Weather Disruptions, Strikes & Special occasions

Weather Disruptions, Strikes & Special occasions

Have you suffered a ferry delay or an itinerary cancellation? Facing a ferry strike during your trip? Or bad weather conditions prohibit the sailing of your ferry? Then read this article to find what to do and what you may claim.

An important note on disruptions

June 27, 2019

The cancellation, change and refund options described below are an indicative summary of the cancellation policies of the ferry companies as well as of the rights of ferry passengers as defined by the Greek state. Ferryhopper is not liable for any discrepancy or modification of these options and we recommend that if you do not find an answer to your question you should contact us or the ferry company for a more detailed and accurate answer concerning your specific case, at the time of its occurrence.

I suffered a delay or cancellation and the ferry operator was at fault

June 27, 2019

Once a ferry operator announces a crossing, it usually follows the good practice of respecting that timing. 
In some cases though, the times may need to be rearranged for a whole variety of potential reasons. Whatever the reason might be, we will always ensure to contact you by all reasonable means as soon as we are notified of such a change. We will then proceed, in consultation with you, to finding you the best alternative trip available. Of course, these kinds of situations occur at times of disruption, such as for example during a technical fault on a ferry. The alternatives may therefore not be the best possible options for you, but we will, of course, do our best to support you, especially if you have connecting transport or accommodation that you are liable to lose out on. 

In case of cancellation, and assuming this cancellation is a result of the ferry operators’ own negligence: 

  • If the company provides this information at least one week in advance of your trip, then they are required to provide a full refund of the ticket price.
  • If you have not received any information within the 7 days prior to departure, then the ferry company is responsible to ensure that you arrive at your initially planned destination by any means, at their cost. In this case, you can either contact your ferry operator directly, or you can contact Ferryhopper and we will take the case up with them. 

In case of delays, any complaints, as well as any compensation claims, should be addressed directly to the ferry operators. What we can do as ticket providers is guide you through your rights as a ferry passenger. You may find some useful information on the Ministry of Tourism’s webpage (some documents are also in English).

Ferry Strikes

February 25, 2019

In case of a strike, we will notify all passengers who have booked to travel on the day of the strike as soon as the Greek Port Authorities proceed with an official announcement. We completely understand how inconvenient this situation can be for all ferry passengers. However, the suspension of the itineraries is out of our control as ticket providers. We are more than willing to help you resolve this situation as easily as possible though.

In such a situation, you are advised:

NOT to collect the paper coupons of your tickets, especially if you wish to cancel your tickets and receive a refund. The collection of the tickets usually decelerates the refund process since the printed tickets need to be returned in order for any refund to be processed.

If you have the option of changing your travel dates, it is advisable to search for an itinerary before the strike, as itineraries on the days following the strike might also be affected by the general re-scheduling.

Cancellations due to weather conditions

June 27, 2019

Ferry companies in Greece are powerful, but even they can’t control the weather. If your trip is cancelled due to bad weather, the following conditions apply:

  • You are entitled to modify your ticket to an equal value ticket that is available. You are also entitled to cancel your trip and receive a 100% refund.
  • In any case, if the Captain considers it to be safe, you are entitled to remain on the moored ferry to use the facilities on board.

In such a case, the cancellation process depends on whether you have already collected the paper coupons of your tickets or not. 

In case you have NOT collected your tickets for your cancelled trip, you are kindly requested to contact us via our contact form so that we process your refund immediately. Please do not forget to inform us since refunds cannot be processed automatically.

In case you have already collected your tickets, according to the ferry operators' policy, you must return the paper coupons of your tickets to any of the following spots in order to modify or cancel them. 

  1. Our offices on Patision 25 str., Athens via insured post/ courier. If you are still in Athens, you are of course welcome to come and deposit them at our office directly. 
  2. You need to visit any of the official representatives and collaborating travel agencies of your ferry operator located on the island. You can find the corresponding offices on the collection points link, provided with your booking confirmation email. The agents of your ferry operator will physically cancel and stamp your tickets as officially cancelled. They are then required to either keep the cancelled tickets and refund you/ modify your trip or return the cancelled tickets to you so that you can proceed with sending them to us, here at Ferryhopper. In that case, we will process the cancellation and refund you. In case it is not convenient for you to return them in person, we strongly recommend sending the tickets via insured post. We are unable to take responsibility for lost tickets. Our exact address is:

Ferryhopper - Champion Travel of Athens
Patision 25, 10432, Athens, Greece
+30 210 5236037

We will, of course, notify you by email as soon as we have received the tickets and have refunded you.

In what cases are claims not acceptable

June 27, 2019

No claim can be filed for any delay, interruption, cancellation or itinerary change due to security reasons, in application of relevant law provisions (as case D, par 3, Article 6th, Law 2932/01), or Competent Authority relevant orders, in general, and specifically for the salvage of ships or persons in distress at sea, or a possible approved scheduled itinerary change to serve Emergency transport needs of public interest.

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