Tlemcen Province, Algeria

The Algerian port city of Ghazaouet in Tlemcen Province has historically been a famous spot for fishing. Today, it’s a modern holiday destination with beautiful sandy beaches, seafood delicacies and, more importantly, a convenient getaway to the many magnificent cities of Algeria.

Read all about Ghazaouet and its ferry port, and learn how to get there from Spain by ferry. Find the best travel holiday tips, including what else to visit during your time in Algeria, and book your Ghazaouet ferry tickets online.

Sunset view from Plateau de Lalla Setti in Tlemcen, Algeria

Glorious sunset views in Tlemcen Province of Algeria

Holidays in Ghazaouet

As a great family-friendly destination in Algeria, Ghazaouet has all you might dream of for a pleasant holiday trip on the north coast of Africa. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway or just a day trip before resuming your journey to neighboring locations.

The strategic position of Ghazaouet, specifically, makes for a fantastic starting point when exploring North Africa. Rather close to the eastern borders of Morocco and the major Algerian towns of Tlemcen and Oran, don’t think twice about catching a ferry to Ghazaouet!

Regardless of the time of the year, Ghazaouet rarely has rainy days, making it a great year-round hotspot by the sea.

How to get to Ghazaouet

The easiest way of directly reaching Ghazaouet is by ferry from Spain. With an estimated travel duration of 7-11 hours, reaching Ghazaouet is nothing but smooth sailing. Learn more about ferries to Ghazaouet in our dedicated section below.

Now, if you wish to travel by plane, the nearest airport is in Tlemcen, Algeria, roughly 47 km away. Upon arrival, you can get to Ghazaouet by motorway (car, taxi or private ride).

What to do in Ghazaouet

Take a relaxing stroll by the sea, explore neighboring beaches and try out mouthwatering culinary products. Spending time in Ghazaouet is all about reconnecting with nature and getting to know the port city’s rich maritime and fishing traditions.

Continue reading to discover the best of Ghazaouet, including its top beaches and things to do during your time there.

Conventional ferry leaving the port of Almería for Ghazaouet

Taking the ferry from Almería to Ghazaouet

Beaches in Ghazaouet

When planning a visit to Ghazaouet, make sure to go for a swim at one of its long coastal stretches. Some of the best beaches found in or close to Ghazaouet are:

  • Plage Oued Abdellah: this is the closest beach to the center of Ghazaouet, rewarding you with clear waters and visitor amenities.
  • Plage de Boukhnais: this is another beautiful beach that’s close to the port of Ghazaouet, offering beautiful sea views. Despite its proximity to the city center, getting here by motorway takes around 30 minutes, as there isn’t a direct, fast route.
  • La Plage B'hira: it's a long beach with both sandy and pebbly segments that you can reach by car in around 40 minutes.
  • Sinda Youchae: this heavenly sandy beach is a popular option for relaxation. To get here from Ghazaouet, a 20-minute car ride is the go-to option.

Sightseeing and activities in Ghazaouet

Most sightseeing options in Ghazaouet can be easily visited in a day or two, as they are located close to the city center. Key examples include the Lighthouse of Ghazaouet and the quaint Trois Frères Hamdoun Garden, found close to the port.

Now, if you wish to explore the natural landscapes of Ghazaouet, there are a few hiking trails in the eastern parts of the city. Alternatively, boat trips across its beautiful coastline are a great summer activity.

Nightlife in Ghazaouet

Nights in Ghazaouet are calm and relaxing, usually spent at cozy seaside restaurant bars. If you feel like dancing the night away, we most definitely recommend visiting the Algerian town of Oran, full of vivacious parties and nightlife hotspots.

Food in Ghazaouet

During your stay in Ghazaouet, make sure to taste its renowned seafood delicacies. Here, fresh fish never disappoints. There are plenty of restaurants specializing in fish-based dishes, while also introducing you to unique seasonings and other North African meals, such as couscous.

Ghazaouet is also heavily influenced by the cuisine of Tlemcen Province, where the port city is located. A traditional delicacy that you must definitely try out is griwech, a popular Algerian dessert that is commonly served with a cup of coffee or tea.

Ceramic bowl with traditional couscous in Algeria

A serving of traditional couscous

Useful information for Ghazaouet

When it comes to staying in Ghazaouet, you can find several accommodation options, including seaside hotels, close to the city’s port. Nearby, there are also plenty of shops, pharmacies and medical clinics for a smooth and pleasant stay.

Keep in mind that Algeria’s official currency is the Algerian Dinar (DZD), although some major tourist services and hotels may accept euros. Close to the ferry terminals of Ghazaouet, you can find ATMs and bank branches for additional assistance.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Ghazaouet

Take a look at some phone numbers that may prove handy during your stay in Ghazaouet:

  • Ghazaouet Port Authority: +21343469725, +21343469775
  • Almería Port Authority: +34950236033
  • Tourist police: 1548
  • Medical emergencies: +21323544428

Transportation in Ghazaouet

The team of Ferryhopper highly suggests that you bring along your vehicle to Ghazaouet to explore the city and the rest of the country more independently. You can do this by boarding your vehicle on the ferry from Spain.

Alternatively, most hotels and accommodation options connect you with licensed taxis to help you move around the city and to/from other locations. Shared taxis are also rather common, formally known as louage.

Ports in Ghazaouet

The port of Ghazaouet, which was the first fishing port in all of Algeria, resumes its traditional activities to this day, all while offering top-tier maritime transportation

Situated in the northern parts of Ghazaouet, it is close to all essential services and can be easily accessed on foot or by motorway.

Ghazaouet ferry: schedules and tickets

You can easily catch a ferry from Spain to Ghazaouet throughout the year. Specifically, all available connections are from Almería and are operated by Naviera Armas and Trasmediterránea.

The Almería - Ghazaouet ferry route is usually active twice a week, with conventional ferries making the crossing in around 7-11 hours. Standard prices for the Almería - Ghazaouet ferries start at around €128, though you can find higher or lower prices depending on vehicle selection, seat type and available discounts.

Tip: interested in finding out more about the ferries between Spain and North Africa? Make sure to check out our complete guide!

Night view of the Spanish ferry port of Almería

Waiting for the ferry at the busy port of Almería in Spain

Book ferry tickets online to Ghazaouet

Already dreaming of exploring the countless beauties of Algeria? Well, what are you waiting for? Browse all available ferries to Ghazaouet on our interactive Map of ferries, find the one that suits you best and plan your trip from Spain to Algeria without any hidden fees.

Ghazaouet ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Ghazaouet for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

Frequent ferry connections

Ghazaouet has direct ferry connections to 1 ports :