Winter Ferry Getaway in Syros!

Winter Ferry Getaway in Syros!

For those looking for a weekend getaway in an island close to Athens

Most of us have associated Greek islands with sun, sea, and summer! However, some islands deserve a visit at all seasons, even in winter. And Syros is definitely one of them, for those looking for a weekend getaway not too far from Athens!

How to get there

Syros has a daily ferry connection with Athens via Piraeus, throughout the year. Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways operate the Piraeus - Syros route in less than 4 hours. During the summer season, connections between the port of Rafina and Syros might also become available.

How to book your ferry tickets

With Ferryhopper of course! In a couple of clicks, and with no service fee or hidden fees! If you haven’t booked your ferry tickets with us before, take some time to read this short guide to the booking process.

Where to stay

Syros offers a plethora of accommodation options, depending on your budget! We suggest you choose one of the many hotels or boutique hotels located near the city center, so that you will easily enjoy Ermoupolis on foot.

What to see

  1. The 800 year old Saint George’s Cathedral, build at a hill on top of the city center
  2. The beautiful city hall of Εrmoupolis
  3. The Syros Industrial Museum
  4. The mansions around the city
  5. The Old High School building

What to eat/drink

  1. Coffee and snacks at the port of Syros. Don’t miss the famous “Chalvadopitta”, a local meringue and nuts dessert produced (almost) exclusively at Syros
  2. Lunch and dinner at the traditional restaurants around the city center
  3. If you are in for some drinks & cocktails, don’t forget to pay a visit at the famous bar “Peiramatiko”