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View to the port from York castle in Tangier, Morocco

Scenic view from the medieval York castle in Tangier

Spain - Morocco ferry schedules 2024

Ferries carrying passengers and vehicles from Spain to Morocco can take you to Northern Africa easily and comfortably! The main Spanish ports serving ferry routes to Morocco are Algeciras, Tarifa, Motril, Almería, Barcelona, and Gibraltar.

Ferries from Spain travel to Tangier (ports of Tangier Ville and Tanger Med), Al Hoceima and Nador. See ferry schedules, companies, frequency, and prices for the top routes between Spain and Morocco below, and plan your trip!

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Ferry from Algeciras to Tangier

The ferry route between Algeciras and Tangier is one of the most popular between Spain and Morocco. The ferry trip takes from 1.5 hours on average, and tickets start at around €17.

In 2024, the route is normally served by 5 ferry companies: Baleària, Trasmediterránea, FRS Iberia DFDS, Naviera Armas, and Africa Morocco Link (AML).

There are usually more than 20 daily crossings on the route to Tanger Med, but we recommend booking your tickets in advance as tickets can run out fast, especially in high season.

Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier

Catching a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier is one of the fastest ways to reach Morocco from Spain. Ferries connect the port of Tarifa in Spain with the port of Tangier Ville in the city center.

The crossing is usually 1-hour long, and tickets for this route cost around €40. Currently, the ferry companies serving this route are FFRS Iberia DFDS and Intershipping.

As for ferry frequency between Tarifa and Tangier, there are usually 5-9 daily departures in 2024.

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The port of Tangier from the old Medina in Morocco

The old port and the medina of Tangier in Morocco

Ferry from Almería to Nador

The ferry trip from Almería to Nador takes around 8 hours. It is one of the most popular ferry routes connecting mainland Spain to Morocco, with 1-3 daily crossings.

The ferry companies that serve crossings from Almería to Nador are Naviera Armas, Trasmediterránea, and Baleària. Ferry tickets for the route start at around €60.

Barcelona - Tangier ferries

Barcelona - Tangier ferries are usually available 1-2 times a week in 2024. This ferry route from Barcelona to Morocco is served by ferry company GNV and tickets start at around €66, with prices depending on the season.

It takes from 28 to 37 hours to reach the Moroccan port town of Tanger Med from Barcelona.

Barcelona - Nador ferries

Ferries between Barcelona and Nador usually run 1-3 times a week. The trip takes around 31 hours, and tickets normally start at €70. Prices usually depend on the season.

The ferry company serving this route in 2024 is GNV.

Mountains over the port town of Nador in Morocco

Romantic sunset light over the port town of Nador

Gibraltar to Morocco (Tangier) ferries

There are usually 1-3 monthly ferry crossings from Gibraltar to Tangier (Tanger Med). The ferry trip from Gibraltar to Morocco lasts 1.5 hours and is operated by FRS Iberia DFDS.

Tickets for the Gibraltar - Tangier ferry route normally start at around €38.

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Motril - Al Hoceima ferry

Ferry company Trasmediterránea (collaborating with Naviera Armas) will be serving ferry routes from Motril to Al Hoceima for 2024. There are usually 1-2 crossings a week, but availability depends on the season.

Motril - Al Hoceima ticket prices usually start at about €50.

Ferry from Motril to Nador

In 2024, the Motril - Nador ferry connection will normally be served weekly by Trasmediterránea (collaborating with Naviera Armas). There are usually 1-2 weekly ferry crossings, depending on the season.

Ferry tickets from Motril to Nador normally start at around €40.

Ferry from Motril to Tangier

The ferry company Baleària will be serving a few monthly Motril - Tanger Med ferry crossings in 2024. The ferry duration is around 8 hours and ferry tickets start at around €31.

Ferry from Málaga to Morocco (Tangier)

Before the crossing suspension, there used to be crossings from Málaga to Morocco too. If new Málaga to Tangier ferry routes come up, they will be available to book on our booking engine!

Good to know: in case more ferry companies start serving routes between Spain and Morocco, you will be able to find all new routes on Ferryhopper!

Ferries off the coast of Tarifa in southern Spain

Ferries traveling across Tarifa in Spain

Ferries from Spain to Ceuta and Melilla

There are frequent ferries from the ports of the mainland to Spain’s autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. In 2024, passengers can catch a ferry from Algeciras, Motril, Almería, and Málaga.

See more details about ferries from Spain to Ceuta and Melilla in 2024.

Useful info: you can easily catch a ferry to Ceuta and Melilla and cross the land border to get to Morocco.

The port city of Ceuta in North Africa

The beautiful port city of Ceuta on the northern coast of Africa

Important info & FAQs about Spain - Morocco ferries

Below, you will find all the information you need if you are planning to travel by ferry to Morocco from Spain: necessary documents, best routes for a day trip, vehicle transportation, and distance from Spain to Morocco:

Visa and passport requirements to enter Morocco from Spain

Morocco is not a Schengen member, and you need to pass through passport control to enter the country. For stays up to 3 months, a visa is not required and you may enter the country with a valid passport or document recognized by the Kingdom of Morocco.

Taking the ferry from Spain to Morocco is a great way to avoid the long waiting lines, as passport control takes place on board some routes. On other routes, passport control takes place at the ferry terminal.

If you are traveling from mainland Spain to Ceuta or Melilla, you don't need to pass through border control. However, keep in mind that if you want to enter Morocco from Ceuta or Melilla, you will have to go through passport control. Bear in mind that waiting lines might be long, especially during holidays.

Important: always check visa and passport requirements with your embassy to have all official information.

Can I go on a day trip to Morocco from Spain?

Yes, you can go on a day trip from Spain to Morocco. In fact, you can travel by ferry to Morocco in less than 1 hour. There are frequent daily crossings from southern Spain's Tarifa to Tangier Ville and from Algeciras to Tanger Med.

This way, you can leave for Tangier, Chefchaouen or Tétouan early in the morning and catch a ferry from Morocco back to Spain late in the evening!

Read more on how to plan your day trip from Spain to Morocco in our related post!

Can I bring my car to Morocco from Spain by ferry?

Most vessels operating ferry crossings from Spain to Morocco have car decks, so you can normally bring your car on the ferry to Morocco. If you are traveling to Morocco with a vehicle, you need to fill in some extra forms and have the following necessary documents:

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Driver's license
  • Rental contract (for rental cars, campervans, motorbikes, etc.)
  • International insurance certificate - Green Card

If you prefer to leave your car in Spain before crossing, most Spanish ports have designated parking areas at a relatively low daily fare.

Can I travel on Spain - Morocco ferries with my pet?

You can travel with your pet on the ferry to Morocco from Spain and enjoy a comfortable journey. However, each ferry company implements different policies. Bear in mind that with most ferry companies, you should book a pet ticket when making your reservation.

In addition to a boarding pass, your pet needs to be microchipped. Also, make sure to bring a valid health card and pet passport for your ferry trip to Morocco.

When boarding the ferry, your pet should wear a leash or stay in a carrier. Alternatively, you can book a pet cabin to enjoy a smooth Spain - Morocco ferry crossing, or have your pet travel in your vehicle. On many ferries there are also available kennels.

Tip: keep in mind that your pet can't travel unaccompanied on ferries from Spain to Morocco. Therefore, you should stay on board the ferry and disembark with your pet.

How far is Morocco from Spain?

At its narrowest point, the distance between Spain and Morocco is just 14.5 km (about 8 nautical miles). Here, you can see the distances and approximate ferry times for trips between some of the two countries' connected ports:

  • Tarifa - Tangier Ville: around 17 nautical miles (31 km). Approximate ferry time: 1 hour.
  • Algeciras - Tanger Med: around 16 nautical miles (30 km). Approximate ferry time: 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Almería - Nador: around 101 nautical miles (187 km). Approximate ferry time: 8 hours.
  • Barcelona - Tanger Med: around 572 nautical miles (1060 km). Approximate ferry time: 32 hours.
  • Barcelona - Nador: around 444 nautical miles (822 km). Approximate ferry time: 31 hours.

Baleària ferry traveling in the Mediterranean Sea

Baleària ferry crossing the Mediterranean Sea

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