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General info

Alko Ferries is a Greek ferry company founded in 2018 and based in Rhodes. The company aims to serve the Greek islands with the primary purpose of transporting passengers with consistency, comfort and safety.

Destinations & ferry itineraries

Alko Ferries operates on 3 ferry routes: Halki - Rhodes (Skala Kamirou), Tilos - Rhodes (Skala Kamirou) and Tilos - Halki.

Alko Ferries fleet

The company’s fleet consists of the vessels Sebeco II and Fedon

The modern ferry Sebeco II of Alko Ferries connects the island of Rhodes with the nearby island of Halki in 30 minutes, several times during the week. The ferry Fedon also operates on the Rhodes - Halki route.

Alko Ferries: Discounts & Offers

The ferry company Alko Ferries offers special discounts for specific passenger categories, including:

  • Children
  • Infants
  • Students 
  • Members of large families
  • People with disabilities

Note: children up to 4 years old travel free of charge under the obligation to issue a zero fare ticket.

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Alko Ferries special amenities & facilities

In Alko Ferries, pets are allowed at the outside deck areas of the vessels as long as they are on a leash and wear a muzzle.

Pets are not allowed in indoor public areas. Make sure you have your pet's health booklet with you if requested.

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Destinations 3 destinations
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Popular ferry routes

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Adult (full fare)
Full fare with no discount
Child (5-10)
Discount for children aged 5-10 years
Infant (0-4)
Discount for children aged 0-4 years
Student (Greek university)
Discount for students of Greek universities
Large Family (Greek citizens)
Discount for families with 4+ children (Greek certificate required)
Person with disability
Discount for people with disabilities
ISIC card holder
Discount for ISIC card holders

Ferries - Alko Ferries

Vessel type: Open deck Length: 25m
Passenger capacity: 150 Vehicle capacity: 0
Onboard facilities
Wi-Fi is not available on board The ferry does not have a restaurant Snacks and beverages are not available for purchase Pets are allowed to travel on the ferry The company does not support electronic tickets. You will have to collect your paper tickets before boarding.
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