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Terracina is a charming coastal town in the province of Latina with a history dating back to the 4th century BC. The town, which is divided into Terracina Alta (the oldest part) and the new waterfront, is one of Italy's most popular summer destinations.

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The houses and historic buildings of Terracina Alta in Italy

The historic buildings in Terracina Alta's center

Terracina ferry port

Terracina appears to have ancient origins, as it is mentioned in the Odyssey as one of Ulysses' landings. 

Terracina's trade with the South and East allowed for the expansion of its port, which peaked under emperor Trajan.

Terracina remains one of the most important ports in Lazio for reaching the Pontine Islands. 

The port area is only 2 km from the railway station and can be reached in 5 minutes by Cotral buses. Near Terracina's port, there are numerous bars, restaurants, vending machines, parking lots, and bathing establishments.

Ferries from Terracina port: schedules and tickets

Seasonal ferries depart from Terracina for the Pontine Islands of Ponza and Ventotene. The NLG (Navigazione Libera del Golfo) ferry company operates on the routes, which are active only some months of the year.

Ferries from Terracina to Ponza are more frequent and run from mid-April to early October. There are typically 1-3 daily crossings, and the ferry trip takes around 1 hour 15 minutes.

The Terracina - Ventotene ferry route is only operational in July and August, with 1 crossing on Thursdays. The ferry ride takes 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Useful info: the rest of the year, you can travel to the Pontine Islands by ferry from the port of Formia, which is less than 1 hour away from Terracina.

Where is the ferry port in Terracina?

Terracina's port is located on Via del Molo, 500 m from the town's waterfront. 

To get to Terracina Alta from the port, walk for 20 minutes or take the bus to the Via Napoli train station.

How to get to Terracina port?

You can reach Terracina by car via the A1 highway from Rome or Naples, or by public transportation

The Cotral company provides suburban services, while local shuttles connect the lower and upper parts of Terracina. 

The town train station is about 2 km from the port and has frequent connections to Rome Termini and Naples. Alternatively, you can get off at Monte San Biagio station and catch a bus to the port.

Boats and hulls at the Terracina port in Italy

The stunning setting of the port of Terracina

Vacation in Terracina

Terracina, which is less than 2 hours from Rome, is a popular destination for a relaxing weekend or a longer beach vacation.

This seaside resort is in fact one of the most popular due to its blue flag beaches, historic heritage and proximity to Circeo National Park.

Summer ferries to the Pontine Islands are yet another reason to stop in Terracina before heading to the archipelago.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Just think that even Goethe fell in love with the colors and atmosphere of Terracina, which he describes in his Italian Journey.

How to get to Terracina

Terracina can be reached by car, train, or bus. The city is 100 km from Rome and 120 km from Naples, and it is easily accessible from anywhere in Italy. 

The quickest and most frequent way to get to Terracina is by train, stopping at Monte San Biagio station. Shuttles or city buses to Terracina depart from here.

Terracina's nearest airport is Rome Fiumicino, but there are no direct flights from here. As a result, you must travel to Roma Termini station and then continue by train, or take the Cotral bus from Roma Laurentina station.

Sunset in orange on the Terracina waterfront in Italy

Terracina's waterfront at sunset

What to do in Terracina

Terracina is the ideal blend of sea, history, archaeology, and good food.

You can begin your exploration of the city in the more modern area and along the waterfront and then work your way up toward Terracina Alta. The historic center will astound you with its narrow alleys, archaeological remains and ancient walls.

After immersing yourself in history, you should unwind on the beaches of Terracina's extensive coastline, as well as those in the surrounding area. Then, visit the nearby Circeo National Park and be captivated by its natural beauty!

If you decide to stay in Terracina for a few days longer, you should also visit the other wonders of the Ulysses Riviera, such as Sperlonga and Gaeta.

Βeaches in Terracina

Terracina's coastline is very long and offers free and equipped beaches to suit all tastes. Even just a few kilometers away, you'll find blue flag beaches with a variety of services.

Here are 4 must-see beaches in and around Terracina:

  1. Levante beach: it is the most well-known beach in town, and its sandy shore is characterized by fine golden sand. The entire bay is very scenic, and it is bounded by the Pisco Montano cliff, which is dominated by the temple of Jupiter Anxur. Bathing establishments, sports fields and even a fitness center are available in the area.
  2. Fiumetta beach: this interesting and picturesque location is popular with locals almost all year. It's a beach with a small stream that runs into the sea. The spring water is very refreshing, but walking requires rock shoes.
  3. Riva del Sisto beach: it is very wide, with fine sand and a crystal clear sea with shallow waters, and is framed in the background by the Circeo Gulf and the Pontine Islands. There are some facilities such as restaurants, but the beach is mostly free. The presence of several underwater caves makes the area popular with divers.
  4. San Felice Circeo beach: it is located about 20 km from Terracina and is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Pontine coastline. It is located within the national park and has a long sandy beach. Part of the beach is free, but there are also areas where you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs. Its rocky coves are ideal for snorkeling and the beach is popular among surfers.

The Levante beach and the temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, Italy

The Levante beach overlooked by the temple of Jupiter Anxur

Sightseeing in Terracina

Terracina's lower part has a more modern urban center, but to discover the city's true soul, you must climb to the top. The entire historic center is pedestrian-friendly, allowing you to take your time admiring churches, historic buildings and ancient ruins. 

Here are the most important attractions of Terracina you shouldn’t miss:

  • The city's 4 km-long waterfront
  • The Porta Napoletana, once a border between the Papal State and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
  • Corso Anita Garibaldi, the main street of Terracina Alta
  • The baroque style Church of Purgatory
  • The Foro Emiliano, with the Cathedral of Terracina and its famous Piazza Municipio
  • The Capitolium, with the remains in the temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva
  • The Pio Capponi Civic Museum, with various archaeological finds from the upper paleolithic period
  • The Roman Theater, surrounded by the ancient buildings of the city center
  • The Frangipane Castle (or rocca Traversa), a symbol of Terracina
  • The Via delle Mura Antiche, with its breathtaking view
  • The Temple of Jupiter Anxur, dating from the 1st century BC

Which places to visit near Terracina

Terracina is surrounded by many interesting places that we recommend you visit if you're in the area. Aside from the seaside villages, there are also nature reserves and protected areas of breathtaking beauty.

Not to be missed:

  • Sperlonga, on the list of Italy's most beautiful villages and famous for its blue flag beaches
  • The ancient seaside village of Gaeta, also known for its PDO olives
  • The medieval village of Monte San Biagio, a mandatory stop for a local meat dinner
  • Circeo National Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve and one of Italy's most well-known natural reserves
  • Campo Soriano, a 974-hectare valley ideal for trekking lovers

Sperlonga and its beach, Italy

The picturesque village of Sperlonga, 20 minutes from Terracina

Nightlife in Terracina

Terracina is a popular destination for those looking for fun and nightlife on the Pontine Coast.

The town's waterfront is a meeting place for everyone and its beach bars frequently host evenings of live music and beach parties. In the summer, the port area is also very lively, with shows and festivals held on a regular basis.

Terracina also has a plethora of pubs and nightclubs, including the well-known Beach Open Disco and Ribbon Club.

You can also spend a quiet evening enjoying a seafood dinner with a sea view or strolling through Terracina Alta's alleys.

Food in Terracina

Terracina's cuisine combines seafood specialties with fresh ingredients from the surrounding countryside.

Here are some delicacies to try during your trip:

  • The fish soup
  • The frittura di paranza, a fry of small fishes, squids, prawns, squids, eaten with a squeeze of lemon
  • The sausage from Monte San Biagio
  • The fried cream bombs (not to be missed are the ones from Somma bakery)
  • The wine cookies
  • The favette of Terracina, strawberries distinguished by their round-circular shape

Terracina's favette strawberries, Italy

Terracina's famous favette strawberries

Tips for Terracina

Here are 3 useful tips for your holidays in Terracina:

  1. The Feast of San Cesareo, Terracina's patron saint, is celebrated every first Sunday in November. A fantastic opportunity to enjoy roasted chestnuts and wine while attending the local fair and shows in the historic center!
  2. A visit to the Sant'Andrea winery to try the famous Moscato di Terracina is also an interesting activity to do in town.
  3. The Temple of Jupiter Anxur can be visited at different times depending on the period and there are also discount tickets for young people up to 18 years old.

Useful information about Terracina

Terracina, as a bustling resort, provides services and activities to suit all tastes.

You can visit the town in a single day before taking the ferry to Ponza or Ventotene, or you can stay for a few days longer. Terracina offers a wide range of accomodation options, including hotels, vacation homes, bed and breakfasts, and even campgrounds.

If you arrive in Terracina by car, you can park in the public lots or on the paid blue stripes. However, because Terracina's historic center is a ZTL zone, we recommend that you access points of interest on foot. The parking lot on Via Posterula is one of the best because of its strategic location.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Terracina

Here are some useful contacts to keep within reach during your trip to Terracina:

  • Terracina Port Authority: +390773720060
  • Terracina police station: +390773707351 
  • Tourist Information Center: +390773727759
  • Fiorini Hospital in Terracina: +3907737081 
  • Emergency medical services : +390773662175
  • Cotral bus lines: +390672057205
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Terracina

Terracina is easily accessible on foot or by public transportation.

Once in town, the best way to get to the historic center is to walk through the charming uphill streets. Alternatively, you can take advantage of city bus services that connect the city's outskirts, center and neighborhoods.

A car, on the other hand, is a convenient way to get around the surrounding areas, but regional buses and trains will get you to nearby villages and towns quickly.

You can also rent a bicycle and explore fantastic coastal routes suitable for all skill levels.

Sea view from the temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, Italy

Hiking to Jupiter Anxur's Temple for a breathtaking view

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