the ferries from Bilbao to Rosslare depart twice a week, making the crossing in 26-28 hours.

Orange lifeboat docked at the port of Rosslare, Ireland

Docked lifeboat at the port of Rosslare

Where to book ferry tickets to Rosslare online

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Rosslare ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

Rosslare has direct ferry connections to 4 ports :