El Hierro

Canary Islands, Spain

El Hierro (or Isla del Meridiano) is a volcanic island and the smallest of the Canaries. It belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its capital, Valverde, is the only capital of the Canary Islands that has no coast.

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An El Hierro juniper tree at the edge of a cliff with ocean views, Canary Islands, Spain

One of El Hierro's famous twisted juniper trees

Vacation in El Hierro

Visiting El Hierro is a lifetime experience, offering you the opportunity to visit one of the most special places in the world. From rocky coasts to high peaks and from lava formations to lush vegetation, El Hierro is breathtaking. The mild, subtropical climate of El Hierro makes it perfect to visit all year long.

If you travel to the interior of the island, you can visit its unspoiled villages, and if you reach the north of El Hierro, you can find one of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world.

The Tamaduste village with colorful houses in El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain

The colorful Tamaduste village by the ocean, in El Hierro

How to get to El Hierro

You can get to El Hierro by both ferry and plane.

The only ferry route to El Hierro is from the port of Los Cristianos of Tenerife, one of the Canaries' capitals. Alternatively, the airport near Valverde is connected by plane to Tenerife and Gran Canaria. 

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What to do in El Hierro

The island of El Hierro is unique due to its tremendous landscape formations and it's perfect for lovers of exploration and adventure. It is ideal for outdoor activities, long strolls and relaxing moments.

There are plenty of hiking trails and diving spots to fully experience the island’s beauties. We suggest that you bring or rent a vehicle to explore every great nook and corner of the island and have the time of your life! Continue reading to discover our top recommendations and the best of El Hierro.

Beaches in El Hierro

El Hierro is a small island with many opportunities for a dive into the Atlantic Ocean or in its natural pools and gulfs. Some special spots in El Hierro that are ideal for swimming are the following:

  • La Caleta: it’s one of the most popular and cosmopolitan beaches on the island. Right next to the beach, there are artificial pools with amenities for visitors.
  • La Maceta: these are 3 beautiful natural pools that are located on the west coast of the island. It is very popular with families and children as the beach is sandy and there are restaurants nearby.
  • Tacorón: seize the opportunity to swim in the calmest waters of El Hierro. The Tacorón cove has a crystal blue sea and an amazing seabed. It's located near the settlement of El Pinar.
  • El Verodal: this impressive beach with its red sand is located near La Frontera. Even though swimming is challenging due to the large waves and winds, the wild scenery is on a whole other level.
  • Pozo de las Calcosas: a world known attraction of El Hierro is the natural pools Pozo de las Calcosas. Its volcanic morphology along with the natural pools compile a scenery that is hard to forget.
  • Charco Azul: they are natural pools that offer amenities for visitors. Nearby, there are public showers, beach bars and restaurants, as well as some umbrellas and sunbeds.
  • Charco Manso: it is considered one of the wildest yet most beautiful beaches on the island. It has crystal-clear waters and it’s a great secluded spot, as it's difficult to access.

Rocky coast in El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain

Rocky beach in El Hierro, where time moves slower

Sightseeing and activities in El Hierro

You surely have to get around this beautiful island of the Canary Archipelago and admire its beauty. Getting to know its culture and history is the way to fall in love with this magnificent destination.

Ferryhopper suggests:

  • the village of Guinea
  • the volcanic tube of Guinea
  • Pozo de la Salud Spa
  • the archaeological site of El Julan
  • Orchilla Lighthouse
  • the Santuario Nuestra Señora de los Reyes (the Chapel of Our Lady of the Kings)

Also, there are magical natural sites in El Hierro, such as:

  • Frontera Rural Park
  • Malpaso peak
  • the rock of La Bonanza 
  • the juniper trees in El Sabinar
  • La Hoya del Morcillo forest area
  • La Peña viewpoint
  • Bascos viewpoint
  • Valle del Golfo viewpoint

El Hierro can also be an ideal holiday destination for outdoor activities in remarkable volcanic landscapes, as well as among intricate coral seabeds. Some suggestions for your to-do list in El Hierro are:

  • Hiking: in El Hierro, there are many routes and trails like the La Llanía trail for beginners and the Camino de Jinama for more advanced hikers. Put on your hiking shoes, grab a bag with necessities and explore this magnificent island.
  • Cycling: the most famous route for cycling is Road HI-4 from Valverde to San Andrés and La Peña viewpoint, which lets you admire the beautiful scenery and tranquility that El Hierro offers.
  • Diving: the deep waters of El Hierro are one of a kind. You can go to Baja Bocarones or El Bajón, take a dive into crystal-clear waters and admire the underwater life.

View of the El Golfo valley from the Pico de Malpaso in El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain

Amazing view from the black peak of Malpaso

Nightlife in El Hierro

Nightlife in El Hierro is low-key, as most visitors choose a restaurant, a small bar or even a stroll for their evening. Most places for food and drinks are located near the Villa de Valverde, but you can also find some in other settlements as well.

Note: grab a drink and go enjoy the sunset from one of the island's many viewpoints for an unparalleled experience!

Food in El Hierro

El Hierro is ideal for a Canarian food tour and for trying out different recipes. The most common ingredient in its cuisine is cheese and seafood. Specifically, we suggest that you try:

  • quesadillas
  • fish dishes
  • cheese mojo (cheese balls with traditional sauce)
  • gofio (traditional flour) products
  • puchero canario (meat and vegetable stew)
  • champurrio (stew with herreño cheese)
  • watercress soup
  • chickpea casserole
  • tropical fruits

Note: don’t miss trying the fine wines of El Hierro that are, of course, paired with delicious cheeses.

Villages in El Hierro

El Hierro has 3 main municipalities: Valverde, Frontera and El Pinar, where you can find many smaller villages that are worth a visit. The capital is Villa de Valverde, which is the busiest and most touristy settlement.

Other settlements that you should explore are:

  • La Frontera
  • El Pinar
  • La Restinga
  • Taibique
  • Los Llanillos
  • Echedo
  • El Moncanal
  • Sabinosa 
  • Tiñor

Useful information about El Hierro

In El Hierro, you can enjoy impressive natural wonders all over the island. As it is the smallest of the Canaries, you can easily get around no matter where you decide to stay during your visit.

Most accommodation options are in the areas of Taibique, Isora, Tigaday, and the northern part of the island, where the capital, Valverde, is located. You can choose between hostels, hotels, large resorts, country homes, and apartments. The southern part has no visitor facilities, as it is untamed and perfect for outdoor adventures.

As for medical services, visitors can seek medical help at Insular Hospital Nuestra Señora de los Reyes in Villa de Valverde.

Important phone numbers for your stay in El Hierro

Some useful contacts for your trip to El Hierro are:

  • El Hierro Hospital (Insular Hospital Nuestra Señora de los Reyes): +34922553500
  • El Hierro Airport: +34913211000
  • El Hierro buses: +34922551175
  • La Estaca port: +34922550903
  • Port of La Restinga in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: +34922557097
  • Tourist Office of Valverde: +34922550302
  • Police Department of Frontera: +34922555991
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in El Hierro

Although small, the island of El Hierro has many corners and beauties that you can explore. The easiest way of doing so is by bringing your vehicle to the island or renting one. El Hierro has a good road network that connects its major attractions and settlements, but you need to be extra careful, as driving can be a little tricky due to the island’s morphology. 

There are also buses and taxis that can transport you around the island. There are 12 bus routes and 3 taxi services that can take you to almost any place in El Hierro.

Ports in El Hierro

The main port of El Hierro, La Estaca, is located on the northeastern coast. Starting from the city of Valverde, you can reach the port by public transport with bus lines 03 and 11. The distance between the city and the port is approximately 15 km, so it takes about a 20-minute drive to get to La Estaca.

The port has basic facilities, such as tourist offices, the Naviera Armas offices and a small cafe. Close to the port is the beach of La Estaca, where you can take a quick dive while waiting for your ferry. 

Note: there is also the small port of La Restinga, which is the southernmost harbor of Europe. Fishing boats and private sailboats dock there.

The port of La Estaca in El Hierro

The main port of El Hierro, La Estaca

El Hierro ferry: schedules and tickets

Tenerife is the biggest island of the Canary Islands and the only one that is directly connected to El Hierro by ferry. The ferry route between the port of La Estaca in El Hierro and the port of Los Cristianos de Tenerife is served by 6 weekly crossings and the duration of the ferry itinerary is about 2.5 hours. Read more about the Tenerife - El Hierro ferry route on Ferryhopper and plan your trip!

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