Istria, Croatia

Poreč is an ancient Roman town located on the coast of Istria and among the most popular holiday destinations in Croatia.

To plan exciting and unique Croatian holidays, read some of our best travel tips for Poreč, including what to do and see in this beautiful town. Browse all the ways to get there and book your ferry tickets with no hidden fees!

Area view of the historic center of Poreč in Croatia

Aerial view of Poreč and its beautiful old town

Vacation in Poreč

A trip to Croatia certainly cannot exclude a visit to Poreč, a town in the north of Istria. This town is, in fact, a well-known holiday destination precisely because it combines art, dreamy beaches and entertainment.

It offers a unique blend of relaxation and cultural exploration, making it an appealing choice for both beach lovers and history enthusiasts. And if you love camping, Poreč and its surroundings are the perfect destination thanks to their natural beauty.

Plan your trip to Poreč in the summer or at the beginning of the beautiful high season, and enjoy this true Istrian gem!

How to get to Poreč

Poreč is easily accessible by car, bus and ferry from certain ports in Italy and Slovenia. You can choose to drive to Poreč or board fast hydrofoils and save yourself the effort! During summer, there are active ferry connections between Poreč and the Italian cities of Venice and Trieste, as well as Piran in Slovenia. To learn more about ferries to Poreč, check our relevant section.

If you're traveling by train from other Croatian cities, the nearest train station to Poreč is Pazin (32 km). From there, buses take about 40 minutes to reach Poreč.

Now, if you wish to travel by plane, the nearest airport to Poreč is Pula airport which is around 56 km away.

Ferries at the port of Poreč

Beautiful view of the port of Poreč

What to do in Poreč

Poreč is a small and charming city that is worth devoting at least a weekend to. You can start by exploring its compact old town, venturing through its narrow alleys and crossing the main streets of Decumanus and Cardo Maximus.

In Poreč, you will encounter a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, diverse architecture and archaeological ruins. You can also take a refreshing dip in the city’s wonderful beaches, hop on a ferry to visit a nearby island and party till dawn in the city's famous clubs.

Beaches in Poreč

The coastal resorts of Istria are very popular for their fabulous waters. In Poreč, in fact, several beaches are awarded the prestigious Blue Flag symbol. Some of these are easily accessible from the city center, while others are more secluded, ideal for those seeking peace of mind.

The 7 best beaches in Poreč are:

  1. Borik: a favorite among Poreč residents, this small beach is located along the northern coast of the city and overlooks the old town. The area is equipped with bars, tennis courts, a playground, and umbrellas, and is surrounded by a thick pine forest.
  2. Donji Spadici: located 2 km from the center of Poreč, it is an urban beach made up of rocks, pebbles and cement. Near the beach, there are hotels, restaurants, bars, and a sports center.
  3. Ulika: located on a beautiful peninsula covered with oaks, Ulika is a rocky cove near the nude-friendly campsite of the same name. Swimming here is safe as there are lifeguards, and there are also some restaurants nearby.
  4. Crnika: located north of Poreč, this is a beautiful 300 m long beach at Lanterna Campsite. It has rocks and pebbles, clear sea water and is surrounded by trees. You can easily reach it via a pedestrian road.
  5. Brulo: situated in the resort of the same name, this pebbly beach extends south of the center of Poreč. The entire bay is surrounded by a pine forest and boasts a Blue Flag for the purity of its waters and amenities. You can rent umbrellas, sunbeds, take advantage of the natural shade, or enjoy the water sports on offer.
  6. Lotosi: this beautiful beach is located 3 km from Poreč and is set in a rocky bay with crystal clear waters. You can reach it by following a small paved path on foot or by bike. A few meters from the beach is an inflatable water park perfect for children. The area is served by restaurants, bars and shops.
  7. Oliva: the pebble beach of Oliva is located opposite the port of Poreč, on the island of St. Nicholas. It is a magical place covered with oak and pine woods. 

Aerial view of the island of St. Nicholas and Oliva beach

The beautiful island of St. Nicholas, opposite Poreč

Sightseeing in Poreč

Among the things you can admire in the old town of Poreč are Roman ruins, historic buildings and a group of religious monuments. Here are some attractions in Poreč not to be missed:

  • The Euphrasian Basilica, a typical example of Byzantine architecture and a UNESCO heritage site
  • The 3 Venetian towers from the 15th century (Pentagon, Round and North)
  • Marafor Square, the site of the Roman Forum, where public gatherings took place
  • The Temple of Neptune, west of Marafor Square
  • The Church of Our Lady of the Angels, a Baroque marvel from 1770
  • Decumanus Street and Cardo Maximus, the main Roman streets of Poreč
  • The city waterfront, ideal for scenic walks
  • The Romanesque House, dating from the 13th century, it is the oldest preserved house in Poreč
  • Zuccato Palace, an elegant building with with Gothic architecture
  • The Poreč Aquarium, in the heart of the old town

The historical complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč

Poreč's Euphrasian Basilica and its famous bell tower

Nightlife in Poreč

Poreč has one of the most exciting party atmospheres in Istria, drawing in young party goers from all over the world. You can spend a relaxed evening in the cafes and restaurants of the city center, or party like there's no tomorrow in Poreč’s clubs.

Poreč's nightclubs, such as the well-known Byblos or Villa Club Poreč, enjoy international fame, in fact. In summer, the social scene moves to the coastal venues, which organize beach parties

Also popular are the aperitifs on café or hotel terraces, many of which are located in Trg Marafor. The harbourfront maršala Tita is another main bar hub. Those who want to try their luck can also do so at the enchanting atmosphere of Poreč’s casinos.

Food in Poreč

If you choose to visit Poreč, you can look forward to a delicious culinary experience. Poreč and the entire Istrian peninsula offer a delicious seafood cuisine, but not only! The menus also feature soups, homemade pasta, fresh fish, sausages, and cheeses. Whatever you opt for, make sure to pair it with great Istrian wines and liqueurs.

The team of Ferryhopper highly recommends the following:

  • Istrian prosciutto
  • fuži and pljukanci (local fresh pasta)
  • truffles
  • Seafood
  • fritaja sa šparogama (a popular Istrian egg-based dish with asparagus)
  • maneštra (stew of dried meat, beans, potatoes, and seasonal vegetables)
  • kroštule (deep fried ribbon-shaped dough)
  • Istrian Malvasia wine
  • Teranino liqueur

Huge pieces of Istrian ham

The famous Istrian prosciutto

What to visit around Poreč

Poreč is a getaway to the Istrian Peninsula, a region known for its scenic countryside, vineyards and hilltop villages. Exploring the surrounding areas provides an opportunity to delve deeper into Istria’s rich history and cultural heritage. Our favorites are:

  • The island of St. Nicholas (a 5-minute boat ride from the center of Poreč), with its lush pine forest and the famous Oliva beach. 
  • The Baredine Cave (6 km from Poreč), a natural geomorphological monument rich in stalagmites, stalactites and underground sculptures created by water.
  • The picturesque village of Rovinj (34 km from Poreč), with its old town suspended over the water.

Tips for your holidays in Poreč

Here are 6 tips that we hope will be useful to you during your stay in Poreč:

  1. Remember to bring your valid ID card or passport.
  2. The electrical outlets in Croatia are type C (the plug with 2 round pins), so try to plan accordingly to avoid running out of battery.
  3. In June, Poreč celebrates Giostra, the city's historical festival that brings back the traditions of knightly games from 300 years ago.
  4. If you're traveling with children, don't miss Aquapark Aquacolors, the largest water park in Croatia located just 4 km from Poreč.
  5. Among the best souvenirs to buy in Poreč are essential oils, soaps, lavender-based creams, and aromatic herbs.
  6. If you have more days available, you should plan a day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park and admire one of Europe's most beautiful natural wonders.

Useful information about Poreč

Despite its size, Poreč has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. In regards to accommodation in Poreč, the best area to stay in is the old town, especially if your stay is short. This is where most of the city's attractions, bars, restaurants, and shops are concentrated. Even some of the beaches are within walking distance. 

If you prefer quieter areas that are still close to the center, you could opt for the neighborhoods of Brulo, Borik, Spadici, or Materada. The resorts of Plava Laguna and Zelena, on the other hand, are ideal for those seeking relaxation, with several hotels, campsites, services, and evening entertainment.

As of 1 January 2023, Croatia adopted the euro, replacing the kuna.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Poreč

Take a look at some phone numbers that may prove handy during your stay in Poreč:

  • Poreč Port Authority: +38552427224
  • Local police: +38552533039
  • Poreč Hospital Center: +38552451611
  • Veterinary clinic: +38552432128
  • Tourist information office: +38552451293
  • Cab: +385956667000
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Poreč

Poreč is a small city with everything at your fingertips. You can easily explore it on foot, by bicycle, or using public transportation.

Local buses and the tram connect Poreč with the resorts of Zelena Laguna, Plava Laguna and Brulo, departing from the main station. There is also an electric minibus that connects the city center with the surroundings, allowing for environmentally friendly travel. 

From April to October, you can take advantage of a tourist train that goes around Poreč’s main attractions and operates until late evening.

You can also use taxi boats to reach the islets close to Poreč or traditional taxis for faster transportation within the city.

Keep in mind that the historic center of Poreč is mostly a pedestrian zone, so you may need to leave your car in a paid parking lot or in the designated blue zone.

Narrow alley in the old town of Poreč

A picturesque alley in the historic center of Poreč

Ports in Poreč

The port of Poreč is situated in the historic center and welcomes catamarans from Italy and Slovenia. Given its location, the entire area is well-equipped with bars, restaurants and shops. Poreč's bus station is also located near the pier and can be reached on foot.

Part of the port houses a marina, located in the southern part of the town’s bay.

Poreč ferry: schedules and tickets

Ferries to Poreč depart from the Italian ports of Venice and Trieste, as well as from Piran in Slovenia.

Connections from Italy and Slovenia to Poreč are seasonal and they are currently operated by Liberty Lines. The routes usually operate from May to September with multiple daily departures. Keep in mind that ferries to Poreč do not carry motor vehicles, only passengers. However, you can travel with your pet.

Here is some more information about the routes:

  • Venice - Poreč ferry: you can catch a ferry from Venice to Poreč with up to 5 weekly departures in the summer months. Venice - Poreč ferry prices range from around €70 to €90, with the trip lasting 3-4.5 hours.
  • Trieste - Poreč ferry: there are seasonal ferries from Trieste to Poreč that make the crossing in about 1-2 hours on average. Ferry ticket prices cost €16.
  • Piran - Poreč ferry: you can usually find 3 weekly departures from Piran to  Poreč in the summer. Ferry tickets for Poreč cost €15, while the trip lasts around 50 minutes.

Fishing boats at the port of Poreč

Boats moored in the marina of Poreč

Book ferry tickets online to Poreč

Already dreaming of exploring the countless beauties of Croatia? Well, what are you waiting for? Browse all available ferries to Poreč on our interactive Map of ferries, find the one that suits you best and plan your trip to the Istrian peninsula without any hidden fees.

Poreč ferry timetable

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