Other questions

Other questions

A list of general questions that we frequently receive in our customer support department for ferries, tickets, boats and travel

What do the ferries look like?

February 28, 2019

Not all people are familiar with ferries. For some, usually those coming from a country that is not close to sea, taking a ferry is a first-time experience. If you are wondering what a ferry looks like, here is one:

a ferry in Greece - Blue star ferries

How early to book my tickets

March 13, 2019

We receive this question quite a lot, especially during winter months, when most people start planning their summer holidays. The question is rather simple; as long as you have your travel plans settled and the ferry schedules are out, you should go ahead and book your tickets in advance. You will not have to worry about availability, and worst case scenario, you will just have to modify your booking if something changes in your plans.


Is there a WIFI on Greek ferries?

March 7, 2019

Most of the ferries in Greece, at least the ones that operate between popular destinations, provide WIFI on-board as a paid service. You can purchase this service from your device browser, by providing your credit card details. However, you should note that the bandwitdh of these networks is limited, and hence it will be difficult to do much more than simple things such as accessing your emails. 

On the other hand, for the most part of your trip you will probably have internet access to your mobile through 3G or 4G networks.

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