Saronic Gulf, Greece

Agistri is a small paradise for relaxing holidays close to Athens. Located in the Saronic Gulf it has beautiful beaches and peaceful vibes. On this page you can find information about vacation on the island, what to do, the best beaches, food and ferry routes.

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Vacation in Agistri

Agistri belongs to the islands of the Saronic Gulf and is located west of Aegina. 

The close distance to the port of Piraeus and the beautiful landscapes of the island have made Agistri a favorite destination for short getaways from Athens.

Vacation in Agistri means swimming at crystal clear waters, relaxation and endless walks in nature. The food is great and you can find cheap accommodation even in high season. 

Sunset at a beach in Agistri

Golden hour in Agistri - perfect for photos and walks in the coast

How to get to Agistri

Agistri is located 35km (19 nautical miles) from the port of Piraeus so the easiest way to travel to the island is by ferry from Athens.

There are frequent ferry crossings from Piraeus to Agistri with a trip duration ranging from 55 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the type of ferry. 

You can also easily get to Agistri by ferry from the neighboring island of Aegina

What to do in Agistri

In Agistri you can enjoy time by the beach and outdoor activities. 

The distances are short so you can walk around, rent a bike or a scooter and fully explore the island. 

Chalkiada beach in Agistri

The beach of Chalkiada, one of the most popular beaches on the island

Beaches in Agistri

Agistri has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Saronic Gulf. The sea has crystal-clear turquoise waters and there are often trees for natural shade.

Most beaches are easily accessible on foot or by car. Some are quite secluded so we suggest you bring supplies and water with you, as well as an umbrella to be sure that you'll have shade. 

A list of the best beaches in Agistri: 

  • Chalkiada: Impressive beach with turquoise waters and white pebbles. Access is only on foot via a short trail, of medium difficulty. You might meet nudists in the beach too.
  • Dragonera: Beautiful beach with crystal clear waters surrounded by dense vegetation. It has pebbles, umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as a canteen.
  • Aponisos: Stunning beach with turquoise waters and pines that reach the sea. It has umbrellas, sunbeds and a tavern. It is private property so you have to pay a small fee to enter and enjoy the beach.
  • Megalochori beach: The beach of the village of Megalochori. It has umbrellas, sunbeds and restaurants nearby.
  • Skala beach: One of the most popular beaches on the island, located next to the port of Skala. It has umbrellas and sunbeds, sand and shallow waters so it's ideal for families and young kids.
  • Magiza: Quiet beach, perfect for seclusion. Accessible via a dirt road and a short trail.
  • Bariama: Secluded beach for those who want to avoid the crowds. Located near the beach of Magiza.
  • Mariza: Rocky coast full of pines. The beach has deep waters that are ideal for diving.
  • Skliri: A tiny, quaint cove near Skala settlement and Chalikiada beach. It has no amenities and is surrounded by tall trees offering shade. 

Tip: if you are planning to visit the popular Chalikiada beach, bear in mind that you should be extra careful as the trail that leads there is a little steep. In case you are prone to vertigo, it's best to avoid it.

The beach of Aponisos in Agistri

The crystal turqoise waters of Aponisos

Sightseeing and activities in Agistri

The landscape in the coast of Agistri is heavenly and the mainland has many routes and rich vegetation. Some outdoor activities that we recommend for Agistri are:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Diving
  • Sailing
  • Boat tour of the island
  • Kayaking
  • Horse riding
  • Fishing

Nightlife in Agistri

In the village of Skala there are several bars where you can have a drink or cocktail, until late. You can also have an early drink or an aperitivo after lunch at the cafe-bars in the beach of Skliri, around 1 km from Skala. 

Food in Agistri

The food in Agistri is tasty and cheap! You will eat delicious fresh fish and seafood and try traditional Greek recipes. 

There are numerous tavernes across the island as well as pizza and souvlaki places to choose from. Some of Ferryhopper's favorite picks are:

  • Alkyoni restaurant: located in Skala, it offers breathtaking sea views, as well as quality breakfast and dinner at great prices.
  • Konaki en Agistrio: this taverna is the ideal pick for grilled meat lovers. It is located in Megalochori.
  • Taverna Tasos: an old-school and unique taverna in the picturesque village of Limenaria. The roasted rooster stands out among its mouthwatering dishes.

Moreover, we suggest that during your stay in Agistri you taste:  

  • Fresh fish
  • Olive oil and olives
  • Galaktompoureko (custard pastry)
  • Votsalaki (almond sweets of Agistri)
  • Spoon sweets

Tip: Before your day at the beach in Agistri we recommend grabbing a few snacks from the bakery in Megalochori - really tasty and value for money! 

Villages in Agistri

Agistri has 2 large villages that are also the island ports: Megalochori (or Myloi) and Skala.

There are also smaller villages such as Metochi, Limenaria and Skliri.

Port of Megalochori, Agistri

The village and port of Megalochori in Agistri

Useful information for Agistri

In Megalochori (Myloi) and Skala you will find everything you need for your vacation in Agistri: supermarkets, gas stations, Medical Center, pharmacy (Skala) and ATM (Skala). The best places for accommodation in Agistri are Skala and Mylos, with many options for different budgets. In the beaches of the island you might see some campers too. 

Important phone numbers for your stay in Agistri

Some useful contact numbers for your stay in Agistri: 

  • Port Authority Agistri (Megalochori): +302297091541
  • Municipality of Agistri: +302297091260
  • Agistri Medical Center (Megalochori): +302297091215
  • Agistri Medical Clinic (Skala): +302297091110
  • Police Station Agistri: +302297091201
  • Pharmacy (Skala): +302297091540
  • Gas station: +302297091590

Transportation in Agistri

Agistri has a municipal bus service (KTEL), which serves the two villages / ports of the island all year round. In the summer, there is also a route from Skala to Aponisos that includes stops at several beaches on the island.

Tip: as the island gets pretty busy in the summer months and the bus serves many passengers, it is possible that the bus schedules are not completely reliable. We recommend checking the hours at the bus station.

Bear in mind that there's also a tourist bus operating routes to main settlements and beaches in Agistri. As it is private, the ticket is a bit more pricey than the municipal one (around €1 more expensive).

As the island is small, you can easily move around or foot or by bike and you don't really need a car. In fact, the best way to get around Agistri is by motorbike. You can rent one at around €15-20 a day, and explore the whole island at your own pace!  

Tip: Most of the ferries in the Saronic lines allow the free transfer of bicycles on board. So you could consider bringing your own bicycle and enjoy the ride in the beautiful Agistri!

Ports in Agistri

Agistri has 2 ports: the port of Megalochori (or Myloi) in the northwest and the port of Skala in the northeast. 

Usually, fast ferries and flying doplhins travel from Athens to the port of Megalochori and the standard ferry to the port of Skala. 

The distance between the ports of Agistri is 2 km (25-min walk). 

Sunset at the port of Skala, Agistri

Beautiful sunset colors at the port of Skala in Agistri

Island hopping from Agistri

The islands of the Saronic Gulf are in close distance to each other and they are ideal for island hopping. 

From Agistri you can easily travel by ferry to the following destinations:

  • Aegina
  • Poros
  • Methana
  • Hydra
  • Spetses

On our Map of ferries, you can check all ferry connections from/to Agistri and plan your ferry trip in the most convenient way for you. 

Agistri ferry: schedules and tickets

You can easily travel by ferry to Agistri from the port of Piraeus and the port of Aegina. The ferry companies serving routes to Agistri are Saronic Ferries with conventional ferries, and Aegean Flying Dolphins and Blue Star Ferries (Hellenic Seaways) with high-speed ferries.

  • The Piraeus - Agistri ferry route is active all year round. The duration of the trip is around 55 minutes with a flying dolphin and 1.5 hours with a conventional ferry. Ticket prices range from around €13 to €19
  • The Aegina - Agistri ferry route is served frequently throughout the year, and the duration of the trip is just 10-20 minutes. Ferry tickets are at €4-€8.

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Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Agistri has direct ferry connections to 4 ports :