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Melilla is an autonomous Spanish city, which is located on the Cape Tres Forcas, in North Africa, very close to the Sahara Desert. It is one of the two exclave cities of Spain, along with Ceuta. Melilla is well connected with the ports of Andalusia and, due to its small area, Melilla is the perfect destination for a few-day getaway to explore the arabian side of Spain!

Ferry routes and ferry tickets from Melilla

The port of Melilla is well connected with the Andalusian coast in southern Spain, through the ports of Malaga, Almeria and Motril.

  • Ferry from Melilla to Malaga: There are almost 13 weekly crossings that are usually operated by  Balearia and Trasmediterranea. The duration of the ferry trip ranges from 5 hr 45 min to 6 hr 15 min. 
  • Ferry from Melilla to Almeria: The same ferry companies operate 13 weekly crossings for this ferry route as well. The duration of this ferry trip is about 4 to 5 hr
  • Ferry from Melilla to Motril: In contrast with the other two options, the ferry route from Melilla to Motril is operated from FRS and the ferry journey lasts approximately 6 hr.

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What to do in Melilla

Melilla is a very special city with a strong multicultural essence, that you can notice from the different people, the architecture and the various cultural sites. Right above the port of Melilla, stands the big fortress of Melilla la Vieja which, nowadays, houses many historical sites like churches and museums. All through the city, especially around the Plaza de España, you can see buildings of great significance, as they represent the art movement of modernism. Meanwhile, Melilla is a city full of café/bars and places to eat traditional tapas, with Puerto Noray being the liveliest part, so you can enjoy your vacation! 
Some places to go sightseeing in Melilla are the following

  • Melilla la Vieja
  • Plaza de España 
  • Parque Hernandez 
  • Parque Candico Lobera
  • Cuevas del Conventico
  • Fuerte de Victoria Grande

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Tip: Another great option when you visit Melilla is to cross the border and spend some time in Morocco - it’s just 2km away from the city's Plaza de Espana! Just make sure that you follow the official procedure for the border crossing: go to the local authorities and fill out the necessary forms that will allow you to pass to Morocco. Afterwards, you will reach the village Beni Enzar, which has the port of Nador.

How to book your ferry tickets from Melilla

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Melilla has direct ferry connections with 3 ports:

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