Nador is a coastal city on the northeast side of Morocco, 15 km south of the Spanish autonomous city of Melilla. The port and city of Nador are located on the shore of the salt lake ‘Mar Chica’ or Bou Areg Lagoon which creates a landscape of unique beauty. The port of Nador is one of the main getaways to travel by ferry from Morocco to the south of Spain as well as France. On Ferryhopper you will find all the ferry routes from Nador, as well as ferry connections from Morocco to the Spanish peninsula and the coast of France and Italy. 

Ferry routes and ferry tickets from Nador

The port of Nador in Morocco has regular ferry connections to the ports of Andalusia, Almeria, and Motril, as well as Barcelona in the southeast Spanish coast. From Nador, you can also get a ferry to the southwest French coast, and the port of Sete close to Montpellier. The ferry companies that usually operate from the port of Nador are Balearia, Trasmediterranea, Naviera Armas and GNV.

On the Ferryhopper search engine, you will find all the ferry schedules from Nador to book the most convenient itinerary for you, at the best prices! Traveling by ferry in the Mediterranean destinations is now easier with Ferryhopper - on this page you will find more information about Nador as well as your departure by ferry from Morocco to Spanish and French ports. 

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Ferry from Nador to Spain

The port of Nador is well connected by ferry with the Iberian peninsula and specifically with the ports of Almería, Motril, and Barcelona. The quickest way to cross from Nador to Spain by ferry is the option of the Andalusian destinations. 

  • Ferry Nador - Almería: This route offers several ferry options that operate daily and weekly on this crossing. The average ferry trip duration from Nador to Almeria is 5 hours and 30 minutes
  • Ferry Nador - Motril: Nador is connected by ferry with Motril, the port close to Granada, 5 times a week. The duration of the Nador-Motril ferry trip is around 6 hours. 
  • Ferry Nador - Barcelona: The ferry connection between Nador in Morocco and Barcelona in Catalonia operates once a week and the ferry trip lasts around 29 hours. This is a great option if you want to transfer your vehicle by ferry and explore the beautiful Catalonia region or Costa del Sol.  

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Ferry from Nador to France

You can travel by ferry from Nador in Morocco to France, and the port of Sete. Sete is a small beautiful port, 30 km south of the cosmopolitan city of Montpellier in France. There is a frequent train connection between Gare de Sète and Gare de Montpellier Saint-Roch, which takes approximately 27 minutes. The ferry trip duration from Nador to Sete lasts around 37 hours. We recommend that you book a bed cabin for a more comfortable ferry trip! If you want to transfer your vehicle from Morocco to France and drive around the impressive Cote d’Azur, this is definitely a great option for you.

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What to do in Nador

Nador is a beautiful city in the north of the Moroccan coast, that combines tradition with modern elements. Around the city, you will find some great beaches to swim and sunbathe while the nature in the area is very unique, with cliffs and bays overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Make sure that you walk around the city of Nador, and explore its smallest corners, drink the delicious mint tea, buy some herbs and local delicacies that you can find in the city markets. Here are some interesting sites to visit when in Nador:

  1. The mountain and forest of Gourougou
  2. The Mosque of Mohammed V
  3. The beautiful coastal village of Beni Ansar
  4.  The headland of Cape Three Forks (Cape Tres Forcas)

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Beaches in Nador

Nador has some very beautiful beaches that you should definitely visit and enjoy the sun, sea and great weather! Nador is a great destination for holidays throughout the year! Here are some of the nicest beaches in the area: 

  1. Charrana Beach
  2. Plage d'El Kallat
  3. Plage Cap de l´eau
  4. Mar Chica

Tip: From the city and port of Nador you can easily reach the Spanish autonomous city of Melilla, just 2km in the north. Apart from a beautiful city with breathtaking views of the sea, Melilla is a great option if you want to do some tax-free shopping! From Melilla, you can also take a ferry to the ports of Andalusia: Malaga, Almeria, and Motril. Have a look at our dedicated pages and find more information about the autonomous Spanish cities of Melilla and Ceuta in the north of Africa and plan your trip in the best possible way!

How to book your ferry tickets from Nador

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Nador has direct ferry connections with 5 ports:

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