Weather Disruptions & Ferry Strikes

Weather Disruptions & Ferry Strikes

What happens if your ferry is delayed or canceled? Is there a strike that affects your journey? Are ferries not running due to adverse weather conditions? Here you will find all the information you need about ferry delays and journey cancellations.

An important note on ferry disruptions

July 16, 2020

In this section we provide a summary of the policy of ferry companies in case of ferry delays and cancellations. We also provide an outline of the rules on passenger rights as detailed by the relevant authorities. Company policies and passenger rights are determined by the ferry operators and the relevant authorities and not by Ferryhopper. Therefore, Ferryhopper is not liable for any modification of these policies and rules. For more detailed information on ferry disruptions and compensations please read the companies’ policies.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us or the ferry company. Our customer support team will be more than happy to provide the information you need!

What happens if my ferry is delayed / canceled and the ferry company is responsible?

December 21, 2021

It is important to mention that it is not common for ferries to be canceled or delayed. Sometimes, however, the ferry company may not be able to avoid it (e.g. in case of a technical issue with the ferry).

Please note that we will always notify you as soon as we are informed about a ferry delay or cancellation and we will help you find the best alternative route according to your needs and travel plans. We understand how frustrating this situation can be and we will do our best to find the most convenient solution for you, especially when there is a chance that you might miss your connecting ferry or encounter problems with your accommodation.

In case your ferry is canceled and the ferry company is responsible:

  • If the ferry operator informs you about the cancellation at least one week before your scheduled departure, then they are required to fully refund your ticket(s).
  • If you have not been notified about the cancellation prior to your departure, then the ferry company has to ensure that you arrive at your destination at no extra cost.

If your ferry is delayed or canceled, any complaints or compensation claims should be addressed directly to the ferry company. As a ticket provider, Ferryhopper is not responsible for delays, cancellations or for processing compensation claims. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support and they will be happy to inform you about your rights as a passenger and put you in touch with the ferry company.

What happens if a strike disrupts ferry sailings?

July 16, 2020

If ferry sailings are disrupted due to a strike, we will notify all passengers whose trip is affected as soon as the local port authority makes an official announcement. Please remember that we have no control over the disruption of ferry sailings due to strikes. We understand that these disruptions can be very frustrating for all travelers and we will do our best to help you.

In case of a ferry strike, we advise you the following:

  • If you were required to collect your paper tickets and you haven’t done so yet, we suggest that you don’t collect them, especially if you would like to cancel the tickets and get a refund. If you pick up your tickets, then you will need to return them in order for the refund to be processed.
  • If you can change your travel dates, we recommend that you choose a ferry that departs before the day of the strike, as ferry schedules may be affected on the days following the strike.

What happens if my ferry is canceled due to weather conditions?

December 21, 2021

If your ferry is canceled due to adverse weather conditions:

  • You are entitled to change your ferry ticket to a ticket of equal value.
  • You are entitled to cancel your ticket and receive a full refund.
  • If the weather permits, you can remain on the ferry and use the facilities on board.

If you decide to cancel your tickets, the cancellation process differs depending on whether you have already picked up your paper tickets (in case this is required by the ferry operator) or not:

  • If you have NOT collected the tickets for the canceled trip: Please fill in our online contact form, so that we can process your refund immediately. Make sure that you inform us about the cancellation, as refunds cannot be processed automatically.
  • If you have already picked up the tickets for the canceled trip: According to the policy of ferry companies, you must return your tickets in order to change or cancel them.

You can return them to any of the following locations:

  • If you are still in Athens, you can return your tickets to Ferryhopper’s offices. If that is not convenient for you, you can send us the tickets by courier or post. We strongly recommend that you send them via registered post. Please note that Ferryhopper is not responsible for the loss of your tickets in the post. Our contact details are:

Kallirrois 23, 11743
Athens, Greece
+30 2109241453

  • If you are not in Athens, you can return your tickets to any of the local travel agencies that collaborate with the ferry company you are traveling with. You can find the local travel agencies and their contact details by clicking on the collection points link in your booking confirmation email.

The travel agent will cancel and stamp your tickets. They are required to either keep the canceled tickets and give you your refund / modify your trip or return the canceled tickets to you so that you can return them to Ferryhopper’s offices (Kallirrois 23, Athens) in person or send them to us by courier or post (please find our address above). We strongly recommend that you send them via registered post. Please note that Ferryhopper is not responsible for the loss of your tickets in the post.

As soon as we receive your tickets, we will process the cancellation, issue your refund and notify you by email.

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