Ferry From Spain to Morocco [Itineraries and Information]

Ferry From Spain to Morocco [Itineraries and Information]

Find all information for ferries from Spain to Morocco

Morocco is a very popular & exotic destination for vacations. Ferryhopper is here to give you an overview of the ferry routes connecting Spain with Morocco, and the two Spanish enclaves in Africa, as well as useful information to get prepared for your ferry trip to Morocco. On Ferryhopper you may find all Spain - Morocco ferry routes, compare prices, timetables & vessels and book ferry tickets online, with no hidden fees!

The town of Tangier, colorful buildings, terraces, port

A sunny day above colorful Tangier in Morocco. 

Ferry from Algeciras to Tanger Med

The most popular ferry route from Spain to Morocco is the one executed between the ports of Algeciras and Tanger Med. The ferry trip from Algeciras to Tanger Med lasts, under normal conditions, no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes and is executed by 5 ferry companies, namely Balearia, Trasmediterranea, Inter Shipping, FRS and Africa Morocco Link (AML). Ferry sailings are daily and ferry tickets are usually cheap, with the cost for a single type one starting from 30€. Due to the popularity of this ferry route, we advise you to book tickets in advance since prices rise during the high season and availability is low!

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Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier Ville

The shortest crossing from mainland Spain to Morocco is the ferry route connecting Tarifa with Tangier. Ferries departing from Tarifa with the destination of Morocco are the only ones that reach the port of the city of Tangier rather than Tanger Med, which is located 40 minutes away from Tangier. The duration of the ferry trip from Tarifa to Tangier is from 1 hour to 2 hours, and sailings are executed daily. The ferry companies that operate the Tarifa - Tangier ferry route are FRS and Inter Shipping.

Palm tree in the Desert, Morocco, sunset

Sunset in the desert of Morocco.

Ferry from Almeria to Nador

The ferry trip from Almeria to Nador lasts between 3 hours and 30 minutes and 5 hours. It is one of the most popular ferry routes connecting mainland Spain and Morocco, with a multitude of itineraries offered weekly. The ferry companies that operate the crossings from Almeria to Nador are Trasmediterranea, Balearia, and Naviera Armas. 

Barcelona - Morocco ferry routes

Taking the ferry from Barcelona to Morocco is the longest alternative for crossing from Spain to Morocco. There are 2 ferry routes connecting Barcelona with Morocco, the Barcelona - Tanger Med ferry route and the Barcelona - Nador ferry route. 

  • Ferry sailings from Barcelona to Tanger Med are operated by the ferry companies GNV and Grimaldi Lines, and the duration of the crossing is around 30 hours
  • The crossing from Barcelona to Nador usually lasts 26 hours and is offered weekly by the ferry company GNV. 

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Naviera Armas ship in Spain, port, clouds, sea

Take a ferry from the ports of Spain to Morocco.

Ferry routes to Spanish cities of the north of Africa

There are two Spanish enclaves on the north coast of Morocco, Melilla, and Ceuta. The two Spanish cities are regularly connected with multiple ports of mainland Spain by ferry throughout the whole year.

Ferry to Melilla

  • From Almeria, you can take one of the weekly ferries to Melilla operated by the ferry companies Balearia and Trasmeditteranea. The ferry trip lasts between 4 hours and 15 minutes and 5 hours. 
  • From Malaga, sailings to Melilla are served by the ferry companies Balearia and Trasmediterranea. There are weekly crossings from Malaga and the ferry trip usually lasts around 6 hours and 30 minutes.
  • From Motril, there are multiple weekly ferry itineraries reaching Melilla. Ferry crossings are operated by the ferry company FRS and the duration of the sailing from Motril is around 6 hours,

Ferry to Ceuta 

The ferry connection between Ceuta and mainland Spain is serviced by the ferry operators Balearia, Trasmediterranea, and FRS. Ferries depart from the port of Algeciras to Ceuta daily. The duration of the ferry crossing is around 1 hour, and ferry tickets are affordable.

Coastal city in Morocco, sea, rocks, Arabic architecture, walls

Traditional Morocco city near the sea.

Motril - Morocco ferry routes

Motril is located in the southern part of Spain in the province of Granada. From the port of Motril there are 3 ferry routes executed that connect Motril with Morocco: 

  1. Motril to Tanger Med: The ferry company FRS operates a multitude of weekly sailings from Motril to Tanger Med. The ferry trip from Motril to Tanger Med usually lasts 8 hours
  2. Motril to Al Hoceima: There are a few weekly ferry crossings from Motril to Al Hoceima, which are operated by the ferry company Naviera Armas. The duration of the trip is around 5 hours, but delays may happen depending on the season and the weather.
  3. Motril to Nador: Sailings from Motril to Nador are served by the ferry company Naviera Armas

Useful information for your ferry trip to Morocco

Before you start your ferry journey to Morocco, here are some useful information about the ferry trip, which ports you should choose, Visa and passport requirements.

Which ports should I choose?

There are several ports in both mainland Spain and Morocco that serve the ferry connection between Spain and Morocco. In mainland Spain, you may choose among the ports of Algeciras, Almeria, Barcelona, Malaga, Motril, and Tarifa while your options on Moroccan ports are Tangier Ville, Tanger Med, Al Hoceima, and Nador. Depending on your choices on the port of departure and arrival the duration of the trip may vary largely. Also, you should keep in mind that some of these ports may get very crowded, especially during summer or holidays. Another factor you should consider is the distance between your final destination on land and your port of arrival, e. g. Tanger Med port is 40 km east of the city of Tangier. 

Ferries in the port of Barcelona, roads, buildinds, trees, buses, Spain

The port of Barcelona near the city center.

Visa and Passport requirements for entering Morocco

Since Morocco is not a Schengen member, you will need to pass through passport control to enter the country. For stays up to 3 months a visa is not required and you may enter the country with a valid passport or document, recognized by the kingdom of Morocco. Taking the ferry from Spain to Morocco is a great way of avoiding the long waiting lines since passport control, on some ferry routes, takes place on board while sailing, whereas on all other ferry routes passport control takes place at the ferry terminal. If you are traveling from mainland Spain to Ceuta or Melilla, you will not need to pass through border control. But you should keep in mind that if you want to enter Morocco from Ceuta or Melilla you will have to cross a land border, with passport control and long waiting lines, especially during holidays!

Can I bring my car to Morocco by ferry?

Most vessels executing the ferry connection from Spain to Morocco offer you the possibility of bringing your car on the ferry to Morocco. You should know that if you want to travel with your car you will have to fill some extra forms and also have the required documents, which are:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Driving License
  • Rental Contract, in case you are traveling by a rented car
  • International Insurance Certificate - Green Card

Alternatively, most ports in Spain have designated parking areas at a relatively low price per day. Also the ferry company FRS offers free bus rides, between the ports the company operates, for the ferry company's customers.

Gibraltar, Morocco view of sea, rocks, plants, blue

Admiring the view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ferry ticket prices and booking in advance

According to 2020 data: Depending on the ferry route you choose ferry tickets prices may vary largely. For example, the cost of a ferry ticket for a single foot passenger from Tarifa to Tanger is around 40€, as well as the cost of the ticket for the most popular ferry route from Algeciras to Tanger Med, while ferry tickets from Barcelona to Tanger Med may cost as much as 85€. Due to high demand on the ferry routes connecting Spain with Morocco, you should consider booking well in advance. Ferry ticket prices may as well double during the high season and availability may be very low!

Where can I book ferry tickets from Spain to Morocco?

You can use the Ferryhopper to find both direct and indirect connections between mainland Spain and Morocco or cheap ferry tickets from mainland Spain to the Spanish cities in North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla. Whether you are an early planner or you want to daydream of your summer holidays on the Moroccan beaches and scenic towns, we make your search for ferries easier than ever. With Ferryhopper.com you can book your ferry tickets safely, fast and in the best prices in only 4 clicks! If you want more inspiration to organize your dream-trip you can also visit our interactive Map of Ferries and get ideas!