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How to redeem my Ferryhopper coupon

Find your ferry route! Enter the coupon code! Sail!

Have you just subscribed and you’re wondering how to redeem your discount coupon? Are you worried subscribing with Ferryhopper is not really worth it? What!?

Learn how to use your coupon to book cheap ferry tickets at the best prices and find out how to receive a discount coupon if you don’t already have one.

How do I redeem the Ferryhopper discount coupon?

To use your discount coupon, simply find the destination of your dreams, select your ferry route, proceed with the online booking, and enter the coupon code in the “I have a coupon” field.

We’ve tried to make using your coupon as straightforward as possible. Have a look at the screenshot below:

Coupon code field on the Ferryhopper website

Well, yes, you do have a coupon!

By entering the coupon code, the discount is automatically applied to the final price and the following message appears: “Coupon applied successfully”!

For how long is the coupon valid?

Each coupon has a different expiration date. If you're not sure when your coupon expires, you can try applying it to a booking to check whether it's still valid.  Bear in mind the coupon cannot be used again in case you change or cancel your booking.

Important: remember that you cannot use more than one coupons in a single booking. In other words, discount coupons are not used cumulatively.

Which ferry routes are available with the discount coupon?

The discount coupon is valid for all ferry routes you can find on Ferryhopper! You can book your tickets for any ferry route regardless of travel date.

If you’re still searching for your next destination, have a look at the best beaches in the Greek islands, as well as the top day trips from Santorini for inspiration! 

You can find all ferry routes on Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries.

How do I get a Ferryhopper discount coupon?

You can find your Ferryhopper coupon code in the welcome email we sent you upon subscribing.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, then there’s no coupon for you! Alright, not entirely true. You can still subscribe and get it anytime!

Subscribe with Ferryhopper using your email address and we’ll send you the discount coupon in a few minutes.

Important: make sure you confirm your subscription with Ferryhopper through the follow-up email to get the ferry discount coupon.