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The Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet at the southern tip of Spain, the windy coastal town of Tarifa. The port of Tarifa is the closest European port to North Africa and an important transport hub. On Ferryhopper, you can take a look at available ferry routes, tips for your vacation and book your tickets with just a few clicks!

Read our suggestions for your dreamy holidays in Tarifa and find useful information about its port:

Ferry departing from the port of Tarifa in Spain

Ferry sailing from the port of Tarifa by the Punta del Santo monument

Tarifa ferry port

The port of Tarifa is the closest port of Spain to Morocco, operating ferry routes all year long. Near the port, you can find shops and restaurants and a small beach. 

Additionally, you can find both short-term and long-term parking facilities near the port of Tarifa. There’s 24/7 surveillance and the first 30 minutes are free of charge.

Tarifa ferry: tickets & schedules

From the port of Tarifa, you can catch the ferry to the Moroccan city of Tangier. It is one of the most popular routes between the Iberic Peninsula and the African continent, as the crossing is super quick! The ferry companies normally operating at the port of Tarifa are FRS and Inter Shipping.

The ferry route from Tarifa to Tangier is available all year long and the duration of the trip is around 1 hour 15 minutes. The ferry departs from Tarifa and sails to the port of the city of Tangier (or Tanger Ville). Usually, there are more than 12 daily crossings and tickets are around €38.

Tip: take your vehicle onboard the ferry to have a road trip adventure in Morocco!

Where is the ferry port in Tarifa?

The port is located in the city center of Tarifa, just a 5-minute walk from the medina. 

How to get to Tarifa port

The port of Tarifa is near the town and you can easily get to the port by car, taxi or on foot. In addition, the ferry company FRS provides passengers with a free shuttle service to the port.

The fortress of Santa Catalina in Tarifa

The old fortress of Santa Catalina in Tarifa

Vacation in Tarifa

Tarifa is a charming holiday destination in southern Spain. The region of Tarifa is popular among water-sports enthusiasts, as the sea conditions are perfect for kitesurfing, windsurfing and parasailing.

There are also whale-watching trips, where you can observe whales and dolphins as they make their way through the Strait of Gibraltar. So whether you prefer to walk around the city, explore the impressive nature of the region or head to the beaches, Tarifa is a great holiday option.

How to get to Tarifa

Freeway N-340 leads to Tarifa from Algeciras and Cádiz. Also, you can drive along E-5 from Seville. Alternatively, you can take one of the intercity bus routes from other cities in Andalusia.

As for other means of transport, the closest train station is located in Algeciras, while the closest airport is in Gibraltar.

What to do in Tarifa

Tarifa is a great summer destination in the south of Spain, with beautiful beaches and an impressive natural landscape. At the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean sea, you will enjoy the great climate of Tarifa.

After walking around the city you should definitely try windsurfing or kitesurfing on the nearby beaches! Even if you prefer to stay on the shore, the blue sea, the waves and the colors of the kites create one of the most beautiful sights in Tarifa!

Beaches in Tarifa

The beautiful beaches of Tarifa are the region’s crown jewel. Perfect for water sports, sunbathing and underwater exploration, there’s a sunny beach for everyone!

Ferryhopper's favorite beaches in Tarifa are:

  • Valdevaqueros: this beach is the gathering place of all water-sport lovers. It has sand, cool waters and giant waves for kitesurfing and windsurfing. There is a parking spot and some beach bars nearby.
  • Playa de los Lances: it's the most popular beach in Tarifa and is located right close to the center of the town. It is a wide, sandy beach that is ideal to swim, relax or try water sports. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella!
  • Punta Paloma: its unparalleled beauty makes this beach a must while you are visiting Tarifa. It is very large with fine sand dunes and spectacular waters. Take your mask with you as its seabed is ideal for snorkeling.
  • Bolonia: the beach of Bolonia is only 25km from Tarifa. It's a stunning, yet unknown beach with deep blue waters and sand. There are chiringuitos (small beach bars) nearby, but no umbrellas.
  • Chica de Tarifa: right next to the port, you can find a small but beautiful beach for a quick dive. It is popular with families and children and can be rather busy, due to its close proximity to the town. There are no umbrellas or sunbeds there.
  • La Caleta: on the other side of the port, there is a small wild cove with amazing crystalline waters. The beach has rocks and it’s sheltered from the strong winds. It is perfect for seclusion and peaceful moments.
  • Cañuelo: amazing, wild beach with unspoiled beauty. It is small with sand and crystal-clear waters. Access to the beach is kind of difficult so we suggest that you don’t pack heavily.
  • Los Alemanes: a large beach with lush vegetation and fine sand. Its waters are simply amazing and inviting. Visitors choose it for swimming, sunbathing, picnic and sunset watching. Parking can be tricky so we recommend you get there early.

The Valdevaqueros beach in Tarifa

Windsurfing on a sunny day at Valdevaqueros beach in Tarifa

Sightseeing in Tarifa

The old city of Tarifa will charm you straight away with the cute narrow streets, the white houses and the stunning views of the nearby African coast. Walk around the city of Tarifa and explore the Paseo de La Alameda, the historical Castle of Tarifa, the Plaza de Oviedo all the way to the Puerta de Jerez.

Here are some of the tops sights in Tarifa: 

  • Mirador del Estrecho, the amazing viewpoint of the Strait of Gibraltar
  • Punta de Tarifa, the southernmost point of continental Europe
  • Las Palomas island, a small island connected to Tarifa by causeway since 1808
  • Oviedo Square, the picturesque square located in the old town of Tarifa
  • Castle of Tarifa also known as the "Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno", an impressive Moorish fortification
  • Paseo de la Alameda Park, a beautiful promenade surrounded by colorful flowers
  • Gate of Jerez,  the medieval gateway and the only entrance through the old Moorish city walls
  • San Mateo Church, located in the center of the old town of Tarifa.

Tip: from Mirador del Estrecho in Tarifa you can catch a glimpse of Africa across the sea!

Nightlife in Tarifa

Tarifa is a lively town with many options to have fun. Although small, the town has many restaurants, lounge bars and clubs for partying until late at night. Most of them are in the center, near the port. 

You can start your evening with a relaxing stroll around the city and some tapas. Afterwards, most bars open and welcome the visitors with music and copas (drinks). Nightlife in Tarifa doesn’t stop until early in the morning, as there are clubs with a party mood and loud music.

Food in Tarifa

The city’s maritime tradition and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean make it a seafood paradise. Don’t miss out on the traditional Andalusian tapas of the region!

Here are some of the most delicious local delicacies to try during your stay in Tarifa:

  • local tuna
  • boquerónes (fried or marinated anchovies)
  • pescaíto frito (deep-fried fish and seafood)
  • fresh prawns
  • tortilla de camarones (battered small shrimps)
  • chicharrones de Cádiz (roasted pork belly)
  • retinta beef

Windsurfing in the wavy sea of Tarifa

Windsurfing on the sea of Tarifa

Useful information about Tarifa

Tarifa is a popular destination for those who want to spend some relaxing time before crossing to Morocco. The town has all the necessary services and facilities for visitors, such as supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants and various shops. As for medical services, the town has one medical center and some pharmacies.

Regarding accommodation, Tarifa has a variety of hotels, which are budget-friendly. We suggest that you book your accommodation in Tarifa well in advance, to avoid unavailability. There is also a camping site near the town.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Tarifa

Here are some useful contacts for your trip to Tarifa:

  • European emergency number: 112
  • Tarifa Port Authority: +34956680215
  • Tarifa Medical Center: +34956027700
  • Tarifa intercity bus station: +34956684038
  • Tarifa taxi rank: +34956230762
  • Tarifa Police Station: +34956627036

Transportation in Tarifa

The town of Tarifa is small and you can easily get around on foot. However, you can also get a taxi from the taxi rank near the port or use your own vehicle. 

Where to book ferry tickets online from Tarifa

On Ferryhopper you can book tickets to Tangier from Tarifa and kickstart your Moroccan adventure in just a few clicks. Find all the information you need about ferry schedules from the port of Tarifa, check our Map of ferries for available ferry routes, compare ferry companies and book tickets from Tarifa with no extra fees!

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