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The islet of Kastri with a white-and-blue chapel in Kos island, Dodecanese, Greece

The charming islet of Kastri in Kos

Ferry routes to the Dodecanese from Athens in 2024

If you wish to reach the islands of the Dodecanese by ferry from mainland Greece, you should know that you can only depart from the port of Piraeus in Athens.

The ferry company Blue Star Ferries serves regular ferry crossings to Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, and more islands in the Dodecanese archipelago all year round with conventional ferries.

Below, you can find all the info you need about the announced ferry routes to the Dodecanese and draw some inspiration for your trip in Greece in 2024.

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Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Rhodes

In 2024, you can normally find up to 7 weekly Piraeus - Rhodes ferries. Ferry time ranges from around 13 hours to over 22 hours, depending on the ferry itinerary and intermediate stops. Ferry tickets to Rhodes normally start at €73.50.

Useful information: note that you can bring along your vehicle on all ferries to Rhodes and the rest of the Dodecanese islands departing from Athens (Piraeus). As car-deck spaces run out fast, especially during the Easter holidays and the summer months, we recommend booking well in advance.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Kos

There are usually up to 7 weekly Piraeus - Kos ferry crossings, with the trip duration ranging from 9.5 hours to 14 hours. Ferry time depends on the ferry itinerary and the number of intermediate stops. You can book ferry tickets to Kos starting at around €62.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Karpathos

Ferries from Piraeus to Karpathos normally run up to 3-4 times a week all year round. The trip duration ranges from less than 14 hours to over 20 hours, depending on the intermediate stops and the port of arrival (Karpathos or Diafani port). Ferry tickets to Karpathos normally start at around €74.

Tip: Karpathos is a holiday destination offering many activity opportunities for every taste. Discover awesome ideas for a family holiday in Karpathos.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo is actually the easternmost island of Greece and is a small and quiet island ideal for relaxing holidays.

In 2024, you can usually find 2 weekly ferries to Kastellorizo from Piraeus. Ferry time is approximately 23-24 hours, including stops in Rhodes, Kalymnos, Kos and more islands. Piraeus - Kastellorizo tickets normally start at €73.50.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Kalymnos

The climbers’ favorite Greek island is connected to Athens with year-round crossings served by Blue Star Ferries.

In 2024, the Piraeus - Kalymnos ferry route is usually available twice a week, with ferries taking from 8.5 hours to 11.5 hours to reach the island. Ferry prices start at around €59.

Climber hanging from a rock with a rope in Kalymnos island, Dodecanese, Greece

Kalymnos island: a real climbers’ paradise

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Patmos

You can catch a ferry from Piraeus to Patmos 3-4 times a week, to discover its incredible sights and beaches. The ferry trip to Patmos takes a bit over 8 hours and ferry tickets start at about €43.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Leipsoi

Home of the Odyssey’s mythical nymph Calypso, Leipsoi is a hidden gem in the Aegean with azure waters, delicious food and interesting archaeological sites. 

Piraeus - Leipsoi ferries normally run 1-2 times a week, depending on the season. The duration of the trip is approximately 8.5 hours, and ferry tickets start at about €48.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Leros

You can travel to Leros from Piraeus by ferry 3-4 times a week with Blue Star Ferries, with increased ferry frequency in the high season. The ferry crossing takes around 9.5 hours and you can normally get tickets starting at €48.

The green and cosmopolitan island of Leros will enchant you with its impressive landscapes and cultural highlights!

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Astypalea

The butterfly-shaped Astypalea island is the westernmost one in Dodecanese, and can steal your heart with its magical beaches and unique architecture.

Ferries to Astypalea from Piraeus are active with 1-5 weekly crossings, with ferry frequency depending on the season. The ferry trip lasts approximately 8 hours and tickets start at around €44.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Kasos

You can normally travel by ferry from Piraeus to Kasos up to 4 times a week. The duration of the ferry ride ranges from 12 hours to 22 hours, depending on the ferry itinerary and intermediate stops. You can book ferry tickets to the unspoilt island of Kasos starting at around €45.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Symi

Symi has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dodecanese in the past years, boasting colorful neoclassical buildings, picturesque villages and stunning beaches.

In the winter months, there is normally 1 weekly ferry to Symi from Piraeus, while in the high season there are usually up to 3 weekly crossings. Ferry time ranges from 14.5 hours to over 18 hours, depending on the ferry itinerary, and you can find ferry tickets starting at about €64.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Nisyros

To admire the volcanic treasures of Nisyros island, you can usually catch a ferry from Piraeus to Nisyros 2 times a week. The ferry trip takes approximately 13.5 hours and tickets start at around €63.50.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Halki

The Piraeus - Halki ferry route is normally operated 2 times a week, with the crossing lasting from 17 hours to 19.5 hours, and ferry tickets starting at around €45.50.

Halki is one of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese, with the most charming town. It stands out for its green economy, as it has invested in sustainability, and eco-friendly energy and mobility solutions.

Ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Tilos

Tilos is one of the most forward-thinking Greek islands in terms of sustainability, as it is completely self-sufficient in energy, and enchants travelers with its pristine landscape.

Piraeus - Tilos ferries are normally active with 2 weekly departures all year round. The ferry reaches the port of Livadia in 14-15 hours and tickets usually start at €63.50.

The village and port of Livadia in Tilos island, Dodecanese, Greece

The quaint port town of Livadia in Tilos island

Ferry routes to the Dodecanese from Crete in 2024

Apart from mainland Greece, it is possible to reach several islands in the Dodecanese archipelago from the large island of Crete. Ferries to Rhodes, Karpathos, Kasos, and Halki from the ports of Heraklion and Sitia. The ferry connections are served by Blue Star Ferries and Seajets.

Here are the most popular Crete - Dodecanese ferry routes for 2024:

Ferries Heraklion (Crete) - Dodecanese

  • Heraklion - Rhodes ferry: the route is active all year round with 1-2 weekly crossings. The ferry trip takes about 11-14 hours, and ferry tickets start at around €26.50.
  • Heraklion - Karpathos ferry: there is at least 1 weekly ferry crossing between Heraklion and Karpathos, with a duration of around 6.5 hours. You can book ferry tickets starting at €17.50.
  • Heraklion - Kasos ferry: you can reach Kasos from Heraklion in about 5 hours, with ferries normally departing once a week. Ferry tickets start at about €19.

Ferries Sitia (Crete) - Dodecanese

  • Sitia - Rhodes ferry: there are usually 2-6 weekly ferries from Sitia to Rhodes, with frequency depending on the season. Ferry time is normally 8-9 hours and tickets start at €25.50.
  • Sitia - Karpathos ferry: there are usually up to 5 weekly ferry crossings to the port of Karpathos and up to 2 weekly crossings to the port of Diafani from Sitia in Crete. Ferry time ranges from around 3.5 hours to over 5 hours, depending on the port of arrival. You can find ferry tickets at around €17.
  • Sitia - Kasos ferry: Kasos is only 2 hours away from Sitia, and you can catch a ferry 2-6 times a week, depending on the season. Ferry tickets start at just €11.
  • Sitia - Halki ferry: you can travel to the beautiful Halki from Sitia with 1-4 weekly ferry crossings lasting around 7 hours. Ferry tickets start at about €18.

St. Paul’s bay in Lindos, Rhodes island Dodecanese, Greece

The stunning St. Paul’s bay in Lindos, Rhodes island

Island hopping in the Dodecanese in 2024

As distances between the islands of the archipelago are relatively short, summer 2024 is the time for you to plan an exciting island-hopping adventure in the Dodecanese! The main starting points are the larger islands of Rhodes and Kos that are connected to the majority of the other islands in the Dodecanese.

Ferry routes between the Dodecanese islands are operated by several ferry companies, such as Blue Star Ferries, Dodekanisos Seaways, Saos Ferries, Nissos Chalki, Sebeco Lines, Alko Ferries, and ANEM Ferries. In the summer months, you can find daily ferry crossings between the islands, operated by both conventional and high-speed ferries.

Here are some of the most popular island-hopping routes that you can take advantage of to explore the Dodecanese island complex:

Island hopping from Rhodes

Catch a ferry from the ports of Rhodes (Rhodes Tourist Port or Kamiros Skala) and plan a day trip or a longer getaway in the neighboring islands of the Dodecanese.

Note that from the island of Rhodes, you can also travel to Turkey thanks to the Rhodes - Fetihye and the Rhodes - Marmaris ferry routes.

Tip: discover the best ideas on what to do on a day trip from Rhodes to Halki.

Island hopping from Kos

From the port of Kos town, as well as the port of Mastichari, you can reach many nearby islands in less than 3 hours:

From Kos, you can also reach the Turkish coast thanks to the Kos - Bodrum and Kos - Turgutreis ferry routes.

Panteli beach in Platanos village in Leros island, Dodecanese, Greece

The stunning green island of Leros

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