Ferry Tickets Discounts

Ferry Tickets Discounts

What is this Early Booking Offer? What are these Special Offer ferry tickets? How do I get special discounts on ferry tickets? Is a round-trip ferry ticket cheaper than two singles? If you are looking for answers in these questions then this is your page!

What are the “Early Booking Offer” or the “Special Offer” Tickets?

February 25, 2019

Ferry companies sometimes make special offers on a date or a destination basis. Of course, when any of the companies do this, we make sure that this offer is available on Ferryhopper immediately. Remember though, if you book this kind of ticket, you probably won’t be able to cancel it and get a refund. Some companies may allow you to change the date or transform your ticket to an open date ticket, but you’ll usually have to pay the difference between the normal ticket price and the special offer you have benefited from.

Is a round-trip ferry ticket cheaper than two singles?

June 27, 2019

Ferry companies have their own policies, and some of them provide you with a discount if you book a round trip with the same ferry company in one reservation. This discount may be quite valuable as they might give you up to 20% off compared to a single trip. It’s, therefore, a better idea to book full round trip tickets if you can.

Of course, it goes without saying that Ferryhopper will always provide you with the cheapest possible option available from the company you select. If the ferry company offers round-trip discounts, you’ll see the price of your ticket drop when you select the corresponding tickets and check the trip price. However, it is important to keep in mind that as per all ferry operators’ policies, in case you decide to modify any of the legs of your trip, the normal price of the tickets will apply.

How do I get special discounts on ferry tickets?

June 27, 2019

Ferryhopper gives you access to all the discounts available on ferry connections operated in Greece. If you cannot find it on Ferryhopper, then it probably doesn’t exist. If you believe we might have missed a discount which you could qualify for, we would be delighted to check it for you. If you’re right, you’ll get a big thank you from us. Ferry companies provide discounts for infants, children, students, and multi-child families. Please note that in the case of discounted tickets, you will be asked to demonstrate the relevant document proving you qualify for the discount before boarding. This could be a student card for example.

Ferry tickets: Age discounts

June 27, 2019

Each company has its own definition of infants and children. As a general rule, infants are considered between 0-5 years old and children between 5-10 years old. The following companies have a different policy on infants and children: 

  • Seajets: Infants 0-2 years old, Children 2-5 years old
  • Minoan Lines: Infants 0-5 years old, Children 5-16 years old
  • Aegean Speedlines: Infants 0-4 years old, Children 4-10 years old

Infants have a zero priced ticket and usually are not considered to occupy an extra seat. On the other hand, children occupy their own seats and usually have a discount of 25% or 50% of the adult ticket. The child or infant discount may in some cases only apply to certain types of seats, for example, some companies do not allow a free infant seat in Business Class lounges. For further information concerning children and infants, see here.

Ferry tickets: Student discounts

January 10, 2020

On international routes, a discount is offered to all students of Greek Universities, as well as to the International Student Card (ISIC) cardholders. On routes within Greece, student discounts are provided for students of Greek Universities that have a valid Greek student ID. Some companies (e.g. Blue Star Ferries, Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries, ANEK Lines, Saronic Ferries) also provide discounts for students holding an ISIC card. Check the official ISIC website for updated info concerning the operators that collaborate with ISIC.

Ferry tickets: Large family discounts

June 27, 2019

Large family discounts are available to holders of the official “ΚΑΡΤΑ ΠΟΛΥΤΕΚΝΩΝ” card issued by the Greek state. Large family cards from other countries do not apply. 

What is the Seasmiles loyalty card?

July 23, 2019

The Seasmiles loyalty scheme offers discounts on ferry tickets to your favorite Greek islands. As soon as you sign up to the scheme, you can use your card number when booking your ferry tickets and get exclusive offers. The Seasmiles programme applies to routes operated by the ferry companies: Blue Star Ferries, Superfast Ferries, and Hellenic Seaways. The Seasmiles ticket offers apply to trips to the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the islands of the Northeast Aegean as well as the Saronic Gulf and Crete. The discount type and amount depend on the destination as well as the ferry type that you travel with. An indicative example of the type of discounts that you can get with the Seasmiles loyalty card is: discount on passenger fare, on cars or motto, on bed cabins, on family bookings or return ferry trips. 

For the time being, it is not possible to apply the Seasmiles discounts when booking online. The Ferryhopper team is here to help you complete your booking and use your Seasmiles benefits for an easier and cheaper ferry trip to the Greek islands! Please contact us via email or phone, and we will check the availability of your desired ferry trip and complete your booking, applying the Seasmiles discount, in only a few minutes.

Before boarding, please make sure that you have with you your Seasmiles loyalty card to present at the ticket control as well as in order to collect points during your purchases at the ferry shops, cafe-bars, and restaurants. 

What do I get with the Camping-All-Inclusive offer?

July 9, 2020

The "All Inclusive Camping" service is provided by Minoan Lines for the Italy-Greece crossings. With this offer, you can enjoy: 

•    Garage space for your camper or caravan.
•    Power supply
•    Accommodation in internal cabin
•    30% discount on all meals and drinks served at the “à la carte” and self-service restaurants during the voyage

Unfortunately, conventional cars, minibuses or boats cannot benefit from the “Camping All Inclusive” service. Also, for safety reasons, it is forbidden to use propane or any other gas on board.

What do I get with the Camping-on-Board offer?

July 9, 2020

The "Camping on Board" service is provided by ANEK - Superfast for the Italy-Greece crossings. With this offer, you can enjoy: 

•    Open deck space for your camper or caravan.
•    Power supply
•    On-board showers & WCs

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use propane or any other gas when on board.

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