Boarding Process & Ticket Collection

Boarding Process & Ticket Collection

Where do I collect the ferry tickets that I have booked online? Can I pick them up at the port before departure or should I come by Ferryhopper’s offices? Can my ferry tickets be delivered? Are e-tickets (electronic tickets) available? Can I board the ferry with just the booking confirmation email? In the following section you will find answers to all these questions.

An important note on the boarding process

December 21, 2021

Every ferry company has different rules and procedures for boarding. You can find all the relevant information for each leg of your trip in your booking confirmation email. In case you are traveling with more than one ferry company, please note that the boarding process may be different for each company.

On international ferry routes the boarding process may take longer compared to domestic routes. Please make sure that you bring all the necessary documents with you, otherwise you will not be allowed to board the ferry!

Where do I pick up my ferry tickets?

December 21, 2021

Most ferry companies do not offer e-tickets (electronic tickets). Therefore, passengers may be required to pick up their ferry tickets. You can find all the ticket collection points listed in your booking confirmation email along with your reservation number, ticket number and information on the boarding process.

In case you are required to have paper tickets, you can collect them from any of the following collection points:

  • You can pick up your ferry tickets from Ferryhopper’s offices, near the center of Athens. The address is: Kallirrois 23, Athens, 11743, Greece (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 and Saturday 10:00-15:00).
  • You can collect your ferry tickets from a number of outlets serving your departure port. These include ticket booths at departure gates and travel agencies authorized by each ferry company (usually located near the port).

As soon as you complete your booking, you will receive an email with detailed information about all the ticket collection points. You can click on the link for each collection point to view the exact location and contact details.

If you would like to pick up your ferry tickets from the ticket booth at your departure gate, please rest assured that ticket booths are always open at least 45 minutes before the ferry's scheduled departure. You can contact the authorized travel agencies to find out their exact working hours.

Important note: In case you have already collected your ferry tickets, any cancellation or change can only be processed if you return your tickets either to our offices or to the authorized travel agency!

Can my ferry tickets be delivered?

December 21, 2021

At the moment, we offer a courier delivery service to any address in Athens and the region of Attica in Greece. We also offer a hotel delivery service anywhere in Greece. You can pick up your tickets from your hotel’s reception at the time of your arrival. Please note that all delivery costs are calculated before payment and are included in the total price you see on our website.

Are e-tickets (electronic tickets) available?

December 21, 2021

The Greek ferry companies that give you the option to book an e-ticket are: Blue Star Ferries, Minoan Lines, Seajets, Golden Star Ferries and Aegean Speed Lines. Many Italian and Spanish ferry operators also offer e-tickets (e.g. Trasmediterránea, Trasmapi, Moby Lines and others). To check in online and get your boarding pass, you can click on the links provided in your booking confirmation email. You can either download your boarding pass on your mobile device or print it out and bring it with you.

Can I board the ferry with just the booking confirmation email?

July 16, 2020

Some ferry companies allow you to board by simply showing your booking confirmation email, which includes your personal details and your reservation code. You can either show the email on your device (phone, tablet) or print it out and bring it with you.

At some ports, especially in Spain and Italy, you have to go to the ferry company’s terminal to collect your boarding pass, much like you would at an airport. In this case, you will have to show your booking confirmation email and check in at the company’s check-in desk in order to be allowed to board.

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