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In just 2 hours by ferry from Athens, you can get to the picturesque island of Andros: an ideal weekend getaway, in a beautiful and wild Cycladic landscape. Book your ferry tickets to Andros on Ferryhopper and find useful information for the island, ferry schedules, island-hopping options, best beaches and what to do there. 

How to get to Andros

The easiest way to get to Andros is by ferry from the port of Rafina in Athens, which serves daily ferry crossings throughout the year. The ferry trip duration from Rafina to Andros is 2 hours with a conventional ferry and 1hour with a high-speed vessel. During high season there are also regular ferry routes from the port of Piraeus and the port of Lavrion in Athens. The close distance of Andros to Athens makes it a great option for a weekend trip or for a short escape from the city for the whole year, while ferry tickets are also quite cheap. 

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Ferry schedules and ferry tickets to Andros

The port of Andros is Gavrio, located on the northwest side of the island, 32 km away (50 min drive) from the Chora of Andros. There are frequent ferry connections from the ports of Athens to Andros throughout the year as well as ferry crossings from Andros to the nearby Cycladic islands. 

  1. The most convenient ferry route from Athens to Andros is from the port of Rafina, on the east coast of the city. This is also the best departure port option if you are arriving to the Athens International Airport. The Rafina - Andros ferry connection is active all-year-round, with 1-2 ferries per day during the winter and at least 6 daily ferries during the summer. The duration of the ferry trip is rather short, ranging from 1 to 2 hours depending on the ferry type. 
  2. There are also regular ferries traveling from the port of Piraeus to Andros, which might be a better option for travelers who are based in the center of Athens or arrive at the city by bus or train from the mainland. The Piraeus-Andros ferry route is mostly active in the summer season with a daily ferry crossing that lasts approximately 6 hours
  3. In the summer months, there is often the option to travel by ferry to Andros from the port of Lavrion, located on the southeast coast of Athens. The Lavrio-Andros ferry crossing operates once a week and the duration of the ferry trip is around 7,5 hours

Tip: Most of the ferry companies that serve the Athens - Andros ferry connection offer a garage for vehicle transfer, while some of the companies also offer the option for an e-ticket

Island-hopping around Andros

Andros is a great destination for island-hopping in the Cyclades, due to its key location on the northwest tip of the island complex as well as due to the good ferry connections with nearby islands. From the port of Andros, you can travel in just 1-1,5hours to Tinos and Mykonos, in 2-2,5 hours to Paros, in 3 hours to Naxos and Syros. There are also direct ferry connections from Andros to Kythnos, Kea (Tzia) as well as indirect ferry routes from Andros to Santorini and Heraklion in Crete via the port of Mykonos. 

Check the Ferryhopper Map of Ferries for all the available ferry connections from/to the port of Gavrion in Andros, and book the best island-hopping experience in the Greek islands for you!

What to do in Andros?

Andros is a Cycladic island with a special character and wild beauty. Famous for its springs and rich nature and just 2 hours away from Athens, Andros offers a great all-year-round holiday destination. 

You will enjoy walking around the main town of Andros, Chora, with its traditional architecture and impressive views of the sea. Make sure that you pay a visit to the famous spot of the Unknown Sailor: a sculpture made in honor of the island's naval tradition. 

Beaches in Andros

Andros has many beaches across its long coastline that combine sand, rocks or pebbles with crystal clear and blue waters. Many of the beaches are organized while there are also more secluded options for a quiet and romantic time by the sea. The best beaches of Andros are: 

  1. Tis Grias to Pidima
  2. Ateni
  3. Zorkos
  4. Fellos
  5. Nemporio
  6. Vitali
  7. Apothikes
  8. Achla
  9. Pirgos
  10. Chrisi Ammos
  11. Agios Petros
  12. Batsi
  13. Kypri
  14. Paraporti
  15. Chalkolimnionas

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Sightseeing in Andros

The island of Andros has been inhabited since ancient times and the activity of its inhabitants has left evident marks on the island, in various sights and museums. The rare natural beauty with lush landscapes, rivers, and waterfalls, is unique in the Cyclades, so make sure that you explore the island through the various hiking routes available! Points of interest on the island are:

  1. Cave of Aladino
  2. Castle of Andros
  3. Pythara waterfalls
  4. Sariza spring
  5. Agios Petros Tower
  6. The Castle of Faneromeni
  7. The archaeological site of Zagora
  8. The ancient city of Paleopolis
  9. Tourlitis Lighthouse
  10. The neolithic settlement of Strofilas
  11. The archaeological museum of Andros
  12. Panachrantou Monastery
  13. Zoodochou Pigis Monastery
  14. Museum of Contemporary Art
  15. Andros Maritime Museum

Villages in Andros

Andros is also known for its beautiful villages: from cosmopolitan Batsi to picturesque Korthi and from the capital Chora to the lush area of Andinos, the settlements of Andros are of rare diversity and beauty. If you have some days to spend in Andros we recommend that you visit as many as you can either by car or on the numerous island trails. 

  1. Chora
  2. Korthi
  3. Menites
  4. Batsi 
  5. Gavrio
  6. Arni 
  7. Gides
  8. Aladino
  9. Paleopoli

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Food in Andros

Andros has fertile soil and its famous for the premium ingredients it produces such as citrus fruits, figs, pomegranates, as well as processed products such as liqueurs, sausages, and delicious spoon sweets, and almonds. The traditional recipe of Andros is froutalia, which is an omelet with potatoes and local sausages.

Useful information for your trip to Andros

Andros is the second-largest island of the Cyclades so we recommend that you bring your own vehicle or you rent one during your stay in order to explore the island to the most. Andros has a good bus network, that serves routes from the port to Chora, Batsi, and Korthi, all-year-round. Here are some useful phone numbers for your holidays in Andros:

  1. Port Authority Andros (Gavrio): +30 2282071561
  2. Health Centre Andros: +30 2282360001
  3. Police station (Gavrio): +30 2282071120
  4. Citizens Services: +30 2282360221
  5. Bus services Andros: +30 2282022316

Where to book ferry tickets to Andros

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Andros has direct ferry connections with 19 ports:

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