Tangier is a popular tourist destination and one of the largest regions in the north Moroccan coast. The city of Tangier is the capital of the region and its port serves ferry routes to the port of Tarifa in the southwest Spanish coast. The main port of Tangier though is Tangier-Med, located around 50 km east of the capital, close to the Strait of Gibraltar. From Tanger-Med you can take a ferry to the ports of Andalusia and the southeast coast of Spain, as well as to Barcelona, ports of northwest Italy and southern France. At the point where Africa meets Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, Tangier is a magnificent destination, multi-cultural and vibrant that will charm you straight away! Ferryhopper has all the information that you need to plan your ferry trip from and to Tangier, as well as all ferry connections from the port of Tangier-Med. and the best ferry ticket prices!  

Ferry routes and ferry tickets from Tangier

The region of Tangier in Morocco has two ports: the port of Tangier-Med and the port of the capital Tangier or port of Tangier Ville as it’s often called. 

  1. The port of Tangier-Med is located close to the autonomous Spanish city of Ceuta and it is the most popular port option when you travel from or to Tangier. Tanger-Med is well connected by ferry to the south of Spain as well as to French and Italian ports. 
  2. The port of the capital Tangier (or Tangier-Ville) is smaller, right in the center of the city and from there you can easily take a ferry to Tarifa on the Atlantic coast of Spain. 
  3. The distance between the two ports of Tangier is a bit more than a 1-hour drive and you can transfer across the region by public transport as well. 

On Ferryhopper you will find all the ferry routes, schedules and ferry tickets from Tangier-Med and all the ways to travel by ferry from Tangier to the Mediterranean destinations. 

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Ferry from Tangier-Med to Spain, Italy, France

The port of Tangier-Med is an ideal option to travel to some of the most beautiful parts of Spain as well as to the south of France and northern Italy. The ferry companies that usually operate from the port of Tanger-Med are Trasmediterranea, Balearia, FRS, Intershipping, AML as well as GNV and Grimaldi Lines. Here are some of the most popular ferry routes from Tangier-Med: 

  • Ferry from Tangier-Med to Spain: The port of Tangier-Med offers a great variety of options to travel by ferry to the south coast of Spain. The shortest  and most frequent ferry connections are from Tangier-Med to the ports of Andalusia, for example: the port of Algeciras that the ferry trip lasts from 30minutes to 1,5 hour, the port of Malaga that the ferry trip lasts around 5 hours or the port of Motril, with a ferry trip duration of 8 hours. There is also a regular ferry connection with the port of Barcelona that takes from 27 to 37 hours.  The frequency and time schedules of the ferry routes from Tangier-Med is subject to change according to each season and the ferry companies so we recommend that you check the Ferryhopper search engine for all information about ferry routes, schedules, and all the available ferry ticket prices
  • Ferry from Tangier-Med to France: Twice a week you can take a ferry from the port of Tangier-Med in Morocco to the port of Sete in the south of France. Sete is a picturesque port, 30 km outside of the cosmopolitan city of Montpellier in France. There is a regular train line connecting Gare de Sète with Gare de Montpellier Saint-Roch in just 27 minutes. The ferry connection from Tangier-Med to Sete lasts around 40 hours and it’s a great option if you want to transfer your vehicle from Morocco to France and drive around the impressive French Riviera. On our platform, you will find all the available ferry ticket types to book the cheapest and most convenient itinerary for you! 
  • Ferry from Tangier-Med to Italy: From the port of Tangier-Med you can take a ferry to two ports on the northwest coast of Italy: Savona and Genova (or Genoa, as it is also called). There are 1-2 ferry connections per week connecting Morocco with northern Italy while the ferry trip from Tanger-Med to Savona lasts approximately 51 hours and the ferry trip to Genoa around 57 hours. Traveling by ferry from northern Africa across the Mediterranean is a great choice, particularly if you want to transfer your car or moto with you. Due to the length of the ferry trip, we recommend that you also book a bed cabin for a more comfortable and enjoyable journey. Book your ferry ticket from Morocco to Italy on Ferryhopper and live the unique experience of traveling by ferry to the Mediterranean. 
  • Ferry from Tangier-Med to Gibraltar: The Tangier-Gibraltar ferry connection operates once a week via the port of Tangier-Med while the ferry trip lasts just 1,5 hours. Traveling from Morocco to Gibraltar by ferry is a good option particularly if you are planning to spend a few days on the south coast of Spain. Alternatively, you can get the ferry from Tangier-Med to Algeciras and drive or take the public transport to Gibraltar. The distance between Algeciras and Gibraltar is just 20 km! 

Departing by ferry from the port of Tangier-Med in Morocco to the Mediterranean ports of Spain, France, Italy, and Gibraltar is a great idea - on our updated Map of Ferries you can check all the available ferry connections and port options to book your ferry tickets fast, easy and in the best prices! 

Ferry from Tangier to Tarifa

The port of the city of Tangier serves the ferry connection with the port of Tarifa on the western tip of the Spanish coast. Tarifa is a great destination to visit if you want to explore the region of Andalusia and of course if you like water-sports! The ferry connection from the port of Tangier to the port of Tarifa is very frequent and it lasts just 1 hour which makes this route ideal for a day trip between two continents! 

What to do in Tangier

Tangier is an international city and one of the most attractive destinations in Morocco. One of the most charming elements of Tangier is the mix of cultures that define the city’s style, architecture, and gastronomy. Don’t miss the chance of walking around the neighborhoods of the city and explore the Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic influences. The city and the wider region of Tangier have many places of interest and beautiful attractions - here are some suggestions from the Ferryhopper team: 

  1. The Grand Scocco square and market place
  2. The historical palace of the Sultan, Dar El Makhzen, now the Kasbah Museum
  3. The impressive archaeological Cave of Hercules, few km outside of Tangier
  4. The view from the Cape Spartel, overlooking the entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar
  5. The beautiful park and garden of Jardin de La Mendoubia
  6. Travel a bit further into the Moroccan mainland and visit the impressive archaeological ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis - a Unesco World Heritage site

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Beaches in Tangier

Tangier is at the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea which creates a beautiful landscape and of course offers the opportunity to visitors to enjoy the sun and the sea in an ideal setting. These are some of the most popular beach options in Tangier: 

  • The sand beach of the city of Tangier
  • Ba Kacem 
  • Playa Blanca
  • Bouhendia 
  • Dalia

How to book your ferry tickets from Tangier-Med

Traveling by ferry from the port of Tangier-Med to Spain, Italy, France, and Gibraltar is now easier with Ferryhopper! On our map of Ferries, you will find all ferry connections from the port of Tangier-Med and the port of the city of Tangier and book your ferry tickets from Morocco cheap, in just 4 clicks!

Tangier-Med has direct ferry connections with 8 ports:

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