Klaipėda County, Lithuania

Klaipėda is a historic and relatively tranquil town on Lithuania’s Baltic coast. An important maritime location, with large shipyards and fishing ports, it is the main stopover for those who want to visit the Curonian Spit. 

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The picturesque old town of Klaipėda covered in snow

Snowy day at the old town of Klaipėda

Vacation in Klaipėda

Klaipėda is Lithuania’s 3rd-largest city and the only port in the country. For the most part, the city is a transit point and somewhere to stay while visiting the Curonian Spit – one of Europe’s best kept secrets…

However, this city has its fair share of hidden gems. Spending 2-3 nights here would give you enough time to explore Klaipėda’s numerous white-sand beaches, fascinating castles, museums, and intriguing old town, while also allowing you to spend one day on the beautiful Curonian Spit.

How to get to Klaipėda

You can get to Klaipėda by ferry, car, train, or bus.

The ferry is the best way to get to Klaipėda. In fact, the Lithuanian town is connected to Germany and Sweden. The ferries are overnight and transport cars as well as passengers. Learn more about ferries to Klaipėda here.

If you are already in Lithuania, you can reach Klaipėda by car from Vilnius (the capital) in 3 hours, in 4 hours by express bus and in 4-5 hours by train. Alternatively, you can take a plane to Palanga Airport, a 30-minute drive away from Klaipėda.

What to do in Klaipėda

Begin your vacation in Klaipėda by visiting the city’s historical and cultural landmarks. Stroll around the old town, known as the City of Sculptures, and tell your wish in the ears of the Magic Mouse - a small bronze and stone sculpture located at the intersection of Kurpių Street and Kepėjų Street. 

Then continue to Klaipėda’s cobblestoned Theatre Square and admire the German-influenced buildings (also known as Fachtwerkhäusen), as well as the neoclassical Drama Theatre. In addition, don’t miss out on exploring the North Breakwater, watching the arriving and departing ships, and feeling the power of the sea.  

Looking for some peace and quiet in nature? In the summer, visit the beautiful sand beach at Smiltynė, a UNESCO World Heritage site located on the other side of the Curonian Lagoon. If you’re up for it, this area is also home to a permanent exhibition of veteran ships and the Lithuanian Sea Museum. 

Finally, spend the evening at the Meridianas sailboat, enjoying a delicious meal and gazing at the mesmerizing view of the River Danė.

The sandy beach of Smiltynė in Lithuania

The endless white sand beach of Smiltynė in Lithuania

Sightseeing in Klaipėda

Klaipėda’s heart is rich with art, culture and historic buildings dating from the 13th to 18th centuries, providing a great deal of attraction to visitors. 

Some of the best things to see in Klaipėda are:

  • The Lithuanian Sea Museum, with a dolphinarium
  • The Black Ghost Statue (Juodasis Vaiduoklis), the city’s most famous sculpture located along the waterfront
  • The Sculpture Park, featuring more than 100 sculptures and memorials, and a Russian Orthodox Church
  • The Klaipėda Castle Museum, with jewelry, pottery, tools, ceramics, and weapons from the 13th to the 20th centuries
  • The Museum of Clocks, featuring vintage timepieces & exhibits about the history of watchmaking
  • The Friedrich Passage, situated in downtown Klaipėda with cozy cafes, restaurants and stylish boutiques

Nightlife in Klaipėda

Nights in Klaipėda are all about cozy moments. The city’s nightlife venues offer something for everyone, from charming bars along Zveju Street to rowdy clubs.

For a more “cinematic” night, consider going to either the musical theater or the drama theater. Although both perform in Lithuanian, the musical performances should be easier to understand for foreigners.

Klaipėda is also home to a few exciting festivals, such as the Sea Festival and the Nida Jazz Marathon in late July. As you start planning your trip, make sure to check out what festivals are taking place and make the best of your holidays in Klaipėda. 

Tip: if you’re looking for the best party clubs, you can head to the neighboring town of Palanga (at Basanavičiaus street). It’s about 30 minutes from Klaipėda by car.

Food in Klaipėda

During your holidays in Klaipėda, you will get the opportunity to taste some of the most popular Lithuanian dishes. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of meat dishes, sausage specialties, high-quality dairy products, and pastries in local restaurants.

Few delicious examples include cepelinai (potato dumplings stuffed with spiced ground meat), vėdarai (potato sausage), šaltibarščiai (cold beetroot soup), and skilandis (a special kind of cold smoked sausage).

Tip: if you’re a beer lover, make sure to visit Švyturys, one of the most famous Lithuanian breweries. Taste the different beers along with pork ears, the most popular beer snack in Klaipėda.

Traditional potato-meat dumplings served with a sour cream-milk sauce

Delicious Lithuanian cepelinai

Useful information about Klaipėda

Travelers will have access to all necessary amenities during their stay in the Lithuanian town. In fact, Klaipėda is one of 3 largest health care centers in the country, with 4 multi-profile hospitals. 

Klaipėda also offers a wide range of accommodation options, depending on your budget and preferences, from bed-and-breakfast places to beautiful hotels. Sea lovers will love the Giruliai and Melnragė neighborhoods, thanks to their proximity to the sea. If you prefer being closer to museums, theaters, cafes, and restaurants, however, then the old town is for you.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Klaipėda

Here are some contacts that might prove useful during your stay in Klaipėda:

  • Port Authority of Klaipėda: +37046499799
  • Palanga Airport: +37061244442
  • Klaipėda Hospital: +37046410688
  • Klaipėda police station: +37052716444
  • Tourist information center: +37046412186
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Klaipėda

Visitors staying in Klaipėda can stroll through the old town before renting a bicycle to explore the surrounding neighborhoods and beaches. The city is flat with a widespread bicycle lane network. 

The public transport network is also extensive, both within and outside the city. Buses run routes across Klaipėda, Palanga and the Kretinga region. If you prefer getting around the city by car, keep in mind that Klaipėda is divided into 4 different zones: red zone (the most expensive), yellow zone, blue zone, and green zone (the least costly). Free parking zones include the South, the North and Miško rajonas. 

Moreover, in case you want to travel to Smiltynė and the Curonian Spit, you can take a ferry from either the Old Ferry port (passenger ferry and people with bikes) or the New Ferry port (car transport ferry).

Ports in Klaipėda

Klaipėda is the largest port in Lithuania, one of the most important ports on the East Coast and the only one that remains ice-free in winter. Every year, more than 7,000 ships from 45 countries arrive in Klaipėda and about 20 million tons of cargo are loaded here.

The Port of Klaipėda is connected to an extensive road network and contains 2 passenger terminals and 2 railway stations. If you decide to arrive at the city by ferry, you will get off at the Klaipėda Central Terminal. The terminal, which can accommodate up to 3 boats, is located 30 minutes from the Central Train Station by bus.

Klaipėda ferry: schedules and tickets

Traveling to Klaipėda from Karlshamn, Kapellskär or Trelleborg are rather popular ferry connections between Sweden and Lithuania throughout the year. There are also ferry routes between Klaipėda and Kiel, as well as Rostock and Travemünde in Germany. The ferry routes are operated by DFDS and TT-Line. 

Here you can find more information on the ferry connections to Klaipėda:

  • Kiel - Klaipėda ferry: there are up to 7 weekly ferries from Kiel year-round and the estimated travel time is 20 hours.
  • Karlshamn - Klaipėda ferry: the ferry route between Karlshamn and Klaipėda is active with several weekly crossings. Ferry crossings are usually scheduled  overnight and last around 13 hours.
  • Rostock - Klaipėda ferry: the company TT-Line normally serves up to 1 daily Rostock - Klaipėda ferry crossing. The trip duration varies from 24 - 31 hours.
  • Travemunde - Klaipėda ferry: throughout the year, the Travemünde - Klaipėda ferry route is usually operated with up to 5 weekly crossings by TT-Line. The duration of the ferry trip from the German port is around 30 hours
  • Trelleborg - Klaipėda ferry: there are around 5 weekly ferries from Trelleborg to Klaipėda that arrive in around 16.5 hours. The connection is served by TT-Line ferries.

Tip: as ferry schedules are subject to change, we recommend checking our search engine for the latest ferry information.

Lighthouse painted with white and black stripes at the port of Klaipėda

The imposing lighthouse at the port of Klaipėda

Where to book ferry tickets to Klaipėda online

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Klaipėda ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

Klaipėda has direct ferry connections to 4 ports :