North Aegean, Greece

Ikaria is a seductive destination, an island of contrasts: with wild landscapes and turquoise waters, picturesque villages both by the sea and the mountainside. Ikaria is ideal for surfers as well as nature-lovers, a place to relax as well as to dance until late. The island is named after Icarus, the son of Daedalus who, according to the Greek mythology, fell in the sea nearby as his wax-made wings melted while he was trying to fly close to the sun.

Today, Ikaria is well known for its great food and vivid life while in 2012 The Guardian named it, ‘the island of long life’ due to its exceptional demographics. It is indeed the case that in Ikaria, time flows differently. Find all ferry itineraries to Ikaria at ferryhopper.com

Ferry schedules to Ikaria

Ikaria is well connected to Piraeus with regular itineraries during the winter months and daily ferries during the summer months. There is also a connection twice a week with the port of Kavala, in northern Greece.

Travelling to Ikaria

When travelling to Ikaria it is good to bear in mind that the island has two main ports:

  • Port of Agios Kirykos: the main port of Ikaria that is located in the south side of the island and serves routes from the mainland Greece as well as the Dodekanese (i.e. Patmos).
  • Port of Evdilos: the second port of Ikaria is located in the north side of the island and serves routes from the mainland Greece as well as the islands of the North Aegean (i.e. Samos, Fournoi).

Distances in Ikaria

Ikaria is a relatively big island so it is good to calculate in advance the time it takes to transit from one port to the other as well as the airport:

  • Port of Agios Kirykos - port of Evdilos: approximately 1 hour drive
  • Ikaria airport - port of Agios Kirykos: approximately 20 minutes drive
  • Ikaria airport - port of Evdilos: approximately 1h and 10 minutes drive
  • Port of Evdilos - Christos Village: approximately 35 minutes drive
  • Port of Agios Kirykos - Therma Village: approximately 5 minutes drive

 Please note that there are local buses operating between Agios Kirykos and the airport approximately 4 times a day. You can find an indicative schedule of Ikaria bus routes, here.

Ikaria Ferry Routes 

Due to its good connection with neighbouring and nearby islands, Ikaria is also an ideal destination for island hopping. Popular ferry routes from Ikaria are: Mykonos, Syros, Samos, Patmos, as well as Fournoi

Holidays in Ikaria

Ikaria offers a wide variety of activities, things to do and places to explore throughout the year.

Villages in Ikaria

The villages of Ikaria are spread across the island, both in the seaside and in the mountains. The rocky coasts and sandy beaches of Ikaria are complemented by the intense natural beauty of its mountains so walking around the villages of Ikaria, is a great opportunity to mingle with the locals, try the local food and enjoy the nature. 

  • Gialiskari 
  • Armenistis 
  • Magganitis
  • Therma
  • Akamatra
  • Arethousa
  • Christos (Raches)

Beaches of Ikaria

Following the charming contrasts of the island, the beaches in Ikaria offer a variety of options for different tastes. With pebbles or sand, easily accessible as well as remote ones, ideal for swimming or surfing.

  • Seychelles
  • Mesakti
  • Livadi
  • Nas
  • Kyparissi
  • Faros

 Ikaria Tip: Few of the beaches like Seychelles or Nas, are accessed only on foot and possibly need sneakers or sturdy shoes to avoid slippery or rough surfaces.

Activities in Ikaria

Ikaria’s landscape offers a great opportunity for outdoor and water activities:

  • Hiking and trekking tours led primarily by the island’s mountain hiking association.
  • Diving - primarily in the south coast of the island.
  • Surfing - One of the most popular sport activities in Ikaria, mostly in the north of the island, in the beaches of Mesakti and Livadi. In Mesakti runs the Ikaria Surf School.

Life in Ikaria  

The culture and the rhythm of the island is a constant celebration of life. A motto which finds its absolute meaning in the Panigiria, the local feasts that take place throughout the summer in the villages of Ikaria. Panigiria are large community celebrations that mark (usually) local religious holidays and involve food, drink, folk music and a lot of dancing by both locals and visitors. There are many different occasions throughout the year but some indicative festive days are: June 24, July 20, August 3, August 6 and August 15.
Ikaria is famous for its welcoming, unfading feasts and we highly recommend attending one of them for an unforgettable experience and celebration of life.

How to book your tickets to Ikaria

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Ikaria has direct ferry connections with 48 ports:

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