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The island of Andros is well connected to Athens with daily ferries from the ports of Rafina and Piraeus. Rafina is the most convenient as it is just a two-hour long journey from Rafina to Andros. The ferry schedules are quite frequent (especially during summer) and the tickets are usually quite affordable. Andros is also directly connected to Mykonos, Tinos, Syros, Kea (Tzia) and Kythnos. Moreover, there are ferries from Andros to Paros and Naxos, for travellers that want to combine Andros with island-hopping in the rest of Cyclades.

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Travel correspondence from a ferrryhopper in Andros...

Andros is the secret beauty of the Aegean sea. The mythology of the Greek islands says that....

“The further away the island is, the better and prettier it is, the more paradisiac!”.

Andros is the island that confirms that the above idea is really a myth. Because of its proximity to Athens, Andros is easily overlooked as a touristic destination. As a result, it remains pure, original, and calm. If you go to Andros you are a traveler, not a tourist, and you will enjoy its beauties with the locals. Andros has some of the most diverse, clean, and calm beaches in the Aegean sea. It is the island that one discovers again and again, as it is quite large, and it has green mountains and waterfalls in the winter. Its long sandy and rocky beaches in the summer are wonderful to look at and the waters are clean to dive in.

Its three main hearts are Gavrio, Chora, and Korthi. Each place has its own particular character and its possible to visit all three areas during a long weekend. Andros has an trekking club organising exciting Hiking Projects on the mountains where one finds its rich history, from ancient ruins to modern abandoned ruined factories. Finally, the food is... delicious as usual in Greece.

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Andros has direct ferry connections with 19 ports:

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