Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima


Al Hoceima is a city in the north Moroccan coast, and due to its close distance to Spain, it has become a popular tourist destination for Spanish and international travelers.  The city of Al Hoceima is small, easy to wander around and enjoy its Moroccan and Spanish influence in architecture and style. The coastline of Al Hoceima is impressive with stunning views of the Mediterranean and beautiful beaches. On Ferryhopper you can find all the available ferry schedules from and to Al Hoceima and start planning your holidays to Morocco

Ferry routes and ferry tickets from Al Hoceima

The port of Al Hoceima in Morocco is an excellent choice if you want to hop from the south of Spain to the Moroccan coast and back! Al Hoceima or Alhucemas (as it is called in Spanish) connects by ferry to the port of Motril in Andalusia. On our search engine, you will find all ferry itineraries from Al Hoceima and all ferry ticket prices to book your desired ferry trip!

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Ferry from Al Hoceima to Motril

The Al Hoceima - Motril is a regular ferry route that connects the Moroccan coast of Africa with Andalusia. The port of Motril is located east of Malaga so as soon as you arrive in the city you find yourself into the beautiful landscapes of Andalusia. The ferry connection between Al Hoceima and Motril runs approximately 2-3 times per week and it is usually operated by ferries of the company Naviera Armas. 

The ferry trip from Al Hoceima in Morocco to Motril lasts around 5 hours and it’s a great option if you want to transfer your vehicle with you and explore other cities of Andalusia like Granada, Malaga or Almeria. On Ferryhopper you will find all ferry ticket types and prices as well as all the ferry schedules to plan your ferry trip in the most convenient way for you!

What to do in Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima is a small treasure in the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, an ideal destination for relaxing holidays in a beautiful seaside resort town. The city of Al Hoceima will also charm you with its history, the old, well-preserved, buildings, the white and blue houses while in the neighborhood of Mirador you will admire some of the most impressive views of the area. Beyond the cultural interest of the city and the port of Al Hoceima, you should definitely explore the outskirts of the city, the beaches and the natural beauty of the area. Visit the Al Hoceima national park, enjoy the Moroccan sun in some of the most beautiful beaches of Al Hoceima and explore the local sightseeing. Here are some suggestions from the Ferryhopper team: 

  1. The central square Plaza Mohamed VI, with direct access to the Mediterranean sea
  2. The long sandy beach of Playa del Quemado
  3. Hiking or Mountain biking in the Al Hoceima National Park
  4. The pebble beach of Cala Bonita located in the east of the town

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Tip: Fishing is one of the primary activities in Al Hoceima, so make sure that you taste some fresh fish during your stay in the city.

How to book ferry tickets from Al Hoceima

Traveling by ferry from Al Hoceima in Morocco to the south coast of Spain and the port of Motril is now easier with Ferryhopper! Check our updated map of ferries, find all ferry connections from Morocco and Al Hoceima and book your Mediterranean ferry crossing at the best prices! In just a few clicks you can experience two different countries, cultures and landscapes.

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