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Tangier is a popular tourist destination in northwestern Morocco. Located on the coast of Maghreb, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, Tangier has a reach maritime history and serves ferry routes to many European cities via its two ports. On ferryhopper.com you can find all the information you need about holidays in the Moroccan city, as well as ferry routes and ferry schedules from the ports of Tangier to plan your trip in the Mediterranean Sea!

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The port of Tanger-Med facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Which are the ports of Tangier?

There are two ports in the region of Tangier: Tangier Ville and Tanger-Med. Tangier Ville is the historical port of the city and serves ferry routes to Tarifa in southern Spain. Tanger-Med is the modern port, located a 50-minute drive to the west of the city, and serves regular ferry crossings to Spain, France, Italy and the British exclave of Gibraltar in the Iberic Peninsula.

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The port and old town of the city of Tangier.

Ferry schedules and ferry tickets from the ports of Tangier

The port of Tangier Ville is in the city center of Tangier connecting the city with Tarifa in southern Spain. Ferry companies FRS and Inter Shipping normally operate at Tangier Ville Port. The second and busiest port of Tangier is Tanger-Med, which is located on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. From Tanger-Med you can catch the ferry to Spain, Italy, France and Gibraltar. The following ferry companies operate routes from Tanger-Med: Baleària, Trasmediterránea, FRS, Inter Shipping, AML as well as GNV and Grimaldi Lines.

Ferries from Tangier Ville

From the city port of Tangier you can catch the ferry to the Spanish city of Tarifa. The ferry crossing is really popular as it is one of the fastest ways to get to mainland Spain from Morocco.

  • Ferry from Tangier Ville to Tarifa: The ferry route from Tangier to Tarifa is available throughout the year and the duration of the trip is approximately 1h 15min. Normally there are more than 12 daily crossings. Ferry tickets for the trip to Tarifa are around €38.

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The city of Tarifa as seen from the Isla de Las Palomas.

How to get to the port of Tangier Ville?

The port of Tangier Ville is located on the coast of the city’s ancient medina. From the city center of Tangier, you can get to the port on foot in just a few minutes. There are also taxis taking passengers to the port from the city of Tangier or nearby towns. Roads N-1, N-2 and N-16 provide access to the city of Tangier from Rabat, Casablanca and Al Hoceima.

Moroccan train company ONCF connects Tangier with major Moroccan cities such as Fez, Marrakesh, Casablanca, Nador and Rabat. There is also an international airport, called Tangier Ibn Battuta Airport, which is located 15km from the port. You can park at the port, using the open-air car park or one of the indoor parking lots in the port area. Many people choose to park their vehicle at the indoor airport car park.

Tip: "Petits taxis" are smaller, cheaper and only suitable for short trips, while ‘grands taxis’ are more spacious and better for longer trips.

Ferries from Tanger-Med

The port of Tanger-Med is the main gateway from North Africa to Europe. From the eastern port of Tangier you can travel by ferry to many major seaside destinations. There are ferry routes from the African city to Algeciras, Málaga, Motril and Barcelona in Spain, Sète in France, Savona and Genoa (or Genova) in Italy, as well as to the port of Gibraltar.

  • Ferry from Tanger-Med to Algeciras: The ferry crossing from Tanger-Med to Algeciras is available year-round and is normally serviced by FRS, Trasmediterránea, Baleària, Inter Shipping, and Africa Morocco Link. In peak season there are more than 30 daily crossings, while the daily number of crossings is lower off-season. Tickets start at €20 and the ferry trip to the Spanish port city lasts 1h on average.
  • Ferry from Tanger-Med to Málaga: The Tanger-Med - Málaga ferry route takes place once a week and the crossing duration is approximately 6 hours. Tickets for the trip to the Spanish Costa del Sol cost around €35 and the route is normally serviced by Baleària.
  • Ferry from Tanger-Med to Motril: The port of Tanger-Med is connected to Motril in Andalusia with 7 weekly crossings. The itinerary is serviced by FRS and tickets start at €50. The trip duration is 8 hours on average.
  • Ferry from Tanger-Med to Barcelona: There is at least 1 weekly ferry route from Tangier to Barcelona, serviced by the Grimaldi Lines and Grandi Navi Veloci ferry companies. The route lasts 27-31 hours and the price for ferry tickets to the port of Barcelona in Catalonia can range from €15 to €62.
  • Ferry from Tanger-Med to Sète: The ferry crossing from Morocco to the city of Sète in France is serviced by Grandi Navi Veloci and is normally available 2-3 times per week. Ferry tickets to Sète are an average of €55 and the duration of the trip is 40h on average.
    Tip: Consider bringing your vehicle on board to explore the beautiful French riviera!
  • Ferry from Tanger-Med to Savona: You can catch the ferry to the city of Savona in northern Italy with Grimaldi Lines. There is 1 weekly crossing and the route lasts 51 hours on average. Ferry tickets start at €50, but prices can be higher depending on the season.
  • Ferry from Tanger-Med to Genoa: The Italian city of Genoa (also known as Genova) is connected to the port of Tanger-Med with 3 weekly crossings on average. The GNV route is available throughout the year and ferry tickets start at €70. It takes 57 hours to reach the port of Genoa from Tangier.
    Tip: For your ferry trips to northern Italy from Tanger-Med, it’s a great idea to book a cabin for extra comfort during the long crossings.
  • Ferry from Tanger-Med to Gibraltar: The Tanger-Med - Gibraltar itinerary normally takes place every Sunday throughout the year. The ferry trip from Morocco to the British exclave lasts an average of 1h 30min. Tickets for the FRS ferry route are approximately €49.

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The Bullring of Málaga by the city’s port.

How to get to the port of Tanger-Med?

The port of Tanger-Med is the largest port in Africa and it features a total of 9 berths for passenger ferries. You can reach the port driving along N-16 from the city of Tangier. If you’re driving from elsewhere in Morocco, you can take A-4 or road A-6 that leads to the neighboring city of Ceuta.

There is a 500-vehicle parking area, as well as an port shuttle bus service for passengers. You can use the shuttle bus if you’re traveling to Tanger-Med by train or bus. Trains and buses to Tanger-Med leave regularly from the city center of Tangier. Regarding services at Tanger-Med Port, there are several shops, cafes and restaurants to enjoy before your ferry crossing.

Vacation in Tangier

Tangier is an international city and one of the most attractive destinations in Morocco. One of the most charming elements of Tangier is the mix of cultures that define the city’s style, architecture, and gastronomy. Don’t miss the chance to walk around the quaint neighborhoods of the city and explore the Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic influences through the hidden alleyways. In the region of Tangier there are many places of interest and beautiful attractions - here are some suggestions from the Ferryhopper team:

  • Grand Socco: large square and traditional market place
  • Dar El Makhzen: historical palace of the Sultan and Kasbah Museum
  • Cave of Hercules: archaeological site on the Atlantic coast of Morocco
  • Cape Spartel: 300m promontory overlooking the entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar
  • Jardin de La Mendoubia: beautiful park and garden
  • Volubilis: ancient Berber city and Unesco World Heritage site
  • Tangier American Legation Museum: historical building and cultural center
  • Rmilat Park (or Perdicaris Park): coastal wildlife park in the outskirts of Tangier 

Beaches in Tangier

Tangier is at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This creates a beautiful landscape, where travelers can enjoy the sun and sea in an ideal setting. These are some of the most popular beaches in Tangier:

  • Tangier City
  • Blanca
  • Sidi Kacem
  • Bouhendia
  • Dalia
  • Malabata
  • Sidi Kankouche
  • Merkala
  • Achakkar
  • Bakassem

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Colorful ceramics at the traditional market of Tangier.

Where to book ferry tickets from Tangier?

On Ferryhopper you can book tickets from the ports of Tangier Ville and Tanger-Med and plan your itinerary in just 4 clicks. Find all the information you need about ferry schedules from the ports of Tangier to Spain, France, Italy, and Gibraltar, check Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries for available ferry routes, compare ferry operators, and book tickets from Tangier with no extra fees!

Tangier has direct ferry connections with 8 ports:

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