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Iberian Peninsula

Gibraltar is located in the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a British overseas territory, bordering with Spain in the north and facing the city of Algeciras across the bay. From the port of Gibraltar you can travel by ferry to Morocco in no time. Find all the information you need about ferry routes and ferry schedules from the port of Gibraltar on Ferryhopper!

Ferry schedules and ferry tickets from the port of Gibraltar

The port of Gibraltar (also called the Gibraltar Harbor) is one of the most important ports in Europe, as it stands on the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. Gibraltar is the perfect starting point for a trip to Morocco. You can find regular ferry routes to the port of Tanger-Med, usually serviced by the FRS ferry company.

gibraltar, port, ferry, boat, monkey, sea, city

Monkey's point of view of the port of Gibraltar.

Ferry from Gibraltar to Tanger-Med

The ferry trip from Gibraltar to the Mediterranean port of Tangier in Morocco normally takes place once a week and the crossing duration is 1h 30min. Tickets are approximately €49 and the itinerary is normally scheduled for Sunday afternoons.

Tip: Take your trip to the next level by arranging a return ferry route from Tanger-Med to Andalusia in the south of Spain. Catching the ferry from Tanger-Med to Málaga or Algeciras is a great idea!

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Bright blue windows in Tangier, typical of the local architecture.

How to get to the port of Gibraltar?

The port of Gibraltar is easily accessible from the historic center and you can easily walk there. It is located right next to the airport of Gibraltar on the east side of the Rock. There are restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as information kiosks for passengers.

You can also find several car parks in the area. If you want, you can reach the port by public transport or taxi too. The bus network of Gibraltar is really reliable and many bus routes pass by the port. If you’re driving to Gibraltar via Spain, you need to cross the border at La Línea de la Concepción in Cádiz. Roads CA-34 and A-383 lead into the Spain - Gibraltar border.

Vacation in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is famous for its culture, history and nature. As a crossroads of civilizations, it is diverse in experiences, sites and places of interest that are worth a visit. Apart from the beautiful natural surroundings, Gibraltar has a lively city with several food, coffee, entertainment, and shopping options! Make sure that you walk from the Main Street of Gibraltar all the way to the Casemates Square and enjoy fish and chips, a local rosto and of course a pint in one of the local pubs.

Vacation in Gibraltar is perfectly safe and it is ideal for both families and groups of friends. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with warm summers ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the beautiful beaches of the Gibraltar Bay. If you’re in the mood for some out-of-the-box outdoor activities like birdwatching or dolphin-watching, Gibraltar is the holiday place to be!

The Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar dominates the landscape. You can take the cable car and head to the top of the Rock for a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic Ocean, as well as Spain and northern Africa. The Upper Rock also hosts an impressive nature reserve with caves and hiking trails. Apart from its natural beauty, the Rock of Gibraltar is also home to the Barbary macaque, the only wild monkey population in Europe!

Here are some more attractions in Gibraltar from the Ferryhopper team: 

  • Moorish Castle: medieval fortification with panoramic views of Gibraltar
  • Europa Point: lighthouse at the southernmost point of the Gibraltar peninsula
  • Cave of San Miguel (Saint Michael): limestone cave in the Upper Rock nature reserve
  • Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned: Roman Catholic cathedral in the city center
  • Alameda Wildlife Park: animal conservation and education park
  • Gibraltar Botanic Gardens: botanical gardens with war memorials
  • Catalan Bay: quaint fishing village with sandy beach

gibraltar, rock, beach, sea, city, mountain, monolith, clouds

The Rock of Gibraltar as seen from the beach.

Do I need a Visa to visit Gibraltar?

If you are a UK or EU national, you don’t need a Visa to enter Gibraltar. However, it is always useful to carry your passport or national ID card with you. You can apply for a Gibraltar Visa online or at your country’s British Embassy.

Where to book ferry tickets from Gibraltar?

On Ferryhopper you can book tickets to Tangier from Gibraltar in just 4 clicks. Find all the information you need about ferry schedules from the port of Gibraltar to the northern coast of Morocco, check Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries for available ferry crossings, compare ferry companies, and book tickets with no extra fees!

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