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Morocco is a dream destination for travelers in the north of Africa. You can easily travel from and to Morocco by ferry and specifically the ports of Nador, Tangier, and Al Hoceima. The ports of Morocco serve ferry connections to Spain, France, and Italy. On this page, you can find all useful information and tips about the ferry trip to Morocco, as well as about the ferry connections and ports of departure and arrival. 

Are you ready to explore the colorful and sunny Morocco? The country's impressive cultural heritage and history are evident everywhere: in the colorful city streets, buildings, decoration and, of course, the palaces, museums, mosques, and archaeological sites. It's a beautiful destination connecting the Mediterranean sea with the North Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara desert.

Ferry routes and ferry tickets from Morocco

Morocco is located in the northwest part of Africa and its key position in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea makes it an ideal point of connection between Europe and Africa. You can easily travel by ferry from the north of Morocco to the ports of Andalusia and Barcelona in Spain, as well as to the south of France and northern Italy. The ferry companies that usually operate at the ports of Morocco are Trasmediterranea, Naviera Armas, Balearia, FRS, AML, Intershipping, GNV and Grimaldi Lines.  

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Traveling by caravan along the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

Ports of Morocco

The ports of Morocco that serve ferry connections with European destinations are: 

  • Nador
  • Al Hoceima 
  • Tangier

Ferry from Nador

The port of Nador is located on the northeast coast of Morocco, south of the Spanish autonomous city of Melilla and 100 km from the country’s borders with Algeria. From Nador, you can easily travel by ferry to the south coast of Spain and the ports of Almeria and Motril as well as the port of Barcelona. The Nador - Almeria, and Nador - Motril ferry connections are the quickest and most frequent options to get to the Iberian peninsula from Nador and the ferry trip lasts approximately 6 hours. The ferry itinerary from Nador to Barcelona operates twice a week and it lasts around 27h 30min. Once a week there is also a ferry that connects the port of Nador with Sète in the south coast of France in about 40 hours.

Tip: Traveling by ferry from the port of Nador to Spain or France is an excellent option to transfer your vehicle and drive around the impressive landscapes of Andalusia, Catalonia or the French Riviera. 

Sunset in the port of Nador, Morocco - lagoon - Mar Chica - ferry routes Spain, France

Sunset at Mar Chica, the lagoon at the port of Nador.

Ferry from Al Hoceima

The port of Al Hoceima is located on the north coast of Morocco, 126 km west of Nador. Al Hoceima is a beautiful seaside resort town and a popular tourist destination. Its proximity with the south of Spain makes it a great gateway from Morocco to Andalusia. The main ferry connection from the port of Al Hoceima is to the port of Motril close to Granada and Málaga. The Al Hoceima-Motril ferry route runs 2-3 times a week and the ferry trip duration is around 5 hours.

Beach in Al Hoceima, Morocco, mountains, sea, port, ferry tickets to Motril

Beautiful sandy beach in Al Hoceima surrounded by rocky hills.

Ferry from Tangier

Tangier is one of the largest regions in the northwest Moroccan coast. The main port of Tangier is Tanger-Med, located 30 km west of the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta, and 50 km from the homonymous capital of Tangier. Here you can find an outline of some popular ferry routes from Tangier to the Mediterranean destinations: 

Ferry Tangier - Spain: There are frequent ferry connections from the port of Tanger-Med to the ports of Andalusia, such as Algeciras, Malaga, or Motril as well as to the port of Barcelona in Spain. The fastest way to travel from Tangier to Spain is from Tangier-Med to Algeciras, with a ferry trip duration of 1 hour. If you wish to go further east on the Spanish coast, you should consider the Tangier-Med to Malaga ferry connection that takes you to the heart of Andalusia in about 6 hours

Ferry Tangier- Gibraltar: There is 1 ferry per week serving the Tangier-Med to Gibraltar ferry route with a trip duration of 1h 30min. You also have the option of taking the ferry from Tangier to Algeciras and then drive or take the bus to Gibraltar, as the distance between the two ports is just 20km. 

Ferry Tangier - France: There is a ferry connection between Tanger-Med and the port of Sete on the south coast of France twice weekly. This ferry route is ideal if you want to transfer your own vehicle and drive through the Cote d’Azur - it’s definitely worth the 40 hours of the ferry trip! 

Ferry Tangier - Italy: The port of Tanger-Med regularly connects by ferry with two ports on the northwest coast of Italy: Genoa and Savona. The ferry trip can be from 51 to 57 hours, so we definitely propose that you book a bed cabin for a more comfortable journey. 

Tip: There's also the option to travel by ferry from the port of the capital of Tangier (or Tangier-Ville) to the port of Tarifa. The Tangier - Tarifa ferry connection is popular due to the short distance between the two ports: the ferry trip only takes 1h 15min

Find more details about ferry routes and schedules from the ports of Morocco on Ferryhopper!

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Early morning fishing at the wild coast of Tangier.

Vacation in Morocco

Morocco is a unique destination, a crossroads of cultures and traditions that you should definitely visit (at least) once in your lifetime! The capital of Morocco is Rabat, located on the west coast of the country, just 86 km north from the largest city of the country, the famous Casablanca. The country has a long coastline, stretching across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco’s beauties are endless: beautiful beaches, charming cities, impressive nature, a variety of landscapes, and a vibrant lifestyle will excite you from the moment get off the ferry. It is also an ideal destination for lovers of outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, climbing, trekking, mountain biking, and of course surfing! 

Cities in Morocco

Apart from the ports, the country has many charming cities and towns that will instantly fascinate you with their colors, ambiance, and lively character. Make sure that you walk around the Moroccan cities’ alleys and streets to experience the local vibe, try the amazing local food, visit the markets and buy herbs, tea, pottery, and clothes! Here are some of the most beautiful cities in Morocco: 

  • Casablanca: cosmopolitan city and commercial hub, the largest city of Morocco
  • Fes: the second-largest city in Morocco and its cultural capital
  • Marrakech: impressive medieval city with mosques and minarets
  • Meknes: the city feels like a huge monument itself and it has been declared as a UNESCO cultural heritage site
  • Chefchaouen: a colorful town located between the Rif Mountains in the north of the country
  • Asilah: a beautiful seaside town with a long history and heritage
  • Ifrane: escape into the Atlas Mountains, where the surrounding nature will amaze you
  • Essaouira: located on the west coast of Morocco, a favorite destination among surfers 
  • Merzouga: small town in the Sahara Desert, where you will enjoy the view of sand dunes and the colors of the horizon 
  • Ouarzazate: town with an incredible scenery, which has been used a shooting location for famous Holywood films such as Lawrence of Arabia (1962), The Gladiator (2000), as well as some Game of Thrones scenes! 

Tip: If you are traveling by ferry from or to the port of Tangier, you can catch the highspeed train that connects Tangier and Casablanca and explore the most of the Moroccan coastline! 

Colourful coastal town in Morocco, boats, palm trees, sea, ferry tickets

Blue boats ashore a pretty coastal town in Morocco.

Sightseeing in Morocco

Morocco has a rich history and an impressive cultural and archaeological heritage influenced by a mix of civilizations and cultures that have lived in the country. In every bit of the land, you will find sites of historical interest as well as signs of its cultural diversity. The Moroccan cities themselves are evidence of the history and traditions of the country, so make sure you walk around the lively streets, amongst city walls, century-old buildings, mosques, medinas, palaces, and gardens. Here are some of the most famous attractions in Morocco: 

  • Bahia Palace, Marrakesh
  • Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakesh
  • Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
  • Ouzoud Falls, Azilal
  • Hassan Tower, Rabat
  • Menara Gardens, Marrakesh
  • Bou Inania Madrasa, Fes
  • Chouara Tannery, Fes
  • Volubilis Roman city, Meknes
  • Jardin Majorelle, Marrakesh
  • Todra River and Gorge, Atlas Mountains
  • Toubkal national park, Atlas Mountains 

Tip: Morocco has a lively cultural life throughout the year, so before your visit make sure that you check whether there are any music festivals or museum exhibitions taking place!

Sunset in Tamnougalt, Morocco, mountains, palm tree forest, ancient city, holidays, ferry tickets

The village of Tamnougalt: impressive oasis in the Draa River valley in Morocco.

Beaches in Morocco

From long sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, the beaches of Morocco satisfy all tastes. Whether you're after calm blue waters or impressive waves, there is something to make your day! The large coastline of the country, extending from the north to the west, gives a great variety of beach options to choose from! Have a look at some of the most popular beaches in Morocco and enjoy the sun and the sea at the meeting point between Europe and Africa:

  • Legzira Beach, Sidi Ifni
  • La Source, Taghazout
  • Oualidia Lagoon, Marrakesh
  • Ain Diab, Casablanca
  • Ba Kacem Beach, Tangier
  • Quemado Beach, Al Hoceima
  • Essaouira Beach
  • Agadir Beach
  • Sidi Kaouki Beach

Sandy beach and waves in Morocco, surfing holidays, ferry tickets to Spain

Friendly waves at a sandy beach in Morocco.

Where to book ferry tickets to Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country and a favorite holiday destination for international travelers. Traveling by ferry from and to Morocco is now possible with just 4 clicks! On Ferryhopper's Map of Ferries, you can find all ferry connections from Morocco and ferry schedules from the ports of Tangier, Al Hoceima and Nador. Book now your ferry tickets from Morocco fast, easy and in the best prices!

Morocco has direct ferry connections with 15 ports:

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