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Discover what to do in case of trouble with checking in online for your ferry trip, not receiving your e-ticket or boarding pass and more.

The first step to follow is to make sure that the ferry company operating your trip(s) supports e-tickets and provides an online check-in service.

If you're using our app, to confirm that you just have to go to "My bookings" and select the trip you want to check in for. If the ferry operator supports it, you will see a "Check in online" button right after the trip details.

Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the check-in section on the ferry operator's website. Usually, the requested fields are auto-filled, but in case they are not, you can use the Company code that you will find if you scroll down to the details of your booking.
In case you are yet to explore the features of our app, you can download it here.

You can also choose to go through the confirmation email of your Ferryhopper booking. In that case, you will have to check the "Boarding process" section (separate for each trip). If the ferry company supports online check-in, you simply click on the link "Check in online" and you will be redirected to the check-in section on the ferry operator's website. 

If the online check-in is not supported by the ferry operator, you will have to collect your ticket(s) in printed format. To find out the pick-up spot(s), you can open the "Ticket collection points" link under the "Boarding process" section. You will find the available options depending on your departure and you can collect your ticket(s) before the trip.

An electronic ticket or e-ticket is the digital ticket equivalent of a paper ticket. E-tickets are issued by ferry companies and they are a record of a passenger's trip information as it appears on the ferry company’s reservation system. After a passenger checks in online, they can store their e-ticket either on their mobile device or tablet and present it to board the ferry.

If you’re wondering what an electronic ticket looks like, have a look below and you will see the information usually included in any receipt:

  • name, surname, gender, nationality and age group
  • ticket number
  • booking reference
  • date of issue
  • date and time of departure and arrival
  • vessel name
  • carrier company name
  • departure gate
  • travel agency code and name
  • seat or cabin type
  • total fare

After you complete your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with all your booking information, such as your reservation code, trip details and personal information (i.e. your full name, date of birth and number of passengers).

Please note that the booking confirmation email is not your e-ticket. To get your electronic ticket, just click on the “Check in online” link that you will find in the “Boarding process” section in the email. After the process is successfully completed, your e-tickets will arrive either via email or via SMS. You can choose the option that suits you best.

Although more and more companies are paving the way towards making the boarding process faster and smoother by supporting e-tickets, there are still a few ferry operators that require passengers to pick up the hard copy of their ticket.

If you’re not sure whether a ferry company supports e-tickets or not, no need to worry! Ferryhopper provides you with this information before you book your ticket. If the company you are interested in traveling with supports electronic tickets, you will see a square pixel icon of a QR code next to the departure time.

If you have already made your reservation and you are not sure whether you are traveling with a company that supports e-tickets, you can simply check the “Boarding process” section in your booking confirmation email. If the company with which you made your reservation supports e-tickets, you will see the “Check in online” link that redirects you to the ferry company’s online check-in page. If the company does not support e-tickets, there will be a “Ticket collection points” link with the addresses of the local travel agencies from which you will have to collect your ticket in order to board the ferry.

Ferry companies, similar to airline operations, have set a timeframe for passengers to check in online. On average, most ferry companies facilitate online check-in approximately 2 days before the scheduled departure.

It's important to note that this timeframe can vary based on the region of travel. Greek ferry companies typically allow online check-in within 48 hours to 2 hours before departure. Spanish and Italian ferry companies, on the other hand, generally permit check-in from 7 days up to the departure date. It's worth noting that certain operators, like Trasmediterránea and Trasmapi, restrict any changes to your booking once online check-in is completed.

For precise information on online check-in time frames, it is recommended to check the terms and conditions of each ferry operator.

If you are traveling with Baleària, you should bear in mind that you won’t be able to go through the online check-in process if you are entitled to a discount. This is because you need to present proof of eligibility for the discount at the ticket office, which is usually located at the port of departure. If you are not able to check in online, there is no need to worry, as there is a terminal with a check-in desk at all ports.

You might not be able to check in online for a number of reasons. For example, online check-in might not be open yet, as ferry companies have a specific timeframe within which passengers can check in online. If you’re traveling with any of the following ferry companies: Blue Star Ferries, Minoan Lines, SeaJets, Golden Star Ferries, Aegean Speed Lines and Fast Ferries, bear in mind that online check-in is available from 48 hours to 2 hours before departure.

Moreover, there might be some kind of system error preventing you from checking in or the ferry company’s website might be undergoing scheduled maintenance.

Please note that if you’re having any trouble with the online check-in process, you should get in touch with the ferry company that operates your trip, as they are the ones providing the online check-in service and they will be able to give you more accurate information on why the check-in failed and how to get your e-tickets.

Most ferry companies allow you to check in online only once. If there is a misspelling in your email address or phone number, you might not be able to get your e-ticket. Therefore, make sure that you double-check your personal information before you complete the process, as this could save you a lot of hassle.

If you checked in online but did not receive your boarding pass, you will need to pick up the hard copy of your tickets, otherwise, you will not be able to board the ferry. You can easily collect your tickets from your ferry company’s ticket booth, which is usually located at the departure port. You will also find all ticket collection points listed in your booking confirmation email. Just scroll down to the “Change of plans?” section and click on “local travel agency.” The exact addresses of the ticket collection points will pop up.

In case you are planning to collect your tickets on the day of your trip, make sure that you arrive at the port at least 1 hour in advance for convenience and peace of mind.

Please make sure that you allow enough time to pick up your tickets before your departure. If you are unable to collect the hard copy of your tickets, you should contact the ferry company you are traveling with, as they are the ones providing the online check-in service and they will be able to give you more accurate information on why you haven’t received your e-tickets and help you if you can’t pick up your paper tickets.

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