Tanger Med or Tangier Ville: which is the right port for you?

To Tangier ports and beyond!

You’re preparing for your trip to Morocco by ferry and the big question remains: Tanger Med or Tangier Ville? In our guide, you can read all the information about the ports and find out which port fits best with your travel plans!

Panoramic view of the coast from the medina of Tangier, Morocco

Fortress in the medina of Tangier 

But, first where are the ports?

Both ports are located in northern Morocco overlooking the slope of the Strait of Gibraltar. The port of Tangier Ville is on the western edge of the harbor and it’s situated on a bay between Cap Spartel and Cap Malabata, very close to Tangier’s center.

On the other hand, the port of Tanger Med is almost an hour and 50km northeast of Tangier. It is located in Oued Rmel, very close to the Spanish city of Ceuta. Its strategic location connects the Moroccan coast to the Iberian Peninsula and other European countries. 

Now, let's see each port in more detail to help you make a decision so you can start packing your bags today!

The impessive square, Grand Socco in the center of Tangier

The bustling square of Grand Socco in Tangier

The mega port of Tanger Med

Are you wondering why should you travel to Tanger Med port? It is a major port that started operating passenger routes in 2010. Therefore, it has the most up-to-date facilities and new terminals. Also, if you're considering embarking with your car, this port is great for you.

If you’re planning to travel south towards the beautiful Tétouan, the blue village of Chefchaouen, or the stunning Fez instead of going to Tangier, then Tanger Med will save you time.

However, if you want to spend a day or two in the picturesque Tangier, it’s about a 50-minute drive from the port. But, what if you don't travel with your vehicle? Don't worry!

The port of Tanger Med is well connected to other places in Morocco with many train and bus routes. Do you want to know more reasons why to choose Tanger Med as your port? If yes, just keep reading. 🤓

Tanger Med is a hub for cruise ships and it has great connections with Europe and other African countries, welcoming almost 2 million passengers every year. Therefore, you can easily travel from/to European countries such as Spain, France, and Italy, thanks to several ferry connections.

Also, if you want to stretch your legs and relax after disembarking, you can enjoy a coffee or a refreshing mint tea in one of the recreational areas near Gate 3. There, you can also grab some lunch or go shopping.

Tip: if you wish to leave your vehicle, there are 2 public parking lots in the port area. 

Panoramic view of the port of Tanger Med in Morocco

The huge port of Tanger Med on the Strait of Gibraltar

The bustling port of Tangier Ville

Tangier Ville port has a smaller capacity than its counterpart Tanger Med. However, it’s one of the most important ports in Africa, thanks to its proximity to the Iberian Peninsula.

Tangier Ville port is the right port for you if you plan to spend a few days or enjoy a day trip in Tangier. One of its biggest assets is that is only 15 minutes by car from the old town of Tangiera beautiful historic district.

Therefore, as soon as you hop off your ferry, you can enjoy a walk through picturesque winding alleyways, and see stunning mosques, traditional white-washed houses, as well as the kasbah, the fortified quarters of the city.

There are so many things to do near the port so if you are into shopping, you just found your paradise! At the souks (traditional marketplaces), you’ll find multicolored clothes, handmade jewelry, and a whole mix of spices. Alternatively, you can explore the area of the Grand Socco, a square full of cafés and restaurants.

Also, the port is connected to other major cities of Morocco by bus, train, or car. In a 10-minute drive from the port of Tangier Ville, you can catch a train to Marrakesh, Casablanca, Nador, Fez and Rabat.

Tip: at the port, you can find a free parking lot. However, if you wish to leave your vehicle for more than 1 day, it is preferable to leave it in one of the car parks at the south end of Mohammed V Avenue.

The city of Tangier and its seaport from the medina

The old town and the port of Tangier

Ferry connections to Tanger Med and Tangier Ville

The port of Tanger Med normally operates ferry routes from Spain (Algeciras, Barcelona, and Tarifa), from Sète in France, and from Genoa in Italy. Here you can find all the information related to the ferry connections from/to Tanger Med:

There are several crossing from Spain to Tangier:

  • Algeciras - Tanger Med ferry: there are normally daily ferry crossings from Algeciras to Tangier all year round. Ferries arrive at the port of Tanger Med and the trip duration ranges from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. Ferry ticket prices from Algeciras to Tangier start at approximately €36.
  • Barcelona - Tanger Med ferry: the ferry from Barcelona to Tangier normally departs 4-6 times per week, arriving at the port of Tanger Med. The ferry ride from Barcelona to Tangier takes about 32 hours. Ticket prices start at approximately €110. The route is operated by Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV).

The port of Tangier Ville operates ferry connections only to the city of Tarifa in southern Spain. The ferry from Tarifa to Tangier Ville port is one of the fastest ways to travel from Spain to Morocco. The shortest trip to Tarifa takes about 1 hour with 6 daily ferry routes. Tickets for this route normally start at €40.

As for the connection between Morocco and France, the Sète - Tangier ferry operated once a week throughout the year. The journey takes around 40-49 hours and ticket prices start at approximately €80.

Morocco is also connected to Italy. There are weekly ferries from Genoa to Tangier (Tanger Med port) all year round. The ferry trip takes about 50-55 hours and tickets start at €200.

The fortress of the medina and the port of Tangier Ville in Morocco

The imposing walls overlooking the seafront of Tangier Ville

By now, you have probably decided which port is right for you so there's just one thing left to do! Book your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper at the same price with the ferry companies and…anchors aweigh!