Santa Teresa Gallura

Sardinia, Italy

Santa Teresa Gallura is a characteristic seaside town on the northern tip of Sardinia in Italy. Located in the province of Sassari, it is known for its unique culinary experiences and scenic locations to explore.

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The coast of Santa Teresa Gallura

The beautiful coast of Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura ferry port

The port of Santa Teresa Gallura is located in a scenic bay with beautiful views that is accessible from the town.

The port is modern and well-equipped, being one of the main departure points for ferries to Corsica. In the area, you can find various shops, hotels, bars, restaurants and rental services.

Tip: if you decide to reach the port of Santa Teresa Gallura by car, there are free parking lots before the tunnel for you to leave your vehicle. As the port is very small, it is not possible to access it by car. Instead, you can get there on foot in just a few minutes.

Santa Teresa Gallura ferry: schedules and tickets

From Santa Teresa Gallura, you can reach Corsica by ferry in no time. Ferries arrive at the port of Bonifacio, a beautiful seaside town located on the southernmost tip of the French island.

The companies that operate the Santa Teresa Gallura - Bonifacio connection are Moby Lines and Ichnusa Lines. There are up to 7 daily connections with crossings lasting about 1 hour, depending on the operator you’ve chosen.

The route is active throughout the year, with increased frequency in the summer. Find more information regarding ferries from Santa Teresa Gallura to Bonifacio here.

Tip: take a look at our Map of ferries, browse all available ferry connections to/from the port of Santa Teresa Gallura and start planning your holidays right away!

Ferry at the port of Santa Teresa Gallura

Ferry departing from the port of Santa Teresa Gallura

Vacation in Santa Teresa Gallura

While Santa Teresa Gallura has a permanent population of 5,000 residents, this seaside gem blooms in summer, with thousands of travelers visiting and enjoying aperitifs and fashion shows.

If you’re looking for holidays by the sea mixed with interesting cultural experiences, Santa Teresa Gallura awaits you! From the natural beauty of the town to important archaeological findings, Santa Teresa Gallura has something for everyone.

And it does not stop there! Santa Teresa Gallura is also ideal for family holidays or even a wedding party full of elegance.

How to get to Santa Teresa Gallura?

You can reach Santa Teresa Gallura mainly by ferry. Alternatively, you can also get there by bus or car, if you’re already in Sardinia.

Being the northernmost point of the island, it’s located right across from the French island of Corsica. From there, getting to Santa Teresa Gallura by ferry takes less than an hour.

Since there are no ferry connections to other Italian cities, you can reach the Sardinian ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres and continue to Santa Teresa Gallura by car or bus. You can also travel to Olbia by plane, which is 60km away. Several shuttles depart from there and arrive in Santa Teresa Gallura in just 30 minutes.

There are regional bus services that connect the town to nearby Sardinian towns: with the ARST line 728, for instance, you can reach Santa Teresa Gallura from Sassari in less than 2 hours.

If traveling by ferry is your go-to option, discover everything you might need about ferries to Santa Teresa Gallura here.

A street in Santa Teresa Gallura

A central street of the town of Santa Teresa Gallura

What to do in Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura is a breathtaking mix of beaches, splendid natural landscapes and activities to try in the hinterland of Sardinia.

The historic center of the town is perfect for strolling through intimate alleys and shops. Don't forget to buy local products, such as ceramics, and try out food delicacies and wine!

During your stay in Santa Teresa Gallura, you can also join excursions and explore the surroundings by boat, bicycle or on foot. This is an ideal location for lovers of history, as there are various archaeological sites and Roman remains.

Do not miss the chance to visit the islands of the Maddalena archipelago and take a walk in the areas of Mount Limbara and the promontory of Capo Testa, one of the most evocative sites in Sardinia. Thanks to its morphology, Santa Teresa Gallura is ideal for outdoor sports like climbing, surfing and diving.

Aside from summer holidays, Santa Teresa Gallura is also recommended for weekend getaways in winter. During February, Gallura lights up with one of the most iconic events in Sardinia: the Carnival. Get ready to discover ancient traditions and witness lively parades!

Beaches in Santa Teresa Gallura

The coast of Santa Teresa Gallura is full of quaint beaches and hidden coves. As most of them are located close to each other, you can easily explore different spots on foot or by car.

Here are the 10 most beautiful beaches in Santa Teresa Gallura to check out:

  1. Rena Bianca: close to the historic center, this sickle-shaped beach is surrounded by cliffs and green groves. The area is favored by locals and is fully equipped, as there are bars, taverns and hotels nearby.
  2. Cala Grande (or Valle della Luna): the landscapes of this paradisiac beach are wild and rocky, with white granites that light up in the moonlight. To reach this beach, you need to cross a path that might prove to be challenging. Its crystal clear sea and deep waters are ideal for diving.
  3. Rena Majori: located 8km from Santa Teresa Gallura, it is famous for its fine white sand and long coastline that is separated by granite rocks. Its emerald green waters are perfect for diving. It is possible to rent umbrellas, deck chairs, pedal boats and canoes. Nearby, there is a campsite and a thick pine forest with a refreshment point.
  4. Porto Pollo: this bay with white sand is an otherworldly location, popular for sailing and windsurfing, as it is exposed to strong winds.
  5. Porto Liscia: with a length of 2km, this beach is characterized by golden sand, thick Mediterranean scrub and emerald waters. The beach includes refreshment points and is equipped with various services, such as umbrellas and sunbeds.
  6. La Licciola: this cove is a hidden gem that is located near the village of Porto Pozzo. It has fine white sand and topaz-colored waters, offering tranquility and relaxation to its visitors. Nearby, you can find a resort with all the necessary services.
  7. Cala Sambuco: this white pebble beach is an ideal place for relaxing. Adored by lovers of nature, this beach can be reached from the port of Scario or by following the Marcellino path.
  8. La Marmorata: this is a stunning wide beach with white sand, rocky coves and clear waters. The landscape is very suggestive and you can find an abandoned granite quarry nearby. The beach is well-equipped, as there are parking lots, bars, restaurants and hotels nearby.
  9. Cala Spinosa: this hidden paradise is perfect for those in need of relaxation. To get there, follow the signs for the Capo Testa lighthouse and then a steep path. Its enchanting backdrops are loved by those who practice snorkeling. Keep in mind that there are no bathing establishments or other services.
  10. Due Mari: this is an isthmus flanked by the beaches of Rena di Levante and Rena di Ponente. Both beaches are surrounded by wild nature and rocky coves. Near the coast, you can admire the remains of Roman columns. In terms of services, you can find bars, restaurants, hotels and shops nearby.

Rena Bianca beach in Santa Teresa Gallura

The dreamy beach of Rena Bianca in Santa Teresa Gallura

Sightseeing in Santa Teresa Gallura

The historic center of Santa Teresa Gallura is characterized by narrow streets filled with craft shops, buildings and ancient churches. Nearby, you can also discover important archaeological sites. Some examples are:

  • Torre Longosardo: this tower was built in the 16th century CE and has been remodeled numerous times since then.
  • Capo Testa Lighthouse: this active lighthouse is located on a rocky peninsula facing the Strait of Bonifacio.
  • Lu Brandali and Sa Testa: they are two archaeological complexes that date back to the 4th century BCE.
  • Batteria Ferrero: this is a set of war outposts that were used during WW2.
  • Piazza Vittorio Emanuele: the streets of this beautiful square are arranged in a checkered pattern.
  • La Chiesa del Buoncammino: visiting this magnificent church introduces you to an ideal place for meditation, surrounded by greenery.

 The Capo Testa lighthouse of Santa Teresa Gallura

The suggestive Capo Testa lighthouse

Nightlife in Santa Teresa Gallura

Despite its size, Santa Teresa Gallura is one of the most active nightlife centers in northern Sardinia. The town has many bars, clubs and beach parties.

In summer, the main square comes alive with shows and dancing, while the narrow streets of the historic center are perfect for a stroll among stalls and booths.

In Santa Teresa Gallura, you can kick off your evening with excellent aperitifs by the sea and then hit the dance floor at a local disco. A popular example is Estasi's Disco, where internationally renowned DJs come to perform.

Food in Santa Teresa Gallura

The cuisine of Santa Teresa Gallura is based on local products and specializes in fish dishes. Traditional meals are usually accompanied by the famous Vermentino di Gallura, a delicacy from the north of Sardinia.

Here are some dishes to try out during your holidays in Santa Teresa Gallura:

  • La zuppa Gallurese (traditional soup with cheese and bread)
  • L’agnello arrosto (lamb-based dish)
  • I chiusoni con il sugo di salsiccia (semolina dumplings with sausage sauce)
  • Il pecorino (a salty Italian type of cheese)
  • I ravioli alla Gallurese (sweet pasta with tomato sauce)
  • I dolcetti acciuleddi (Sardinian sweet)

A plate of ravioli alla Gallurese

Served ravioli alla Gallurese

Places close to Santa Teresa Gallura to visit

The area around Santa Teresa Gallura offers numerous spots for walking, diving, horseback riding and trekking.

Here are some must-see neighboring locations that we recommend:

  • Palau and Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park: Palau is one of the most popular locations for snorkeling. The Maddalena National Park, with the beautiful islands of Caprera, Spargi, Budelli, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria and Razzoli is right across from it. Thanks to various private tours, you can discover enchanting places drenched in natural beauty!
  • La Valle della Luna: this magical place resembles a real lunar landscape. A destination for naturists and hippies, it is perfect for those wishing to escape urban settings.
  • Arzachena: half an hour from Santa Teresa Gallura, this is an important tourist center full of unspoiled nature and archaeological heritage. There, you can find the ancient nuraghe (megalithic buildings) of Sardinia.

Tips for your holidays in Santa Teresa Gallura

Discover below our top tips for a perfect stay in Santa Teresa Gallura:

  • Santa Teresa Gallura and Sardinia in general tend to be a bit pricey in high season. By booking well in advance, you can save money and find a plethora of accommodation options.
  • Most of the roads in Gallura are unpaved and Google Maps could prove unreliable. If a path full of shrubs or slopes is suggested, it is better to go back!
  • On Tuesdays, there is a beautiful market in the center of Santa Teresa Gallura. There, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, sweets, different types of cheese and traditional products.
  • In July, the Gallura Buskers Festival is celebrated, an international event where street artists and circus performers breathe life into the town.

Useful information for Santa Teresa Gallura

Despite its size, Santa Teresa Gallura offers many services and options to its visitors, being one of the most popular places in Sardinia.

In the summer, you can find paid parking lots close to various beaches in Santa Teresa Gallura that cost €1 per hour. If you want to avoid it, there are entirely free beaches and secluded coves.

As for accommodation, you can choose between residences, hotels, apartments and organized campsites. Usually, there are more options in the center than on the coast.

In the city, there are several pharmacies, a clinic and medical services for tourists. 

Important phone numbers for your stay in Santa Teresa Gallura

Here are some useful numbers that could prove useful during your stay in Santa Teresa Gallura:

  • Municipal police: +390789740910
  • Carabinieri: +390789754122
  • Coast guard: +390789754602
  • Municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura: +390789740900
  • Tourist medical services: +390789754592
  • Outpatient clinic: +390789755770
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura is a small town, so it is rather convenient to get around on foot. From Piazza Bruno Modesto, there is also a tourist train that allows you to move around the city. Train tickets are valid all day.

There are also several bus services that connect you to nearby towns, although these are mainly summer lines. To move more comfortably, a car is recommended. If you are not traveling with yours, there are rental services close to the port.

Tip: the ARST regional railways allow you to discover various places in Sardinia through the Trenino Verde. The itinerary that interests Gallura is the “Sassari - Tempio Pausania - Palau”, with schedules varying depending on seasonality. For more information, you can consult the official Trenino Verde website.

View of the Torre Longosardo in Santa Teresa Gallura

Torre Longosardo, located on the promontory of Santa Teresa Gallura

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Santa Teresa Gallura ferry timetable

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