Dodecanese, Greece

Kasos is a stunning island of the Dodecanese, famous for its unspoiled beaches, picturesque villages, traditional music and delicious food. Here, you will find all the information you need about your vacation in Kasos: best beaches, popular activities and attractions, local cuisine and ferry schedules. Book cheap ferry tickets online to Kasos on Ferryhopper at no extra cost!

Small church in Kasos

Beautiful small church in Kasos with amazing sea view

Vacation in Kasos

If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a relaxing holiday, then Kasos is the destination for you.

The southernmost island of the Dodecanese is a peaceful, unspoiled gem, where customs and traditions of the past have been kept alive and nature remains untouched.

Kasos is well-known for its long maritime history, pristine beaches, beautiful songs and gorgeous villages.

It is also famous for its panigiria (local festivals), where you can listen to traditional music and try the mouthwatering cuisine of Kasos - an experience you will never forget!

How to get to Kasos

You can catch the ferry to Kasos from Piraeus, the port of Athens. The ferry route is served at least once a week.

There is also a regular ferry connection to Kasos from Crete as well as nearby Dodecanese islands such as Karpathos or Rhodes. 

You can also reach Kasos by plane, mostly in the summer months, as there are some domestic flights from Athens and other large cities. 

Road in Kasos

Roadtrip in the wild landscapes of Kasos

What to do in Kasos

Even though Kasos is small, there are plenty of things to see and do on the island apart from swimming and relaxing on the beach.

Go diving and hiking to marvel at the island’s unique natural beauty, visit amazing caves and old monasteries, stroll down the alleys of beautiful villages, discover the local architecture, and when the evening comes, head to a taverna to try local delicacies!

Sounds exciting? Read on to find out all you need to know about your trip to Kasos.

Beaches in Kasos

Kasos has many amazing beaches with crystal blue waters, most of which are accessible either by boat or on foot.

The majority of beaches in Kasos do not offer amenities, so make sure that you bring what you need with you.

Our favourite beaches in Kasos are: 

  • Emporios: The most popular beach on the island, Emporios is a small, sandy beach with easy access by car. It has umbrellas, sunbeds, tavernas and a pattiserie. 
  • Ammua: Small sandy beach with a canteen and great sunset view. 
  • Antiperatos: A series of small, secluded, beaches with pebbles and crystal clear waters. Perfect if you want to avoid the crowds. 
  • Chelatros: Small and calm beach with pebbles and impressive turquoise waters. 
  • Avlaki: Small, secluded beach with peaceful waters. It's accessible only via a trail (about 1 hr walk) or by boat. 
  • Trita: Beautiful secluded beach with pebbles. You can access it by boat or on foot via a 1 hr trail. 
  • Marmara: One of the most impressive beaches in the Dodecanese. It's on the islet of Armathia, which you can reach by boat from Kasos. The beach has turquoise waters and thin white sand. 

The beautiful islet of Armathia

Turquoise waters at the islet of Armathia

Sightseeing and activities in Kasos

Kasos is a small island and it has many natural beauties and attractions to discover during your stay. It's also famous for its summer feasts (panigiria) with live music and local food. 

Here are our suggestions for Kasos: 

  • Boat ride in Armathia: Armathia is the largest of the islands around Kasos. In Armathia you will have the opportunity to swim in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Dodecanese, Marmara beach!
  • Panigiria: Summer fairs and festivities (the so-called panigiria) are one of the best experiences you can have in Kasos. Learn the dance steps of the traditional susta or zervo and enjoy the sounds of the lyre and the lute. During the panigiria you can also taste local delicacies and wine. The most important panigiria in Kasos take place on the 15th of August and you can choose between the celebration at the village of Panagia, or the feast in Agia Marina, Ai Giorgis or Ai Mamas.
  • Caves: The cave of Ellinokamara was a sacred place during the Mycenaean and the Hellenistic era as well as a refuge for the locals during the periods of pirate raids.You can also visit the mountain cave of Stilokamara or Selai, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The place has a wonderful view!
  • Monasteries: From the monastery of Ai Mamas you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Libyan Sea. The monastery of Ai Giorgis, the patron saint of the island, has remarkable frescoes and a beautiful wooden decoration.
  • Hiking: The island has many beautiful trails. We recommend checking the routes from Fry to the Monastery of Ai Giorgis in Hadies as well as the route to Prionas, the highest point in Kasos.
  • Water sports: Kassos is ideal for those who love diving, windsurfing and sailing.

The harbor of Bouka

The harbor of Bouka that used to be a refuge from pirate raids

Food in Kasos

The island of Kasos is famous for its delicious traditional cuisine

We recommend trying the following during your stay in Kasos: 

  • Pilaf with cinnamon
  • Makarunes (handmade pasta) with sitaka (local cream cheese)
  • Dormaes (small dolma)
  • Pilaf with cuttlefish ink
  • Elaiki (soft cheese)
  • Roiko yachni (wild herbs in brine)
  • Moschopugkia (almond-stuffed sweets)

Villages in Kasos

Kasos has a total of 6 villages that are worth exploring. If you wander the narrow alleys, you will discover amazing old houses, beautiful churches and magical landscapes!

The villages of the island are the following:

  • Fry: The capital and port of Kassos. The houses with the traditional architecture and the impressive stone mansions will enchant you! Next to the port of Fry you can find the small port of Bouka, a rare example of an old pirate refuge.
  • Emporios: A small resort and the old port of Kasos with beautiful architecture. 
  • Agia Marina: Take a walk on the picturesque alleys and admire the fishermen houses and the sunset!
  • Arvanitochori: You should definitely sit for a coffee at the famous cafe in the square of the village!
  • Panagia: Picturesque village with beautiful mansions. In the south of the village you can find 6 churches, which according to a legend were built to protect the area from 6 spirits that once appeared there!
  • Poli: The ancient capital of the island. Here you will see the ruins of an old castle and enjoy the wonderful view!

Useful information for Kasos

The capital and port of the island is Fry, where most of the tourist amenities are gathered: regional doctor's office, post office, mini market, Alpha Bank ATM, Citizens' Service Center, pharmacy, car rental shop, cafes and restaurants.

You can also find cafes and tavernas with delicious food in some of the other villages of the island.

In terms of accommodation, the majority of rooms-to-let are in Fry and Emporios.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Kasos

Here are some useful contacts for Kasos:

  • Kasos Municipality: +302245041277
  • Kasos Medical Clinic: +302245041333
  • Kasos Police Station: +302245041222
  • Kasos Port Authority: +302245041288 / 41587
  • Kasos airport: +302245041444
  • Citizen Services Kasos: +302245041865
  • Boat transfers (Giorgos Manousos): +302245041047 / +306977911209

Sunset in Kasos

Impressive sunset colors in Kasos

Transportation in Kasos

Kassos has a good road network and the main island road connects all the villages and the port, while there are also many dirt roads.

There is bus and 2 taxis that serve routes to the majority of the destinations on the island.

For greater comfort we suggest taking your car or motorcycle with you on the ferry. You will find a gas station on the road from Fry to Poli.

Ports in Kasos

The port of Kasos, Fry, is located on the northeast coast of the island. 

Island hopping from Kasos

Due to its key location between Crete and the Dodecanese island group, Kasos has regular connections to nearby ports. 

Catch a direct ferry from Kasos to: 

  • Heraklio
  • Sitia
  • Santorini
  • Anafi
  • Milos
  • Karpathos
  • Rhodes
  • Chalki
  • Symi
  • Kos
  • Kalymnos

On the Ferryhopper Map of ferries, you can find all available ferry routes from Kasos and easily plan your island hopping in the Aegean islands.

Kasos ferry: schedules and tickets

You can travel by ferry to Kasos from the port of Piraeus in Athens throughout the year.

The Piraeus-Kasos route is usually served twice a week and the ferry trip duration is approximately 21 hr. 

Another popular ferry crossing is from Crete to Kasos. The trip from the port of Sitia to Kasos takes approximately 3 hr while from Heraklio to Kasos it's 6 hr.

Where to book ferry tickets online to Kasos

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Kasos ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Kasos has direct ferry connections to 16 ports :