Payments, Privacy and Safety

What are the available payment options for my purchase?

You can pay for your ticket by credit and debit cards (Maestro, Mastercard, VISA, Visa Electron) or by MasterPass. More payment methods will be available soon, such as Paypal and American Express.

I am worried about my credit card details. Is it safe to place an order through

It is absolutely safe to place an order through In order to assure that your details are handled in the most secure way, we redirect you to one of our collaborating banks (Eurobank S.A, Alpha Bank S.A.) webpage for the completion of your payment. Your details are securely transferred directly to the bank servers through secure SSL 128-bit and SSL 2018-bit encryption.

Why do you need my personal data (e.g. Name, Gender, Phone, e-mail) when issuing a ticket?

Ferry tickets are personal. Thus, in order to issue a ticket, we are required to provide the ferry companies with your name, surname, and gender. The ferry companies’ systems only work with gender conforming identities. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any other option than male or female. Your phone number is required by the ferry companies so they can call you in case of a last minute change to your trip. Your email address is used to send you your reservation details. We may also send you information if your trip changes or if there is any specific action you need to take. You can also choose to receive our newsletter and specific personal offers we sometimes run. We are in the business of selling ferry tickets, we do not and will never sell or share your details with anyone except for the express purpose of providing you with the ferry ticket you booked with us.