Tremiti Islands

Puglia, Italy

The Tremiti archipelago consists of 5 islets and is a little corner of paradise in the Adriatic Sea, off the Gargano Peninsula.

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Street with white houses on the island of San Domino, Tremiti, Italy

A picturesque alley on the island of San Domino, Tremiti Islands

Vacation in the Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands, also known as the "pearls of the Adriatic", are an archipelago made up of the islands of San Nicola, San Domino, Capraia, the Cretaccio islet, and the island of Pianosa. According to the legend, their origin is linked to the mythological hero Diomedes who, returning from the Trojan War, created the islands by throwing large stones into the sea. 

San Domino and San Nicola are the only inhabited islands, while Cretaccio and Capraia can be reached by sea and explored on foot. Pianosa, on the other hand is the most remote island, located on the northern tip of the Puglia region (not to be confused with the homonymous island of the Tuscan archipelago, in the Tyrrhenian Sea). 

Apart from their mythological background, the Tremiti Islands are a natural paradise made of bays, caves and crystal-clear waters. If you prefer a relaxed-pace style of vacation but you also wish to discover historical places, castles and ancient abbeys of incredible wonder, make sure that you add Tremiti Islands to your bucket list.

The Tremiti islands are very popular among travelers, especially in spring and summer. If you love nature and adventure but you prefer to avoid the crowds, keep in mind that these islands are also ideal for an autumn weekend getaway.

How to get to the Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands can be reached by ferry or helicopter.

Depending on the time of year, it is possible to travel to the archipelago from Puglia (from the ports of Vieste, Rodi Garganico, Peschici, and Manfredonia) and from the port of Termoli in Molise.

Find all available ferry schedules to the Tremiti Islands in the section below.

Alternatively, you can reach the Tremiti Islands by helicopter from the airport of Foggia.

Useful info: the helicopter service is available all year round but prices are much higher than the ferry service. Moreover, it is necessary to book well in advance as seats are limited.

Sunset on the island of San Domino, Tremiti islands, Italy

A beautiful sunset on the small island of San Domino

What to do in the Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands are a well known destination for sea lovers. Moreover, the archipelago combines natural beauties with a rich cultural heritage. Being part of the Gargano National Park, it has lush vegetation, unspoiled landscapes and beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea.

Don’t leave before discovering the forests and sea caves of San Domino, and let yourself be enchanted by the nature of Capraia and the song of its seagulls. Stroll around the historical sites of the island of San Nicola, a real open-air museum. Admire the natural bridge of Cretaccio and explore the dreamy seabed of Pianosa.

In the Tremiti Islands, you can choose between a variety of activities, such as hiking in nature, kayak or boat tour. The seabed of the Tremiti Islands makes this archipelago a paradise for divers that can reach beautiful coves and do guided dives in 23 underwater trails!

Tip: if you want to experience something different, it is worth visiting the Tremiti Islands in December, during the Feast of Saint Nicholas of Myra. You can relive the special atmosphere of the past and taste delicious local products by participating in the processions and medieval-style parades that take place this time of the year.

Beaches in the Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti archipelago stands out for its beautiful rocky inlets, pristine bays and its cobalt blue sea. In most of them there are no services and the most picturesque ones can be reached by following small paths or by boat.      

Here are the 10 most beautiful beaches to check out:

  1. Cala Zio Cesare (San Domino): located in the southeast of the island, this rocky bay is situated in a wild and unspoiled setting. It takes its name after the lighthouse keeper who used to dock his boat here. Accessible only by sea, it is ideal for a quick rest under the shade of trees.
  2. Cala del Faro (San Domino): just under the old lighthouse of the island, this cove is perfect for a quiet swim or a quick dive. Immersed in a suggestive landscape, it is the ideal location to relax and enjoy the sunset.
  3. Cala Matano (San Domino): this quiet bay, famous for the color of its waters, has inspired Lucio Dala composing the album Luna Matana. You can reach it by following a narrow trail. There, you can rent umbrellas, deckchairs and practice water sports.
  4. Grotta del bue marino (San Domino): one of the places that definitely worth a visit, this cave takes its name after the monk seal that found shelter here. The cave is divided into 2 parts and one of them ends in a small beach, accessible only by swimming or by boat.
  5. Cala delle arene (San Domino): the largest and most popular beach of the Tremiti. The mesmerizing colors of the sea along with the white sand make this beach ideal for kids. It is also equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs.
  6. Cala dello Spido (San Domino): located on the east coast of the island, this peaceful corner is frequented by private boats. It can also be reached by land, crossing a nature trail. There are no services on the beach. 
  7. Cala del Cretaccio (Cretaccio): located in a wild and remote setting, it is an isolated bay suitable for adventure lovers. You can enjoy its crystal-clear waters and explore it in a canoe. Keep in mind that there are no services in the area. 
  8. Cala del Diavolo (Cretaccio): ideal place for those seeking tranquility and relaxation in a dreamy set. Famous for its clay rocks and the colors of its sea, it is one of the best spots to watch the beautiful sunset.
  9. Marinella beach (San Nicola): the only real beach of the island with a narrow and elongated shape. Surrounded by a beautiful white cliff, it is perfect for unique photo shoots, especially during summer. It is accessible on foot but the path to get there is a bit challenging. Alternatively, you can reach it by sea.
  10. Cala di Sorrentino (Capraia): this small bay, where nature blooms, is set in a paradisiacal scenery with emerald green waters. Also known as the "Cave of Love", it is preferred by couples for its romantic atmosphere and privacy.

The beach of Cala delle Arene on the island of San Domino, Italy

The turquoise waters of Cala delle Arene on the island of San Domino

Sightseeing in the Tremiti Islands

There are many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered in Tremiti. Between nature walks and archaeological sites you will discover beautiful and memorable places.

Here are the 8 places in the Tremiti Islands you shouldn’t miss:

  • The Rural Village, an ancient village in the pine forest of San Domino with 12 colonial houses, built in 1935
  • The Road of the pine forest, 116 meters above sea level 
  • The Chapel of Romito, located in the pinewood of San Domino
  • The Lighthouse of San Domino, with its breathtaking scenery
  • The Strada Comunale della Cantina Sperimentale, a path that passes the most beautiful caves of the island
  • The Sanctuary of Santa Maria a Mare, a historic sacred place dating back to 1045 
  • The Castle of Badiali, surrounded by walls overlooking the sea
  • The submerged Statue of Padre Pio, located 14 meters deep on the seabed of the island of Capraia

The castle of Badiali on the island of San Nicola, Italy

The ancient castle of Badiali on the island of San Nicola

Nightlife in the Tremiti Islands

Evenings in the Tremiti Islands are usually very quiet. There's no sophisticated nightlife and visitors usually enjoy a drink accompanied by live music at one of the bars of San Domino and San Nicola squares

Another great idea is to wander around the port, rewarding yourself with a delicious ice cream or having an aperitif with a view during the sunset.

In San Domino, you will also find 3 discos: Il Diomede, La Furmicula and the Club della Sofferenza, open from early May until the end of October.

Food in the Tremiti Islands

The cuisine of the Tremiti islands is typically Mediterranean and celebrates the products of the land and sea. Fresh fish and seafood are accompanied with tomatoes, capers and aromatic herbs, creating simple and tasty dishes

Among the specialties to taste during your vacation in the Tremiti we recommend:

  • seafood spaghetti
  • the fisherman's ciambotta (fish soup)
  • spaghetti with goat meat sauce
  • bread balls with tomato sauce 
  • the vegetable soup pesce fe'jute 
  • fried jellyfish
  • omelet with anchovies
  • local cheeses (ricotta, pecorino and caciocavallo)
  • le treccine (a local dessert made with fennel and anise, soaked in the typical Vermiglio wine)

A plate of seafood spaghetti

A delicious dish of seafood spaghetti served in the Tremiti Islands

Daily trip to the Tremiti Islands

From San Domino and San Nicola (the only 2 inhabited islands) you can reach the nearby Capraia and Cretaccio on a boat tour.

The island of Pianosa is the farthest, approximately 20 km away from the others, but not accessible, as it is a marine reserve. This means that no landing, sailing, fishing, and diving are permitted within 500 m from the coast (unless accompanied by authorized diving guides). 

The entire marine area is delimited by luminous buoys and you need a special authorization to visit it.

Thanks to the frequent internal connections, you can also enjoy a day trip to the nearby islands. From the boat you can admire the beautiful views of the archipelago, its caves, the most hidden corners, and you can dive in dreamy waters.

Tips for your holidays in the Tremiti Islands

Here are 5 tips that we hope will be useful to you during your stay in the Tremiti Islands:

  1. If you have the chance to visit the archipelago in the low season, you will find less crowds and generally cheaper prices than in the crowded month of August.
  2. Make sure you always wear your swimsuit under your clothes! In this way you can fully enjoy a day in the Tremiti Islands.
  3. If you are traveling with small children, it is advisable to equip yourself with an ergonomic baby carrier. The stroller, in fact, may be impractical given that the boat trips, beaches and stairs are rather slippery.
  4. Remember to always carry sunscreen, a towel, a hat, some snacks, and plenty of water.
  5. For your own convenience, it is good to wear comfortable and sporty clothing.

Useful information for the Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti islands have almost 500 residents, many of them moving to the mainland during the winter and returning back at the beginning of the season. 

San Domino is the largest island of the archipelago and also the one where most of the services and the main town are located. You can find souvenir stores, 1 pharmacy and various accommodation facilities here. 

The seat of the municipality of the archipelago is on the island of San Nicola. Also here, you can choose the best solution between Bed & Breakfast, apartments and residences. In San Domino, you will also find 2 campsites immersed in the green.

As for health facilities, there is an emergency medical service and the local health center.

Important phone numbers for your stay in the Tremiti Islands

Here are some numbers that may be useful during your stay in the Tremiti Islands:

  • Carabinieri: +390882463120
  • Municipal police: +390882463063
  • Pharmacy: +390882463327
  • Emergency medical service: +390882463061
  • Coast guard: +390882463751
  • Post office: +390882463259
  • European emergency number: 112 

Transportation in the Tremiti Islands

Getting around Tremiti on foot is easy and convenient, as the town center is really small. If biking is for you, get your bicycle and be ready to be rewarded with spectacular views.

If you wish to explore the nearby islands and the coves, you can book a boat tour or rent a dinghy for the whole day. 

In San Domino, you will also find some taxis. For those with a hotel reservation, a minibus can pick you up from the port, just a few meters from the ferries' disembarkation area. 

If you wish to visit the island of San Nicola stress free, you can benefit from the elevator service (open only in high season) and the luggage storage near the marina.

Important info: before you plan your trip to Tremiti islands, make sure you’re ready for a vehicle-free vacation! Motorized vehicles such as cars and motorcycles are not allowed on the island, especially during summer. You will therefore have to leave your vehicle at the parking lots available at the ports of departure for the Tremiti.

Ports in the Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti archipelago has 2 ports: San Domino and San Nicola. The two islands are less than 200 m away from each other, but the main port where ferries disembark from the peninsula is that of San Domino.

The port is located near the town center, with small stores, bars, restaurants, and rental services nearby.

You can reach the ports of San Domino and San Nicola all year round from Termoli, while in summer there are also connections from the towns of Vieste, Peschici and Rodi Garganico.

The port of San Domino is connected with that of San Nicola periodically. The crossings are operational every 30 minutes, with a night route available only in summer or on request at the port of embarkation.

The port of San Domino at night, Italy

Quiet night at the port of San Domino

Tremiti Islands ferries: schedules and tickets

Thanks to the ferry and hydrofoil connections, you can reach the Tremiti Islands departing from the ports of Termoli (Molise), Vieste, Rodi Garganico, Peschici, and Manfredonia (Puglia). The only connection operating all year round is the one from Termoli, while crossings from other ports are seasonal.

The companies operating the routes to the Tremiti archipelago are NLG (Navigazione Libera del Golfo), Gruppo Armatori Garganici and GS Travel.

Here are some more details on the itineraries to the Tremiti Islands:

Take a look at our Map of Ferries with all the connections to the Tremiti islands and start planning your trip now!

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