Ferryhopper Physical Office

Ferryhopper Physical Office

Learn how you can arrange an appointment to visit our ferry ticket office if your request can't be handled by our customer service team electronically.

Can I visit the Ferryhopper physical office?

May 7, 2021

Ferryhopper serves the online booking of ferry tickets. Due to the current condition of COVID-19, access to the physical office is not available and every request is served electronically. However, in special cases, customers can arrange an appointment by contacting the customer service team in advance. These cases are:

  • In case the customer requested a ticket change, the new paper coupon must be reissued and courier delivery is not supported.
  • In case the customer requested a ticket change but has already issued a paper coupon. Therefore, they need to visit our office for the change process.
  • In case the customer requested a ticket cancellation, but paper coupons have already been collected.
  • In any other case that has been confirmed and the ticket has been issued by the customer service team.

It should be noted that access to the office is not allowed:

  • In case of purchase of new tickets
  • In any other case where no appointment has been approved by the customer service team.

Customers can make an appointment after contacting the customer service team by phone or email.

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