Tuscany, Italy

Capraia is an island of volcanic origin and it’s the third largest in the Tuscan archipelago. Its rugged landscape, rich in wildlife, is perfect for hikers and nature lovers. On Ferryhopper, you can find useful information about must-see places, beaches, local delicacies, ferries to Capraia, and book your ferry tickets easily!

Goats on the rocky mountains of the island of Capraia, Italy

The wild goats of the island enjoying the panoramic view of Capraia

Vacation in Capraia

If you are looking for a place to lay back and relax for a few days away from the tourist crowds, Capraia is the perfect destination for you.

With 9,000 years of history and an area of ​​19 km2, this island is ready to welcome you and offer you the ultimate getaway trip that you need.

Its wild landscape, crystalline sea, and stunning views will win you over right away and, probably, will make you come back to the island again and again.

From early spring, Capraia is an excellent choice for spending 2-3 days in total relaxation. If you’re looking for intense nightlife and large equipped beaches then it’s not the right fit. However, if you want a romantic and adventurous weekend escape, Capraia is a big yes!

How to get to Capraia

You can only reach Capraia by sea. From the port of Livorno, there are weekly ferry crossings all year round.

You just need to arrive in Livorno by car, train, or bus and continue your journey by ferry to Capraia. For those arriving by plane from abroad or from some more distant parts of Italy, the closest airport to Livorno is Pisa.

Tip: during the summer months you can also reach Capraia from the island of Elba and the small port of San Vincenzo, not far from Piombino.

White-washed houses opposite to the port of Capraia, Italy

The port of the island of Capraia

What to do in Capraia

You can easily explore the island of Capraia on foot and by boat. After visiting the port area with its tiny local shops and restaurants, you should go for a tour to discover hidden coves and caves.

You can rent a boat and admire the remains of ancient ramparts, the wild coastline of Capraia, and dive into its deep blue waters.

In addition to enjoying the sea, you can also go trekking. The island offers amazing hiking trails that start from the center of the town and lead in the wild inland.

Tip: don't forget your mask to immerse yourself in the depths of Capraia! The island is a paradise for snorkelers as it is located in the center of the Cetacean Sanctuary, a Marine Protected Area and the centerpiece of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

Beaches in Capraia

Capraia has an indented coastline and most of the coves can be reached mostly by boat. However, walking along the steep slopes and paths from the town, you can shortly arrive at some of the most mesmerizing coves of the island for deep dives in turquoise waters.

Here are the 8 best beaches in Capraia:

  1. San Francesco: it is located a few minutes from the town under the imposing convent of San Antonio. You can reach it by crossing a short path leading up to the rocks, sunbathing, relaxing, and enjoying the crystalline sea.
  2. La Grotta: it is a large pier with sunbeds, umbrellas, bars, and access to the sea via some stairs. You can reach it from the Torre del Porto by taking the road going up to the town.
  3. Mortola: it is situated on the north coast and it is one of the most popular beaches in Capraia. This pristine cove is surrounded by cliffs with thick vegetation and it is covered by large pebbles. It has emerald water and a soft, sandy seabed. Keep in mind that you can only reach Mortola beach by boat!
  4. Ceppo: it is located on the east coast of the island and it’s very popular with snorkelers. It has sandy bottoms and deep blue waters. You can reach it by boat or on foot if you are willing to walk for about 1 hour from the village of Capraia.
  5. Frate: it’s very close to the port and is one of the few pebble beaches with easy access to the sea. In summer, you can relax on a sun lounger and enjoy a cold beverage while sunbathing. Also, there is a shower available on the beach of Frate.
  6. Zurletto: it’s located 20 minutes from the town. You can reach the beach of Zurletto through a dirt road and a steep stairway leading to the coast. The beach is pebbly and its waters are ideal for diving. 
  7. Carbicina: you can find this paradisiacal cove in the eastern part of the island. It is surrounded by cliffs made up of flat volcanic stones and the present beach is made of stones. You can reach it on foot by crossing a coastal path, or by boat.
  8. Rossa: you can find the Rossa beach on the southern tip of Capraia. It’s one of the most beautiful coves in the Mediterranean. It is the remains of a 4-million-year-old volcanic vent, and its red color contrasts with the crystal-clear waters. The beautiful cove is dominated by the Zenobito Tower and you can visit it only by boat.

The reddish rocks of Cala Rossa in Capraia

The impressive reddish cliffs of Cala Rossa in Capraia

Sightseeing in Capraia

Capraia is full of natural and scenic landscapes, but it also hosts several historical monuments. Having been the site of several settlements over the centuries, on the island you can admire fortresses, churches, and watchtowers of great importance.

Here are some of the most stunning attractions in Capraia:

  • The Fortress of San Giorgio, built on top of a hill overlooking the sea
  • The church of San Antonio, dating back to 1600
  • The church of San Nicola, located in Piazza Milano in the inhabited village of Capraia
  • The Zenobito Tower, built with volcanic stones extracted from a quarry
  • The Casa del Parco di Capraia (Capraia Park House), a tourist information and environmental education center
  • The Stagnone Lake, the only natural lake in the entire Tuscan archipelago
  • The Torretta del Bagno (Bath Tower), one of the four coastal towers of Capraia and only one step away from the sea
  • The Torre del Porto, the best-preserved tower on the island of Capraia

The Tower of Porto on a hill east of the port of Capraia

The Tower of Porto overlooking the coast of Capraia

Nightlife in Capraia

If you are looking for a worldly holiday, Capraia is perhaps not the best choice. This rugged and wild island is a quiet place where you can enjoy the sea, silence, delicious food, and good wine.

You can start your evening with a fish aperitif or dine in one of the best seafood restaurants in the town, Pescianel. For the most romantic ones, we recommend a walk a few meters outside the inhabited village, where you can admire the beautiful starry night sky.

Food in Capraia

Capraia's cuisine is simple with fresh seafood that is often combined with goat cheese. Here are some of the most delicious local delicacies to try during your stay in Capraia:

  • squid (stuffed with tomato and garlic)
  • bordatino di pesce (soup with vegetable and cornmeal)
  • goat cheese
  • frittelle di sammola (deep-fried fritters made of wild garlic also known as sammola, flour, pepper and salt)
  • wildflower honey 
  • myrtle liqueur
  • homemade fruit jams (made of myrtle and cherries)

Useful info: don’t miss the famous Squid Festival that is celebrated every year in Capraia at the end of October. What do you say? Are you in for fishing competitions and finger-licking squid delicacies?

Stuffed squid served in a restaurant in Capraia

Tasty stuffed squid, a local delicacy of Capraia


Here are 3 tips that we hope will be useful to you during your stay in Capraia:

  1. Although it is possible to take cars and motorcycles on the ferries to Capraia, we suggest you avoid it. On the island, it is difficult to drive as there is only 1 asphalted road. Also, the Municipality of Capraia often prohibits the circulation of motor vehicles for non-residents in the summer.
  2. Don't forget to pack trekking shoes, a sea mask, and fins to explore Capraia in-depth (literally)!
  3. Being quite small, Capraia does not offer a wide choice of hotels and apartments. For this reason, we recommend you book your accommodation well in advance, especially for the high season.

Useful information about Capraia

Capraia is a very small island, but it still offers basic services to accommodate its visitors in the best possible way.

The inhabited centers near the port and the town are connected by only one asphalted road which, however, becomes a ZTL area (zone of restricted circulation) during summer. The most lively area is around the port, where you can find bars, restaurants, a grocery store, and a pharmacy.

The clinic of Capraia is located in the village via del Semaforo, while you can find the only pharmacy on the island very close to the port.

As for accommodation, there are not many facilities on the island. We advise you to book an apartment instead of a room as it is a cheaper option when it comes to families or more than 3 people.

While on the island, you can enjoy excellent fresh fish and buy it directly from the fishermen arriving at the port!

Important phone numbers for your stay in Capraia

Here are some useful contacts to keep within reach during your trip to Capraia:

  • Medical Guard: +390586905148
  • Capraia Port Authority: +390586905256
  • Carabinieri: +390586905036
  • Municipality of Capraia: +390586905025
  • Capraia A.T.N.C. bus service (shuttle between the port and the town): +393939441377
  • Pharmacy: +390586905035
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Capraia

In Capraia, you can easily move on foot. The only inhabited areas are the port and the village. They are connected by the only paved road and there is a bus route running once or twice daily during the summer months. 

Alternatively, you can explore the island by boat. You can rent one or join a boat excursion to discover hidden bays and coves!

Stone house in the village of Capraia

A beautiful house made of stone in the alleys of Capraia

Ports in Capraia

The port of Capraia is located in the northeastern part of the island and it has a small pier. Next to the port area, there is also a marina. 

The inhabited center of Capraia is near the port area so it is very easy to reach the docks on foot. There is also a shuttle that connects the port to the town center with a stop along the quay.

Near the port, you will find various services, such as bars, restaurants, shops, a diving center, and some hotels.

Capraia ferry: schedules and tickets

You can travel to the island of Capraia from Livorno all year round thanks to the Toremar ferries. There are 4-5 weekly ferry connections between the port of Livorno and Capraia.

As for the duration of the trip, the Livorno - Capraia ferry crossing takes about 3 hours. The ferry ticket cost to Capraia is around €23 and motor vehicles can be boarded on the ships. However, keep in mind that during the summer there is usually a traffic ban for non-residents of the island.

During the summer, you can also reach Capraia from the small port of San Vincenzo (26 km from Piombino) and Portoferraio (Elba Island). The connections are operated by the local ferry company Aquavision and are active up to 3 times a week with crossings of about 2 hours.

The historic center of Capraia seen from the sea

Panoramic view of the historic center of Capraia

Where to book ferry tickets to Capraia online

On Ferryhopper, you can find all connections to Capraia, check our Map of ferries to compare prices and companies, departure times, and book your ferry tickets online easily. Get ready to leave for a relaxing getaway, and explore the stunning nature and the amazing hiking trails of Capraia!

Capraia ferry timetable

View the complete ferry schedule from and to Capraia for the upcoming week. Find up-to-date trip information, including departure and arrival dates and times, ferry operators and ticket prices.

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