Ferry schedules for the Greek islands in 2021

Ferry schedules for the Greek islands in 2021

What to expect for Greek ferries in 2021

Are you searching for the latest ferry schedules for 2021 in Greece? Several ferry companies have announced their new ferry routes so that passengers can organize their ferry trip to the Greek islands in 2021, safely and in time. Ferryhopper always has real-time information in its search engine so that it is easily accessible to everyone.

Note: The situation due to COVID-19 remains fluid and many of the itineraries are expected to be validated by the end of the year. We are updating this article every week so that you can find the latest information for the Greek ferries in 2021.

Which are the expected ferry schedules for the Greek islands in 2021?

Most probably, the busiest ferry routes to Greek islands will continue for 2021. Many of them have already been announced by big ferry companies such as Blue Star Ferries and Seajets. 

Athens - Cyclades

Some of the most famous islands of Greece are located in the Cyclades. You can take the ferry from Piraeus and travel to Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, and Milos for less than 60 €. The frequency of the routes is not expected to decrease, as there will be many daily departures both from Piraeus and Rafina. There are also expected to be intra-Cycladic crossings throughout the year. However, we recommended to book your ferry tickets as early as possible, to avoid unavailability.

Piraeus - Crete 

The ferry route that will operate in 2021 is the one from Piraeus to the ports of Crete: Heraklion and Chania. Ferry companies such as ANEK - Superfast or Minoan Lines that usually serve the Piraeus - Crete lines, even though they have not yet officially announced the 2021 itineraries, are expected to maintain both the frequency and the prices. The nighttime departures are expected to continue, but you can book a cabin for a more comfortable journey.

Piraeus - Dodecanese 

The existence of ferry crossings from Piraeus to the Dodecanese is also considered certain, especially for the islands of Rhodes and Kos. Ferries depart from Piraeus with frequent itineraries per week, while usually, the price of a single ticket is around 20-30 €. Due to the long journey, the ferries are equipped with amenities such as cabins and air seats to provide a more convenient voyage.

Piraeus - Northeast Aegean Islands 

Lesvos, Chios and Samos are among the largest islands in the Aegean with big numbers of permanent residents and tourists. These islands are quite busy due to universities and holiday options, so ferry routes from Piraeus are sure to continue for 2021. Usually, ferry departures are scheduled several times a week, mainly at night, while prices depend on the company and the ticket type you choose.

Piraeus - Saronic Islands

The Saronic islands are first on the list of residents and visitors of Athens for quick excursions. We expect the ferry lines from Piraeus to Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Spetses and Hydra to keep on in 2021 both in terms of duration - high-speed fleets - and the frequency -daily departures-.

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Enjoy the Greek sun and sea in 2021.

Volos - Sporades

The Sporades are one of the most famous destinations in Northern Greece and Volos is the main gateway to them. It is possible that the ferry company Anes Ferries, which mainly serves these ferry lines, will continue to offer its services for 2021 without any particular changes, but nothing is announced yet.

Patras / Igoumenitsa - Ionian Islands

The best way to reach the Ionian islands is to take a ferry from the ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa. In 2021, there will continue to be ferry services to the major Ionian islands such as Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos with frequent departures and affordable prices.

How to book ferry tickets for Greek islands in 2021?

The above forecasts are based on data from previous years and taking into consideration the current COVID-19 situation. Therefore, it is not unlikely that some changes will occur in the ferry schedules for 2021. Ferryhopper is committed to keeping you up to date with all the latest developments and news so that you can organize your trip to Greek destinations and book your ferry tickets easily.