Korčula, Croatia

Prigradica, nestled on the northwest shores of Korčula Island, is a quaint fishing village encircled by ancient vineyards and olive groves. With its clear waters, rich history, and warm hospitality, it’s no wonder visitors take the ferry from Split or Hvar to Prigradica to explore it.

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A traditional stone house surrounded by greenery near the village of Prigradica in Korčula

A seaside traditional stone house near Vela Luka       

Holidays in Prigradica

Like much of Croatia's coastal regions, Prigradica boasts a history that's intertwined with the ebb and flow of various cultures and empires. From the early Illyrians to the reign of the Venetians, each era left its mark on this idyllic seaside village. Ancient stone houses, maritime artifacts, and enduring traditions provide a living museum for history enthusiasts.

The village of Prigradica is situated 4 km from Blato and 45 km from Korčula city. It’s one of Croatia’s hidden gems that once served as a vital export hub for the renowned wines and olive oils of Blato. Its landscape is dotted with historic stone structures, bearing testament to Prigradica's well-preserved old-world charm.

How to get to Prigradica

You can get to Prigradica easily by ferry from Split, Hvar, or Korčula’s main port. Alternatively, you can take the plane and land at larger Croatian airports in Zagreb or Split as there is no airport on the island of Korčula. From there, you can take the ferry to the port of Prigradica. For more information about ferries to Prigradica, check our relevant section!

What to do in Prigradica

Though Prigradica might not house colossal amphitheaters, its architecture tells tales of a seafaring past. Meandering through its lanes, you'll encounter beautifully preserved buildings, docks that have withstood the tests of time, and charming chapels reminiscent of an age when life revolved around the sea and faith.

The expansive seaside promenade, marked by a jetty constructed during the Austro-Hungarian era, is a focal point of the village. You can spend the day on a sandy beach, enjoy a walk parallel to the promenade, or drink a coffee with panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea from the cafes near the port. 

Whether you are a nature lover or a peace seeker, the hiking trails near the village of Prigradica will charm you with the stunning surroundings. Along the way, you will see ancient stone houses (vtuljaks) with their characteristic shape resembling a carousel.

Prigradica is also a perfect getaway for sports lovers as you can find sports facilities such as basketball courts, and beach volleyball and enjoy water sports in the crystalline waters of the coastal village of Prigradica. Alternatively, you can visit some of the most picturesque, time-standstill hamlets nearby that await you for a nostalgic journey back in time.

Beaches in Prigradica

Prigradica, on the enchanting island of Korčula, offers a blend of rocky and pebbly shores that mirror the island's pristine beauty and serenity. Here are the best beaches in and around Prigradica:

  • Prigradica beach: this is the central beach in the village, characterized by its pebbly expanse. It's a family-friendly beach offering calm waters that are perfect for swimming and wading. The nearby cafes provide refreshments, making it easy to spend an entire day at the beach with children.
  • Blaca beach: nestled between dramatic cliffs and dense greenery, Blaca is a pristine pebble beach with clear blue waters that are ideal for snorkeling. It’s not accessible by car. A short hike is necessary to reach the Blaca beach following a path leading there. Being a secluded beach, Blaca doesn’t have any amenities so you should bring essentials like water, snacks, and sun protection.

While Prigradica has its own charm, the island of Korčula boasts other beautiful beaches worth exploring. A short drive or boat ride can lead you to sandy shores or other pebbly beaches that each have their own unique appeal.

A rocky beach with turqoise waters at the village of Prigradica on the Korčula island, Croatia

A rocky beach near the coastal village of Prigradica on the Korčula island

Sightseeings in Prigradica

While Prigradica may not have grand monuments or bustling tourist attractions, its charm lies in its authenticity, historical roots, and the tranquility it provides. Exploring this village is about embracing its slow pace, understanding its history, and immersing oneself in its natural beauty. Here are some of its must-visit sights in Prigradica:

  • Ancient stone houses: take a stroll through the narrow streets of Prigradica and observe the ancient stone houses that bear witness to the village's rich history. These structures, some of which have stood for centuries, are a testament to the village's past and its longstanding traditions.  
  • Old vineyards and olive groves: surrounding Prigradica are sprawling vineyards and olive groves, which have been a cornerstone of the local economy for generations. Consider taking a guided tour to learn about the traditional methods of cultivation and perhaps taste some of the local produce.
  • Historical harbor: Prigradica was established as an exporting harbor, playing a crucial role in the trade of wine and olive oil. The harbor area is not only functional but carries historical significance. Spend time here watching the boats, or delve into the stories of trade and commerce from locals.
  • Austro-Hungarian mole: this mole, constructed during the Austria-Hungary era, is a significant architectural landmark in Prigradica. It speaks to the town's historical ties and is a great spot for some reflective moments as you gaze out into the sea.

A small red lighthouse at the pier of Prigradica village in Korčula, Croatia

The picturesque pier with the characteristic red lighthouse in Prigradica

Nightlife in Prigradica

Nightlife in Prigradica is on the quieter side, focusing more on intimate gatherings at local bars where you can sip on cocktails and wine while listening to the gentle waves.

In the heart of Prigradica, you can find charming taverns and bars that serve local wine and craft beers. Would you say no to a night with the locals listening to tales of the village's history? 

There are also some bars with terraces and balconies near the beach that offer stunning views and the perfect tranquil setting where you can enjoy your cocktail, listen to light music, and watch the sunset. 

Occasionally, local venues might host traditional Croatian music nights with live performances of Dalmatian songs and dances.

Tip: with minimal light pollution, Prigradica is an excellent place for star gazing. Post dinner, find a quiet spot on the beach or a terrace, lay back, and watch the starry skies.

Food in Prigradica

The village of Prigradica is a delight for seafood lovers. Fresh catches from the Adriatic, paired with local ingredients, make for delectable dishes that resonate with Mediterranean flavors.

Some of the must-try recipes and delicacies to eat in Prigradica are:

  • pijana hobotnica (octopus cooked in white wine and seasoned with olive oil)
  • kupus na tabak (vegetable dish with cabbage)
  • amareta (a traditional dessert made of whipped egg whites, sugar, almonds and lemon/orange zest)
  • klašuni (small cookies with a buttery dough and a nut-based filling)
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • local wine 

The traditional octopus dish with herbs and potatoes, pijana hobotnica

The traditional dish of pijana hobotnica with fresh octopus, herbs and potatoes

Useful information for Prigradica

Prigradica, being a coastal village on the island of Korčula in Croatia offers a lot of options for accommodations. From backpacker-friendly apartments and B&Bs (bed and breakfasts) to hotels and charming villas, there's something for every budget.

For medical emergencies or health needs, you can find some about 4 km near Prigradica, in the area of Blato, while there are hospitals and health centers in the main towns of Vela Luka and Blato. If you are looking for an ATM, there are many spread across the island.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Prigradica

Take a look at some phone numbers that may prove handy during your stay in Prigradica:

  • Korčula port authority: +38520711178
  • Korčula police station: +38520444333
  • Tourist information center (Blato): +385020851729
  • Local medical center (Blato): +385020851038
  • European emergency number: 112

Remember to always check and verify phone numbers from an official source or website before traveling, as they can change over time. It's always a good idea to have these numbers saved in your phone or written down somewhere accessible in case of emergency. 

Transportation in Prigradica

The village of Prigradica is walkable and you can easily stroll around its alleys. However, if you want to explore the area and the nearby villages you can rent a car or a bike. Alternatively, you can take a bus or a taxi to go to Vela Luka, Blato or to reach the city of Korčula which is about 12 km away,

The island of Korčula also offers local bus services connecting Prigradica with other cities and villages.

Ports in Prigradica

Prigradica has a small ferry port primarily used for local boats and fishing vessels that is located 12 km from Korčula city. Ferry routes to and from Prigradica are currently operated by 1 ferry companyKapetan Luka - Krilo.

It operates seasonally and during the high season, there are usually 3 daily ferry crossings. The duration of the ferry trips is between 40 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the route. 

Tip: cars are not allowed on the ferries to Prigradica. However, you can take your bicycle on board. 

Anchored boats at the small port of Prigradica village in Korčula, Croatia

Boats resting at the quaint port of Prigradica village in Korčula

Prigradica ferry: schedules and tickets

The port of Prigradica is connected directly to other Croatian ports such as Split and Hvar thanks to the ferry connections operated by Kapetan Luka - Krilo. Here are the detailed ferry schedules to Prigradica:

  • Korčula - Prigradica ferry: the ferry crossing from the port of Prigradica to the port of Korčula town is operated seasonally from June to the end of September with 1 daily crossing. The route takes about 40 minutes and the ferry ticket costs about €5.  
  • Split - Prigradica ferry: the route to Prigradica from Split runs from late June to late September with 1 daily crossing. The ferry trip is operated by Kapetan Luka - Krilo’s high-speed catamarans and it lasts approximately 2 hours to reach the island of Korčula. Split - Prigradica ferry tickets start at around €10.
  • Hvar - Prigradica ferry: the ferry connections from Hvar to Prigradica are operated by Kapetan Luka - Krilo from early June to late September with 1 daily crossing. The ferry duration is around 50 minutes, with standard tickets costing around €8.                                 

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Prigradica ferry timetable

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Frequent ferry connections

Prigradica has direct ferry connections to 3 ports :