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Traveling from Athens (port of Rafina) to Tinos by ferry

There are lots of ferries departing every day from Athens to Tinos. During the low season you can find at least three departures every day, and during the high season you can find more than ten options of departure. Due to the high number of ferries per day, you are able to plan your trip in a very flexible way considering its various options. During summer, the departures times variates from 7:00, 8:00, 14:15, 15:15, 16:00 and the last one around 17:00, but during the winter the departures times are a little bit more limited, you have ferries around 7:00 or around 17:30. The trip can last from 1.40 to 5.10 hours, it depends on the type of the ferry, and by which company operates at the route. The price of the standard tickets are usually quite affordable, they can go from € 20 to € 50. More than seven different types of ferries companies operate at this trip, like Blue Star Ferries, Golden Star Ferries, SeaJets, Fast Ferries, and others. You can find ferries going to Tinos departing both from the Port of Piraeus or Port of Rafina, although the number of ferries that depart from the Port of Rafina is higher.

Ferry schedules from Athens (port of Rafina) to Tinos*

What is the trip duration from Athens to Tinos? 

Tinos is 118 km far from Athens (Port of Rafina). The ferry trips can take from 1.40 to 5.10 hours, depending on whether is a high-speed ferry or a standard ferry. You can see more about high-speed ferries at this page. 

From which port should I depart from Athens?

For this route, although there are ferries departing both from the Port of Piraeus and the Port of Rafina, there are more options of ferries doing per day this journey from the Port of Rafina. If by one side you can find around two different options of departures by the Port of Piraeus, at the Port of Rafina you can find more than ten options of ferry departures every day, with so many more options available, you can plan your trip in the most flexible way possible, and enjoy it even better. Also, you must keep it on mind that the port of Piraeus gets really crowded during high season as lots of arrivals and departures happen there all the time.

What are high-speed ferries? 

Some of the ferries that travel this route between Athens and Tinos are high-speed ferries, that means that they are faster and that they take less time to arrive at the destination than the other types of ferries. If by one hand a standard ferry do this trip from Athens to Tinos in 5 hours, there are some high-speed ferries that can do this same route in 1.40 hours, like the ones from the SeaJet company. And even if they are high-speed ferries, some of them you can still take your vehicle with you because they have garages. Sailing in a high-speed ferry can be a really exciting and interesting. 

Island-Hopping around Tinos

Tinos is directly connected to Mykonos (just a 30m sail) and Andros with several daily ferries during the whole year. Travelers that want to combine Tinos with island-hopping in the rest of Cyclades, can go from Tinos to Paros and Naxos with several ferries per day (this route exists only in high-season). Once you step your feet on these islands plenty of options arise to continue your adventure there. 
Another idea to enrich your vacation would be to follow the route from Tinos to Santorini and Crete, which is also served by daily schedules during summer.

Daily ferries from Athens (port of Rafina) to Tinos