Aegadian Islands, Italy

Marettimo is the most secluded of the Aegadian Islands, a beautiful Italian archipelago with the largest Marine protected area in Europe.

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Fishing boat and a truck in Marettimo, Italy

Fishing boat in the beautiful town of Marettimo

Vacation in Marettimo

If you love the sea, nature and tranquility, Marettimo is the perfect island to spend a few days in complete relaxation. With Its small inhabited center, white tuff houses and high cliffs, Marettimo’s uniqueness shines in every corner of the island.

Marettimo is a magnificent year-round holiday destination, especially during the summer and spring months. During the cooler months, you can take advantage of its beautiful hiking trails and reach impressive panoramic points, feeling the island’s refreshing breeze.

How to get to Marettimo

Marettimo can only be reached by sea. You can take a ferry to the island from the Sicilian ports of Trapani and Marsala, the closest to the Egadi archipelago.

If you are already on holiday on the neighboring islands of Favignana or Levanzo, you can easily reach Marettimo, thanks to the direct ferry connections that connect the 3 islands.

If you wish to travel by plane from other parts of Italy or abroad, the closest airports are in Trapani and Palermo. Arriving in Palermo, however, you must first reach Trapani (1 hour by car) and then catch a ferry to Marettimo.

Sunset view of Marettimo at sunset

Gorgeous view of Marettimo from the sea at sunset

What to do in Marettimo

Take your time to discover Marettimo and explore its beautiful landscapes on foot. Holidays here are all about peace and relaxing in nature and by the sea.

The perched Castle of Punta Troia is the first thing you notice as you approach the coast. You can visit its interior and take many photos of the panorama above.

Then, go for a relaxing swim and reach some of the most hidden coves by boat, if you’re up for an adventure! Several organized excursions allow you to visit the famous sea caves of Marettimo as well.

And if you love trekking, you are in the right place! Marettimo has 10 well-marked hiking trails that take you to the beautiful viewpoints of Pizzo Falcone, Semaforo, Punta Basano, the lighthouse and the castle of Marettimo.

Beaches in Marettimo

The coast of Marettimo is rocky and rather wild. For thrill-seekers, there are plenty of small isolated coves and caves to discover.

Here are 8 must-see beaches in Marettimo:

  1. Scalo Vecchio Beach: located near the old port, this beach is just a stone's throw from the town and is a favorite among the locals. It has dark sand and is rather small, but its waters are always clean.
  2. Praia Nacchi: located within a beautiful inlet, it is located in the southeastern part of the island. It is a quiet and perfect place for those who seek tranquility. You can reach it by walking for 20 minutes from the path leading to the cemetery.
  3. Cala Bianca: it’s located on the northwest coast of the island and it is among the most beautiful and famous beaches. It is a small paradise with turquoise waters. You can reach it by boat or through a challenging path with the island’s town as a starting point.
  4. Cretazzo Beach: it is a small strip of land surrounded by rocks and crystal clear waters, located on the west coast of Marettimo. You can reach it on foot (2 hours) by following the signs for Punta Libeccio.
  5. Cala Nera: this peaceful corner is located under the famous lighthouse of Punta Libeccio, on the opposite side of the town. We advise you to reach it by boat, as the route on foot might prove challenging. It is necessary to abseil down a few rocks and even cover a small distance by swimming.
  6. Zotta Muletti: it is located on the west side of the island. It has a rocky coast and clear waters. You can reach it by walking for about 1 hour through a path full of pine trees and natural shade. Make sure to wear comfortable, closed shoes.
  7. Rotolo Beach: located in the eastern part of the island, this small pebble beach is easily accessible on foot. Walking for about 15 minutes from the town, you have to follow the road that leads to the chapel of the same name. This beach is perfect for children and even offers natural shade from early in the afternoon.
  8. Cala Manione: you can find this beach on the north side of the island, located close to Punta Troia. This small wild cove offers magnificent blue waters. The path to reach it is quite tiring and overlooks the sea. The excursion is therefore not recommended for children and inexperienced travelers. However, you can easily get there by boat.

Local tip: in Marettimo, there are about 400 sea caves (including inlets). Don't miss the opportunity to discover them through organized boat excursions! The Grotta del Cammello, the Grotta Perciata and the Grotta della Ficaredda are among the most suggestive locations!

The interior of the Perciata sea cave in Marettimo

The beautiful Grotta Perciata di Marettimo and its blue waters

Sightseeing in Marettimo

In addition to the beaches, Marettimo is full of natural beauties, museums and archaeological findings for you to visit.

Here are the highlights of sightseeing in Marettimo:

  • The Roman Houses, dating back to the 4th century BCE.
  • The panoramic points of Pizzo Falcone, Pizzo Telegrafo and Punta Basano
  • The lighthouse of Punta Libeccio, made entirely of stone and one of the most important in Italy
  • The Museum of the Sea, a reflection of the island’s historical heritage
  • The Castle of Punta Troia, perched on a small promontory
  • The museum found inside the castle (Museo delle Carceri) and the Monk Seal Observatory (l’Osservatorio Foca Monaca)

View of the Castle of Punta Troia in Marettimo

The fascinating Castle of Punta Troia in Marettimo

Nightlife in Marettimo

Being the most remote and wild of the Aegadian Islands, Marettimo’s nightlife is much more relaxing. Those who visit the island do so mainly to relax and reconnect with nature.

In the inhabited center of the island, you can find some bars and restaurants to spend a pleasant evening. La Scaletta Lounge Bar & Restaurant and its panoramic terrace is a must, where you can enjoy an aperitif and listen to live music.

Food in Marettimo

The traditional cuisine of Marettimo is essentially based on fresh fish and seafood. The catch of the day is a key ingredient for most traditional recipes. During your stay in Marettimo, make sure to try the following delicacies:

  • spaghetti with sardines
  • fish and couscous
  • fish soup
  • Il pignolo (Carnival cake)
  • pasta with lobster broth

Served bowl of pasta with lobster broth in Marettimo

The traditional pasta with lobster broth in Marettimo

Explore the Aegadian Islands from Marettimo

The Egadi Islands are heavenly destinations that come in all flavors!

From Marettimo, you can continue your journey in the archipelago and reach the nearby islands of Favignana and Levanzo by ferry. The connections between the 3 islands are operated by Liberty Lines and Siremar, and are active year-round.

The itinerary from Marettimo to Favignana includes 4 to 8 daily trips that last 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the operator. The Marettimo - Levanzo route is available 5 times a day, with crossings ranging from 25 minutes to 2 hours.

Tips for your holidays in Marettimo

Here are 4 tips for your stay in Marettimo:

  • Make sure to engage with Marettimo’s fishing tourism and spend an amazing morning on a boat with the local fishermen.
  • If you want to visit the Castle of Punta Troia, keep in mind that it is only open from May to October and, sometimes, only on weekends. Admission is free and includes a guided tour.
  • Even if you visit Marettimo in the summer months, the island is rather windy. We recommend that you pack a jacket or two for your stay there.
  • In Marettimo, swim trekking programs are organized! All you need is a bathing suit and boots to discover the island’s unspoiled beauty. These activities are for everyone, including children.

Useful information about Marettimo

Marettimo has a few accommodation options, including hotel facilities. Alternatively, you can find plenty of apartments and villas close to the port. The bars, restaurants and services are located in the small town. Most visitor amenities are easily accessible on foot and close to each other. At Scalo Nuovo, there is a medical service, a pharmacy and 2 grocery stores.

During the colder months, the island is almost uninhabited, many facilities are closed and the ferry connections are less frequent, mostly due to weather conditions.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Marettimo

Here are some phone numbers that may prove useful during your vacation in Marettimo:

  • Marettimo Port Authority: +390923923283
  • Municipal police (Command of Favignana): +390923921246
  • Medical guard: +390923923117
  • Pharmacy: +390923923024
  • Municipal Office of Marettimo: +390923923171
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Marettimo

Marettimo is a perfect island of small size that you can explore on foot. Its size allows you to enjoy wonderful walks and quickly reach every corner of the island.

Keep in mind that in Marettimo, the circulation of motor vehicles is prohibited (except for authorized activities) and there are no rental services for cars. Alternatively, you can always take a sea taxi or join a boat tour to reach coves and inlets.

White houses on alleys in Marettimo, Italy,

The alleys of Marettimo and their traditional white houses

Ports in Marettimo

The port of Marettimo is located on the central-eastern part of the island and is made up of 2 contiguous marinas: Scalo Vecchio and Scalo Nuovo.

Scalo Vecchio mostly hosts fishing boats, while at Scalo Nuovo, ferries and hydrofoils from Sicily and the islands of Levanzo and Favignana arrive.

In the port area, you can find various services: bars, restaurants, pizzerias, grocery stores, a pharmacy and some diving and excursion centers. Keep in mind that the distance between the two marinas is minimal (only 5 minutes on foot).

Marettimo ferry: schedules and tickets

Ferries to Marettimo leave from Trapani and Marsala in Sicily. The crossings to the island are operated by 2 companies, Liberty Lines and Siremar, with annual and seasonal connections.

Starting from Trapani, you can decide whether to travel to Marettimo either by ferry or hydrofoil. From the port of Marsala, however, only seasonal hydrofoils leave. Here, you can discover everything you might need on ferry connections to Marettimo:

  • Trapani - Marettimo ferry: the itinerary from the port of Trapani to Marettimo is active all year round and includes up to 5 connections per day. Direct journeys can last around 1-3 hours, depending on the operator you've chosen.
  • Marsala - Marettimo ferry: the connection from the port of Marsala to the island of Marettimo is seasonal. There are 2 ferry departures per day and the crossings last around 1-1.5 hours.

Porto Vecchio of Marettimo and its small beach

Scalo Vecchio in Marettimo and its picturesque beach

Where to book ferry tickets to Marettimo online

On Ferryhopper, you can book your ferry to Marettimo and the Aegadian Islands at no extra cost. Find all available ferry routes on our Map of ferries and get ready to discover the whole archipelago!

Marettimo ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Marettimo for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Marettimo has direct ferry connections to 4 ports :