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View of the coastline of Tunis in Tunisia

The inviting landscapes of Tunis

GNV ferries: available destinations for 2024

The ferry company GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci) resumes its top-tier maritime services across the Mediterranean Sea, allowing you to reach Italy, Spain, Albania, France, Morocco and Tunisia hassle-free.

To be precise, you can find ferries to/from mainland Italy (Genoa, Civitavecchia and Naples), Sicily (Palermo and Termini Imerese), Sardinia (Olbia and Porto Torres), Albania (Durrës), France (Sète), mainland Spain (Barcelona and Valencia), Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza in the Balearics, Morocco (Tangier and Nador) and, finally, Tunisia (Tunis).

Tip: to gain a better understanding of the above-mentioned ferry ports and islands, you can consult our interactive Map of ferries, visualize your itinerary and even combine multiple destinations in one booking!

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Boats in one of the canals in Sète, France

Picturesque views in Sète

GNV ferries to Sicily and Sardinia

In Italy, you can reach the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia from the mainland, thanks to the 2024 GNV ferries. Depending on the itinerary, you can either find seasonal or year-round departures. 

Regarding Sicily, here are the GNV routes available in 2024:

  • Genoa - Palermo ferry: there is at least 1 daily ferry to Palermo from Genoa, usually in the evening or at night. In less than 21 hours, you can reach Sicily for €61-€70.
  • Civitavecchia - Palermo ferry: once a week, you can find a Civitavecchia - Palermo connection that lasts a bit more than 12.5 hours. Ferry tickets for this year-round route start at roughly €60.
  • Civitavecchia - Termini Imerese ferry: on most days of the week, there are ferry connections that last 12.5-14 hours on average and cost around €40-€65, depending on the type of vessel.
  • Naples - Palermo ferry: every day, there is a 12-hour ferry connection between Naples and Palermo that costs around €45 on average. Some longer crossings last up to 14 hours and 15 minutes.
  • Naples - Termini Imerese ferry: once a week, you can reach Termini Imerese from Naples in less than 9 hours. 

As for the GNV ferries traveling to Sardinia in 2024:

  • Genoa - Porto Torres ferry: seasonally, you can reach Porto Torres in Sardinia from Genoa by ferry on most days of the week. The crossing lasts 13-14.5 hours and ferry tickets cost around €24 for a standard seat.
  • Genoa - Olbia ferry: from mid-May to mid-October, you can find several weekly connections between Genoa and Olbia that last 11-12.5 hours on average. The price of a standard ferry ticket is around €27.
  • Civitavecchia - Olbia ferry: this route is active from early June to late September and lasts around 6-8.5 hours, depending on the vessel. You can find ferry tickets to Olbia starting at €24 (for longer connections).

Note: you can find all available Italian ferry routes for 2024 here.

Aerial view of a marina with boats in Palermo, Sicily, Italy

The city of Palermo in all its glory

GNV ferries to the Balearics

Trips to mainland Spain ought to be combined with a visit to the Balearics, home to famous jewels like Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. To get there, you can choose either Barcelona or Valencia as your starting point. Specifically:

  • Barcelona - Mallorca ferry: in around 7 hours, you can reach Palma de Mallorca all year round. You can usually find tickets starting at €35.
  • Barcelona - Menorca ferry: reaching the port of Mahón in Menorca from Barcelona takes about 9 hours with GNV. Ferry tickets start at around €45 and crossings are available several times per week.
  • Barcelona - Ibiza ferry: GNV ferries for this route are available either on a daily or a weekly basis, depending on the season. The estimated travel time is around 9.5 hours, while tickets cost around €38-€65.
  • Valencia - Mallorca ferry: for €36-€65, you can reach Mallorca in a bit more than 6.5 hours
  • Valencia - Ibiza: in less than 7 hours, you can get to Ibiza from Valencia for about €49. Usually, you can find 3-4 daily GNV ferries to Ibiza.

Tip: the availability and frequency of off-season ferries to the Balearics may vary greatly. Make sure to take a look at our detailed guide if you wish to visit the archipelago during the winter months.

Yachts by the coastline of Menorca, Spain

Quaint moments in the yacht port of Mahón in Menorca

GNV ferries between Italy and Spain

For 2024, the ferry company GNV is serving weekly connections from Genoa to Barcelona. The route is normally active throughout the year and lasts approximately 20 hours. Ferry tickets start at around €75 and they may sell out fast during the high season, as it is a popular way of transferring one’s vehicle between Italy and Spain. The same applies to the return route, Barcelona - Genoa.

Aerial view of the sandy beach of Barceloneta in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, no introductions needed!

GNV ferries to Albania

Plenty of holiday destinations in Albania are all the rage now. Luckily, you can directly travel to Albania from Italy by ferry and explore its numerous secrets. 

GNV ferries connect Bari and Durrës from early January to late September on a daily basis, making the crossing in less than 11 hours. Standard tickets start at around €40, while you can also book a cabin and/or bring along your motor vehicle. 

Tip: for more detailed information, you can check out all ferry schedules to Albania here.

GNV ferries to Morocco and Tunisia

Continuing with the international routes operated by GNV, it’s time for Morocco and Tunisia to steal the spotlight. In the case of Morocco, you can find the following GNV routes:

  • Genoa - Tangier ferry: this route is active 2-3 times per week, with Genoa - Tangier making the crossing in around 48 hours on average.  
  • Sète -Tangier ferry: for around €100, you can reach Tangier from Sète in France in about 2 days. The route is active 1-3 times per week, depending on the season.
  • Sète - Nador ferry: there are 1-2 weekly ferries to Nador from France that make the crossing in 40-45 hours. The price of a single ferry ticket starts at roughly €65.
  • Barcelona - Nador ferry: up to 2 weekly ferries are operating on this 30-hour route. As for the ferry tickets, the lowest price is normally around €94.
  • Barcelona - Tangier ferry: for €76, you can catch a Barcelona - Tangier ferry twice a week and arrive in Morocco in 29-32 hours on average.

Important: there is also the Civitavecchia - Tangier ferry route, though only 3 schedules have been announced for summer 2024 for each direction. To find any new departures in real time, make sure to consult our fare search engine.

When it comes to Tunisia and GNV services, you can reach the port of Tunis from mainland Italy (Genoa and Civitavecchia) and Sicily (Palermo). More specifically:

  • Genoa - Tunis ferry: twice a week, there are 21-hour connections between Genoa and Tunis. The starting price can vary greatly depending on the season, ranging from €75 to €200.
  • Civitavecchia - Tunis ferry: for €89, you can reach Tunis in around 26-28 hours, with some connections including a layover. The route is generally active once a week.
  • Palermo - Tunis ferry: you can find 1 weekly Palermo - Tunis ferry that makes the crossing in around 10.5 hours. As for the ferry tickets, a standard one costs around €50.

View of the Moroccan port of Tangier

The simple and modern beauty of the port of Tangier

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