Who we are

Everything you need to know about ferryhopper

We make ferry travel easy and enjoyable

We are a search and booking engine for getting your ferry tickets for the Greek Islands and the Mediterranean. We combine routes and issue tickets for 36 ferry companies and more than 160 destinations in Greece, Italy and Turkey. We focus on giving our customers a solid overview of the available itineraries and let them buy their tickets at the company price with no extra costs. And we are doing this for you to save money, time and effort.

Our mission in a nutshell

We aim to provide information on all available ferry crossings either we issue tickets for them or not. This is not just an eccentric approach. Providing our customers with all the options that they have, makes their planning easier and smarter. And yes, presenting all this info in a smart and well structured way for them to understand, is our top priority. 

But our mission does not stop at the time of the buy. Traveller-centric customer support handled by seasoned experts is our strong card. And we definitely honour our word on this! 

A brief story of the Ferryhopper Team

We are frequent ferry travellers and we are delighted to share this experience with you!

For many years we have been travelling around the Greek islands by ferry and each year we faced the challenge to find the best route to make our dream vacations come true. Before Ferryhopper this usually took us a day or two to search & find all the available  ferry options for our trip. In most cases, we were looking for islands that were not directly connected, and this would force us to analyze several pages of itineraries (even in print) to find a correspondence that worked for us. We could never quite understand why ferry information was so difficult to navigate. And this is why Ferryhopper got started; to make your ferry bookings as easy as your holiday itself!

Building the best platform for ferries soon became our passion. We focused on constructing an efficient algorithm to find all possible ferry routes (direct and indirect), on simplifying the booking process and on the consistent presentation of information to you, our traveller.

That’s how we started! 

Today after several years of operation Ferryhopper has issued hundreds of thousands of ferry tickets and fulfills the expectations of its customers! We pay great attention in providing you with the most accurate information on ferries and a helpful and efficient customer support that answers all the questions you could have. 

Nonetheless, our passion to create the best ferry platform remains strong! We strive to include more and more ferry companies, to include itinerary information that today is only in offline media, to automate processes that formerly needed manual intervention, to help you with the planning of your trip and to take ferry ticketing into the digital age. 

With unique features as the ones mentioned below, Ferryhopper intends to be your best friend on planning the ferries for your trips!

  • Indirect trips
  • Online management of your booking
  • Interactive map
  • Useful and smart statistics

Ferryhopper - Let the journey begin!