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Every year, millions of passengers take a ferry from the port of Athens and travel to the beautiful Islands of the Aegean. But which are the ports of Athens and how can you choose the best option for you? On Ferryhoper you can find all ferry routes and compare ferry ticket prices from Athens to the Aegean Islands, as well as useful information about the ports of Athens in order to select the most suitable one as the starting point of your Greek holidays!

Which are the ports of Athens?

There are 3 ports close to the city of Athens: Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion that serve daily ferry routes to the Aegean Islands. Most ferries leave from the port of Piraeus; for some destinations, however, you should better choose one of the other two ports of Athens, Rafina or Lavrion.


The biggest port in Athens serves dozens of daily ferry routes to the Aegean Islands. The port of Piraeus has 12 gates and each one operates different ferry connections. The port is located 13 km from the city center and it can be quite busy during the summer. If you want to learn more about the port of Piraeus, check the respective Ferryhopper page.

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The port of Rafina is located 29 km east of the center of Athens, but it is the closest port to the Athens International Airport. It is the ideal starting point in case you are searching for ferry routes to Tinos, Mykonos or Andros! Find more information on Rafina here!


Even though the port of Lavrion is the most distant port in Athens (56 km southeast), it is recommended if you want to travel by ferry to Kea. View all ferry routes of Lavrion and plan your vacations in the Aegean!

To which islands can I travel from the ports of Athens?

The port of Athens from which most of the ferry connections to the Aegean islands are operated is Piraeus. However, depending on the destination you have chosen, one of the other two ports of Athens, Rafina or Lavrio may be better suited for you. 

Ferries from Piraeus

Piraeus is the port of Athens that serves most of the ferry routes to the Aegean islands. The port of Piraeus is connected to all islands of the Cyclades like Santorini, Paros, Naxos or Syros. Ferries from Athens to the Argosaronic Islands such as Spetses, Aegina or Hydra and the Dodecanese like Rhodes, Kos and Kalymnos are exclusively served by the port of Piraeus. Specifically, ferries to the Dodecanese usually depart from the E1 Gate, while ferries to the Argosaronic Islands depart from the E8 Gate.

On our "Ferry Routes" page you will find more information on the most popular ferry routes from Piraeus to the Aegean Islands to choose your next destination!

Ferries from Rafina

Rafina is the perfect starting point if you want to travel to the Northern Cyclades as the port serves the ferry connection of Rafina and the islands of Tinos, Mykonos and Andros with daily ferry departures! 

You can find more information about the itineraries and ferry ticket prices from Rafina to Tinos, from Rafina to Mykonos and from Rafina to Andros!

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Ferry routes from Lavrion

The port of Lavrion is the best choice for traveling to Kea and Kythnos. It is the closest port of Athens as the distance from the port of Lavrio to Kea is only 13 nautical miles while from Kythnos the port of Lavrio is approximately 25 nautical miles!

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Can't decide which port is right for you? Ferryhopper is here to help you choose which port of Athens is the perfect starting point for your summer vacation. On the Ferryhopper map of ferries, you will find all the ferry connections of Athenian ports to the Aegean islands! Choose your destination and compare all ferry timetables, duration and ferry ticket prices on the Ferryhopper platform!

How do I get to the ports of Athens?

The access to the ports of Athens is mainly served by taxis and buses, while the port of Piraeus can be reached by metro or suburban train.

How do I get to Piraeus?

  • From Athens: The easiest way to get to Piraeus is via Metro Line #1 (Green Line). The green line interconnects the other two metro lines, while it takes over 20 minutes to reach Piraeus from Monastiraki. One way tickets cost 1.40€. The port of Piraeus is served by many buses while the main lines are #040 (Syntagma - Piraeus) and #049 (Omonia - Piraeus). By taxi, the expected time to get to the center of Piraeus is about 35 minutes, while the cost of the journey is 20 € during the day and 25 € in the night
  • From the Airport: The easiest way to get to the port of Piraeus from the airport, is by train. Suburban railway departures take place every 30 minutes while the subway departs every 1 hour. In both cases, you will have to change to line #1 (green line) of the subway. Subway tickets from the airport cost 10 €. Additionally, the 24-hour bus X96 connects the airport with the port of Piraeus with departures approximately every 20-30 minutes. The journey takes about 2 hours and the tickets cost 6 €. By taxi, the transfer from the airport takes about 45 minutes and the fare costs 49 € during the day and 65 € during the night.

Tip: If you choose to go to the port of Piraeus by car, keep in mind that you can meet traffic. Moreover, you can book a parking spot at the port of Piraeus through Ferryhopper!

How do I get to Rafina?

  • From Athens: The buses to the port of Rafina depart by Pedion Areos usually every hour. The journey takes about 70 minutes but in case of traffic, it can take up to 2 hours so we recommend that you leave as early as possible. Bus tickets cost around 3 €. By taxi, the journey takes approximately 70 minutes from Omonoia or Syntagma and costs 50€ during the day and 65€ at night.
  • From the Airport: The bus departs from the arrivals level every 1 hour, the journey takes about 30 minutes and tickets cost 4 €. By taxi, the journey takes about 20 minutes and costs 35 € during the day and 50 € at night. 

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How do I get to Lavrion?

  • From Athens: A taxi ride from Omonia or Syntagma to Lavrio takes about 90 minutes and costs around 65 € during the day and 80 € at night. The center of Athens is connected to Lavrio with regular buses that leave from Pedion Areos. The journey can take up to 3 hours and tickets cost  5-6 €.
  • From the Airport: It usually takes about 30 minutes to reach the port of Lavrio by taxi from the airport and the cost ranges from 50€ during the day and 70€ at night. Buses depart from Lavrio Airport (via Markopoulos) usually every hour. The ticket price is 4-5 € and the duration of the route (due to the necessary stop in Markopoulo) is about 2 hours.

Where to book ferry tickets for the ports of Athens?

Find all ferry routes from all the three ports of Athens on Ferryhopper! Check our platform, compare prices and ferry itineraries and book online cheap ferry tickets to the Greek Islands from Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion. 

Athens has direct ferry connections with 113 ports:

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