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Gibraltar is a unique destination, located on a small peninsula on the southwest Spanish coast, close to the city and port of Algeciras. The peninsula of Gibraltar is a British territory and the area has mixed cultural influences due to its geographical location between Spain and Morocco that makes it a very interesting place to visit and explore. The Gibraltar scenery is dominated by the impressive Rock of Gibraltar, a monolith of 426 meters height. From the port of Gibraltar, you can take a ferry to Morocco and ‘jump’ to another continent in less than 2 hours! On Ferryhopper you will find all ferry schedules and ferry tickets from the port of Gibraltar to start planning your journey at all convenience!

Ferry routes and ferry tickets from Gibraltar

Traveling from Gibraltar to Morocco by ferry is an easy and quick option that allows you to get from Europe to Africa in just a few hours. The port of Gibraltar serves regular ferry connections to the port of Tangier-Med in Morocco. The ferry company that usually operates on this line is FRS. Check the Ferryhopper search engine for all ferry itineraries in the Mediterranean and book your ferry tickets at the best prices!

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Ferry from Gibraltar to Tangier-Med

The Gibraltar - Tangier Med ferry connection operates once a week, and usually, the ferries depart from Gibraltar on Friday afternoon and return from Tanger on Sunday afternoon. The ferry trip duration from Gibraltar to Morocco is just 1hour and 30 minutes. If you want to spice up your trip, you can also consider returning from the port of Tanger-Med to the Spanish ports of Tarifa or Algeciras and explore the beauty of the Iberian peninsula too.

The Ferryhopper map of ferries will show you all the available ferry connections and ports options in order to plan your ferry trip and book your ferry tickets from Gibraltar and Morocco easily and at the best prices!

What to do in Gibraltar

The city and peninsula of Gibraltar have many places of interest to visit during your stay. To begin with, you should take the cable car and climb to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar for a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic Ocean, Spain, and northern Africa. The Upper Rock also hosts an impressive nature reserve with caves and hiking trails that it’s worthy to explore. Apart from the beautiful natural surroundings, Gibraltar has a lively city that will surprise you with the amount and diversity of the options it has for food, coffee, entertainment, and shopping! Make sure that you walk around the Main Street of Gibraltar all the way to the Casemates Square and enjoy fish and chips, a local ‘rosto’ and of course a pint in one of the local pubs! 

The climate in Gibraltar is typically Mediterranean, with hot and dry weather during high season which means that one of the main activities in Gibraltar during the summer is sunbathing and swimming in the beautiful beaches of the Gibraltar bay. In Gibraltar you can also do some alternative outdoor activities like birdwatching or take a dolphin-watching boat trip. Here are some suggestions on places to visit and activities to do in Gibraltar from the Ferryhopper team: 

  1. The landmark Moorish Castle with panoramic views of Gibraltar
  2. The ‘Europa Point’, the Lighthouse at the southernmost point of the Gibraltar peninsula
  3. The Cave of San Miguel (Saint Michael) in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve
  4. The Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned, a Roman Catholic cathedral in the city center
  5. The Alameda Gardens and the botanical gardens of Gibraltar

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Tip: The transport system in Gibraltar is good, with regular buses that take you around the peninsula as well as the city. You can take your own vehicle or rent a car in Gibraltar but be aware that the roads can be quite narrow, with low-speed limits and unlike the English tradition, driving is on the right

Do I need a Visa to visit Gibraltar? 

If you are a UK or EU national you don’t need a Visa to enter Gibraltar however it is always good to carry with you your passport or national ID card. You can apply for a Visa for Gibraltar online or to your country’s British Embassy. 

How to book ferry tickets from Gibraltar

Traveling by ferry from the port of Gibraltar is now easier with Ferryhopper! On our pages, you can book ferry tickets from Gibraltar to the port of Tangier-Med in Morocco at the best prices! 

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