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Andros is the second-largest island, located very close to the mainland. It is full of stunning beaches, green landscapes and picturesque villages. On this Ferryhopper page, you will find information about holidays in Andros, its beaches, sights and food. Check all ferry routes and book online ferry tickets in just 4 clicks!

Vacation in Andros

This island is very different from the rest in the Cyclades. It’s famous for its mountain-like terrain, its many springs and lush vegetation. Andros preserves its traditional features as you can find many old buildings, stone bridges and watermills. The island is quite popular to families and couples, due to the variety of options and activities, as well as its laid-back character.

sunset in Andros

Magical sunset over Andros

How to get to Andros

Traveling by ferry to Andros is quite simple as there are crossings from all 3 ports of Athens (Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrion) all year long. In addition, you can easily reach Andros even if you are already on one of the neighboring islands like Tinos or Syros. You can find more details on how to get to Andros by ferry in the section below!

What to do in Andros

During your stay in Andros, you will have the opportunity to visit amazing beaches and natural landscapes where you will get lost in the lush vegetation. Andros is also ideal for water sports and hiking, as there are over 100 km of hiking trails to follow and explore every corner. Nights are also vivid there, since you can find many places for drinks or delicious, traditional Greek food. 

Beaches in Andros

Andros has beaches for all tastes and styles! Either with sand or pebbles, their trademark is always the crystal-clear blue waters. On the island, there are many beaches with amenities like umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars or even water sports facilities. On the other hand, you can also find more secluded and calm beaches, away from the big crowds. 

Specifically, in the western part of the island, we suggest:

  • Agios Petros: It is the largest beach of the island with sand and crystal-clear waters. It has amenities like umbrellas, tavernas and a beach bar.
  • Apothikes (“warehouses”): A little bay with sand and turquoise waters. There are a few umbrellas and a beach bar.
  • Xrisi Ammos (“golden sand”): It is considered the most cosmopolitan and popular beach of the island. There are umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, as well as a big beach bar with loud party music.
  • Fellos: This is a large, sandy beach with emerald waters. The trees near the shore offer their shade to the visitors.
  • Kipri: Ideal for water sports lovers as there are facilities for windsurfing, stand-up paddling and canoeing.  
  • Piso Limnionas: Large, quiet beach with pebbles and crystal-clear, cool waters. Many visitors choose it for seclusion and tranquility.
  • Chalkolimnionas: Families prefer this beach as it’s sandy, with shallow waters and amenities like umbrellas and sunbeds. There is also a beach bar close by.

On the east side of the island, you will also find magical beaches, even though they can be windy. We recommend:

  • Vitali: Known as one of the most beautiful beaches of Andros. It has sand, pebbles and crystal-clear waters, as well as rocks that offer some shade. There are sunbeds and a taverna.
  • Zorkos: It’s a large beach with golden sand and clear blue waters. It also has a taverna that is open during the summer months.
  • Achla: Probably the most beautiful beach on the island. Small white pebbles, fine sand, turquoise waters and big trees compose a dreamy setting. Access is difficult and is done by dirt road or by boat.
  • Tis Grias To Pidima: Beach with sand, fine pebbles and crystal-clear waters. Its trademark is the large rock that springs through its waters.
  • Neimporio: This is the beach of Chora, with sand and shallow waters. It has amenities, cafés and tavernas. The Andros Nautical Club is also located here.
  • Ateni: Actually, these are 2 beaches. The smaller one is more popular, as it is protected from the wind. The large one has sunbeds, a canteen and is ideal for surfing.
  • Syneti: An idyllic beach of Andros with pebbles, deep waters and sea caves. Keep in mind that it may have big waves as it is exposed to north winds. 

Tis Grias To Pidima beach

The famous "TIs Grias To Pidima" beach in Andros

Sightseeing and activities in Andros

Andros is one of the historic islands that is inhabited continuously since ancient times. People of the past have left indelible marks on the island, as it’s full of sights and museums worth visiting. You can also discover the rare natural beauty of Andros by walking on its trails: unique green landscapes, rivers and small waterfalls are waiting for you. Some of Ferryhopper’s favorite sights in Andros are:

  • Archaeological Museum of Andros
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Andros
  • Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis
  • Andros castle
  • Tourlitis lighthouse
  • Pithara
  • Foros cave
  • Sazira spring
  • Agios Petros castle
  • Panagia Faneromeni monastery
  • Panachrantou monastery
  • The archaeological site of Zagora
  • Ancient Ypsili
  • Strophilas

Nightlife in Andros

Andros is an island that attracts many visitors and offers many options for nightlife and entertainment. In Chora, there are many cafes, bars and kafeneia where you can enjoy your drink or food, usually listening to live music. It also has an open-area cinema that is ideal to catch a movie beforehand. Mpatsi is the most cosmopolitan settlement of Andros that also has many lounge bars with a chill atmosphere and refreshing cocktails. In case you are looking for a more traditional way of having fun, some villages like Paleopolis and Gavrio host local festivities with traditional Greek music. 

Food in Andros

The fertile soil of Andros is suitable for the production of many local goods. The island is known for its citrus fruits, figs and pomegranates, as well as excellent quality liqueurs, sausages and louza (cured pork). Andros is also famous for its spoon sweets and macaroons. The traditional recipe of the island is froutalia, an omelet with potatoes and original Andros sausages. Definitely try the perfect kid in the "Kossis" taverna!

stone monument in Andros

Stone monument near the Tourlitis lighthouse of Andros

Villages in Andros

Andros is also known for its graphic and cozy villages. From the cosmopolitan Batsi to the picturesque Korthi, and from Chora to the green Mainites, the villages of Andros show a rare diversity and charm. In case you have a few days for holidays on the island, it is worth visiting them either by car or following the numerous paths of the island. Our most favorite villages in Andros are:

  • Chora
  • Korthi
  • Menites
  • Mpatsi
  • Gavrio
  • Arni
  • Gides
  • Aladino
  • Paleopolis

Useful information for Andros

The island is a top-rated destination and travelers from all over the world visit it. It is also an ideal getaway for Athens locals, as it is located very close to the city. Chora is the capital of the island and has many amenities and comforts such as supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies and ATMs. Andros Health Center is also located in Chora, near the beach. These facilities and services are also available in other big settlements of the island like Mpatsi and Gavrio. 

In terms of accommodation, there are many hotels and rooms all over the island to choose from. A camping site is also located near Gavrio.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Andros

  • Here are some useful contacts for Andros:
  • Port Authority of Gavrio: +302282071561
  • Andros Health Center: +302282360001
  • Gavrio Police: +302282071120
  • Andros citizen services (KEP): +302282360220
  • Tinos intercity buses (KTEL): +302282022316

Transportation in Andros

Andros has an intercity bus network that connects most villages and beaches. In case you want to explore the most isolated parts of the island, we suggest that you bring your own vehicle or rent one. Taxi services are also available. 

Ports in Andros

Even though Chora is the capital of Andros, its main port is located in Gavrio. Gavrio is almost 30km west of Chora. Near the port, there are many stores, cafes, rooms to let, as well as a health center. 

the Mpatsi village of Andros

Mpatsi, one of the most popular settlements of Andros

Island hopping from Andros

Andros is connected by ferry to many islands of the Cyclades. The frequent direct ferry services from Andros to the neighboring islands, as well as its geographical location, make it an ideal starting point for island hopping in the Aegean. More specifically, Andros is connected to:

  • Tinos
  • Syros
  • Mykonos
  • Paros
  • Naxos
  • Santorini
  • Kea (Tzia)
  • Kythnos

On the Ferryhopper Map of Ferries, you will find all ferry routes and island hopping combinations of Andros. Plan now your next summer vacation in the Cyclades in a few steps!

Andros ferry: schedules and tickets

Andros is one of the islands of the Cyclades that are quite close to mainland Greece and is connected by regular ferry services to all ports of Attica. The ferry connections from Athens to Andros are as follows:

  • The fastest way to reach Andros by ferry is from the port of Rafina. There are frequent itineraries and the duration of the trip Rafina - Andros is only 2 hours
  • From the port of Piraeus to Andros there is 1 daily ferry service. The journey takes close to 6.5 hours.
  • There is 1 weekly departure from the port of Lavrion. The duration of the route is around 7.5 hours

Tip: Most ferry companies serving the Athens - Andros connection have vessels with garages for transporting vehicles. We suggest you take your car or a motorcycle with you to explore every corner of Andros!

Where to book ferry tickets online to Andros

Andros is a unique destination that is worth a visit. Find on Ferryhopper all available ferry routes to the islands along with their respective schedules. Compare prices and book ferry tickets to Andros at no extra cost! For any assistance with your booking or trip, you can contact our customer support team.

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