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We’re Ferryhopper, a team of young people, passionate about making ferry travel around Greece easy, fast, and even more fun! Yes, we do think that ferry travel is fun. Yet, we know how many people stand perplexed in front of maps trying to figure out how to get from one island to the next. It turns out that island hopping takes time, sweat, and tears to plan out.

We know your pains. We have been there ourselves. For years, we have been trying to figure out how to get from Crete to Mykonos as quickly and easily as possible. It wasn’t until 2016 that we finally had the “Eureka moment” that led to Ferryhopper. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to making ferry travel less complex.

How? By developing a niche platform that allows you to quickly book your ferry ticket. The concept may not seem groundbreaking at all – and quite frankly it isn’t. Other travel sites have been doing it for years, right? But there’s one more thing: Ferryhopper is also the first –and only– booking platform that presents you with all direct and all available indirect connections and routes to other destinations in an island breeze.

We want to piece together all the parts of the puzzle that you have been missing all these years; those pieces that have made planning your ferry trip complex and challenging. We want you to become a true ferryhopper and explore all available trip options to get to your dream destinations, quickly, easily, and inexpensively. We want you to be able to save and retrieve all details from your previous ferry trips through our re-booking option. We want to offer you a complete and easy-to-use ferry booking suite.

Every day we strive to make booking your ticket as simple, fresh, and fun as the trip itself. Ultimately, this is what we specialize in: selling ferry tickets online and nothing but that. And we are the best at it! Because at Ferryhopper we’re all about the journey.