About us

Ferryhopper in a nutshell

Our aim is to bring you a fresh and seamless ferry booking experience from start to finish.

You can compare between a wide selection of ferry operators, book ferry tickets at fair prices with no hidden fees and get access to travel tips and updates.

And for anything you need, you can always count on us before, during and after your trip!

We’re always exploring and implementing new ways to make ferry travel hassle-free. After all, this is where we also book our ferry tickets. Why make it hard to book just before we sail away?

Making ferry travel fun and accessible to everyone

Travelers searching for ferry connections on a digital ferry route map

All ferry companies on a single platform

80 ferry companies across 22 countries on a fare search engine without hidden fees

Mobile app screen with electronic boarding pass for ferry travel

Digital tickets

e-tickets and online check-in for 90% of ferry companies

Travelers with luggage

Your ferry travel companion

excellent customer support, vacation tips and ferry tracking

Our journey

It all started in 2016 with three friends on a small Greek island, struggling to find a ferry connection to another small island, so that they could make their way to an even smaller island… Just like that, the idea for an easy way to go island hopping was born and the rest is history:

April 2017

Ferryhopper is online

October 2018

Growing to a team of 11 people

March 2019

Receiving €600K as a seed investment round

November 2019

Selling our first ticket in Spain

June 2020

Securing €2.6M as a Series A investment round

July 2020

Launching the Ferryhopper App

June 2021

Counting 60 team members

September 2021

Reaching 2 million Ferryhopper travelers across the Mediterranean

March 2022

Getting the ball rolling in Italy

Naked truths

Panda bears holding bamboo sticks

Since we sold our first ticket back in 2017, more than 400 panda bear cubs have been born. This means the more tickets we sell, the more pandas are born. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Large ferry with seagulls flying overhead

In the summer, we sell enough tickets per day to fill more than 14 large ferries. That’s a lot of seats!

Large futuristic sports stadium

Our Customer Support Team helps around 94,000 travelers during the summer season. That’s more than enough people to fill the Wembley Stadium!

Ferryhopper app screens

Our mobile app has been downloaded 850,000 times (only 76 of those were our parents).

The Ferryhopper Team is what makes Ferryhopper special!

We are over 110 people from diverse backgrounds coming to you from our offices in Athens, Greece, our satellite teams in Spain and Italy, and more places in and out of this world!

Our team is constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve and expand our knowledge and services, be it a new 30-hour ferry ride that no one asked for or an app feature everyone asked for!

Together, we’re changing the way people travel by ferry and redesigning the sea travel experience step-by-step, so that we all enjoy a smooth and easy trip!

Would you like to join our team? Have a look at our careers page.