Brač, Croatia

Bol may not be the main port town of the Croatian island of Brač, but it’s surely one of its greatest highlights! Combining scenic locations, captivating night outs and world-famous beaches just a stone’s throw away, the town of Bol in Brač is a must-visit location.

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Aerial view of the town of Bol in Brač, Croatia

View of the tranquil town of Bol       

Holidays in Bol

The picturesque town of Bol, its seafront and the surrounding natural landscapes introduce you to beautiful attractions, exploration sites and, most importantly, otherworldly beaches!

It’s the perfect holiday destination for families, groups of friends and even solo travelers who want to unearth its secrets, including its viral Zlatni Rat Beach! Though it’s visitable throughout the year, we recommend visiting Bol and the island of Brač in general during the high season, where the weather is at its best and island hopping is much more convenient!

How to get to Bol

Getting to Bol in Brač is quite easy, either by ferry or plane.

Thanks to its well-connected port, you can reach Brač from mainland Croatia (Split, Dubrovnik and Makarska), as well as some of its neighboring islands. You can also reach one of the other ports in Brač (such as Milna and Sutivan) and then resume your journey to Bol by public transport, taxi or car.

The latter is a great year-round option, as most of the ferry routes to Bol are operated seasonally. To learn all about the ferries to Bol, check out our relevant section below!

Alternatively, Brač is home to one of the very few island airports in all of Croatia, which happens to be situated close to the town of Bol!

What to do in Bol

As Bol is the oldest settlement on the island of Brač, historical and cultural sightseeing are some of the key things to do in this quaint town. But there are just as many things to do for thrill-seekers: hiking the nearby mountainous landscapes (the town is situated at the foothills of St. Vitas Mountain), visiting magnificent beaches and trying out water sports!

Now, if you’re all about recharging your batteries during your island holiday, there are many wellness-related activities in Bol, as well as top-tier restaurants for dining by the sea and enjoying the view.

Not sure where to begin? Discover the best of Bol in Brač below, including its top beaches, gastronomic highlights and attractions!

Bay close to the Dominican Monastery of Bol, Croatia

Seaside oasis close to the Dominican Monastery

Beaches in Bol

When talking about the best of Bol, its beaches steal the spotlight by landslide! Varying in size, access and amenities, they all have one thing in common: their unparalleled beauty. Some are not located within the area of Bol but are quite easy to access and definitely worth your time.

Below, you can find some of our favorite beaches in Bol and its surrounding areas:

  • Zlatni rat (or Golden Horn/Golden Cape): this is the most famous beach of not just Bol but all of Brač. It is quite close to Bol, with its long sandy stretch rewarding you with endless fun at a beautiful scenery.
  • Kotlina and Bijela Kuca: close to the famous Dominican Monastery, there’s a beautiful beach split into two sections, perfect for relaxation among untouched natural wonders. It is considered less crowded than the likes of Zlatni Rat.
  • Martinica Beach: east of the main seafront of Bol, you can find this beautiful and spacious beach, perfect for families and groups. It is mostly pebbly, with some more rocky corners and has a paid parking lot for those wishing to get there by car.
  • Potočine Beach: one of the closest swimming spots to Bol, this beach offers numerous amenities and options for snacks and refreshments! It is quite pebbly, so bringing appropriate footwear is advisable. There are also plenty of water sports to try out here.
  • Murvica Beach: a bit far from the town center of Bol, this hidden gem is a true oasis of lush greenery and crystal clear waters. It’s perfect for unwinding down and sunbathing in a less touristy fashion. There’s also a nearby parking lot, as most travelers have to travel by car here.

Tip: Zlatni Rat is rightfully one of the best Croatian beaches! Discover more Adriatic gems in our blog article.

Sightseeing and activities in Bol

As a harmonious mix of sightseeing and outdoor activities, the town of Bol has something for everyone. Though some attractions and activities are not close to the town center, getting there will also introduce you to the mesmerizing beauty of Bol’s surroundings!

For starters, some of our favorite attractions and sights in Bol include:

  • The Dominican Monastery and its spacious museum
  • The Culture Center of Bol, perfect for learning more about Croatian artists
  • House in a House, which is quite literally a house built within the remnants of a larger house
  • The suggestive Church Of St. Anthony
  • The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Blaca hermitage
  • The open-air cinema of Bol, close to the port

And what about outdoor activities in Bol? Don’t worry, we have it all covered. Specifically:

  • Mountain biking across Vidova Gora (with the highest peak on the island)
  • Boat tours to the island’s hidden coves
  • Hiking trails (to attractions such as Blaca hermitage)
  • Island exploration on a Jeep tour

Nightlife in Bol

Bol comes to life at night with its atmospheric lighting and cozy go-to bars and restaurants. From dining at authentic Croatian restaurants to grabbing some comfort food and enjoying cocktails by the sea, there’s more to Bol’s nightlife than what meets the eye!

You can also find places to hit the dancefloor, such as 585 Club, though open days and hours differ depending on the season.

For more sophisticated nights, the town of Bol is also home to a scenic open-air cinema, located quite close to its ferry port!

Night view of a marina area in Bol, Croatia

The town of Bol readying itself for suggestive moments under the moonlight

Food in Bol

Bol is a true gastronomic hotspot, preserving many of the culinary traditions of Brač. Many of its restaurants are traditional taverns. Even their names usually include the word konoba, which stands for tavern and/or wine cellar, the perfect combination for a cozy dinner by the Adriatic Sea.

We highly recommend the following products to try out in Bol, Brač:

  • Pasticada (stewed beef)
  • Brački Vitalac (grilled meat-based meal)
  • Local wine
  • Brački varenik (traditional wine-based ingredient, usually added in recipes for its sweetness)
  • Bolski Cviti (local cookie)

Useful information for Bol

The town of Bol is beloved by tourists and island residents alike, providing them with all essential services, such as entertainment options, shops, petrol stations and ATMs. As for accommodation, you have a wide range of options, from seaside hotels to Bed & Breakfasts at a more reasonable price. 

Alternatively, there is a campsite in Bol, perfect for reconnecting with nature, as well as some more remote campgrounds just outside of the town area.

Tip: as of 2023, the official currency of Croatia is the euro, replacing the Croatian kuna.

Grapes hanging over a viewpoint in Bol, Croatia

Natural beauty in every corner of Bol

Important phone numbers for your stay in Bol

When staying in Bol, Brač, these phone numbers might come in handy during your stay:

  • Bol Port Authority: +385917374014
  • Brač Airport: +38521559701
  • Police station: +38521631145
  • Brač Island Official Taxi: +385913650024
  • Bol campsite: +385 98 229 501
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Bol

Moving around Bol is quite easy on foot, as distances are short, and the town’s waterfront leads you to many attractions, swimming spots and visitor services. Alternatively, taxis are also an option, though more expensive.

Bringing your car to the island of Brač is, of course, the most convenient way to explore the entire Adriatic gem at your own pace. Keep in mind, however, that high-speed catamarans to Bol do not transport vehicles. You’ll have to opt for a conventional ferry with garage spaces.

Tip: for lovers of outdoor activities who wish to move around car-free, there are plenty of hiking and biking opportunities, beginning in the area of Bol and finishing in beautiful beaches, secluded attractions and mountainous viewpoints.

Ports in Bol

Bol is one of the most attractive and important ports on the island of Brač, connecting it with neighboring islands and mainland Croatia. It is quite small in size though the seafront of the town is home to all you might need as you wait for your ferry.

The port itself is quite easy to reach on foot from any point of interest in Bol. If you wish to reach the port from other towns of Brač, there are convenient bus connections, though their timetables may differ depending on the season.

Island hopping from Bol

When it comes to island hopping, the ferry town of Bol is the most well-connected port in Brač. Specifically, you can reach the following Croatian islands from Bol:

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Bol ferry: schedules and tickets

While many Croatian ferry routes are active year-round, most ferries to Bol are actually seasonal, especially those that depart from mainland ports. Don’t worry, as the high season is the best time to visit the island of Brač! Take a look at the ferry routes below:

  • Split - Bol ferry: the route to Bol from Split is served seasonally, with catamarans making the crossing in around 1 hour, while Split - Bol ferry tickets start at around €6-€20.
  • Makarska - Bol ferry: ferries from Makarska travel twice a day and only in the high season. The ferry duration is around 45 minutes on average, with standard tickets costing around €18-€20.
  • Dubrovnik - Bol ferry: ferries from Dubrovnik to Bol travel every day on a seasonal basis. The ferry trip to Bol lasts less than 4.5 hours and tickets cost around €45.

Note: not sure what to expect when traveling by ferry in Croatia? Take a look at our complete guide about Croatian ferries and travel like a pro with Krilo Shipping Company (KSC) and Kapetan Luka - Krilo.

Tourist boats in Bol, Brač, Croatia

Tourist boats waiting for you in Bol

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