Cyclades, Greece

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades, located in the center of the Aegean sea. Naxos is an ideal holiday destination for all travelers, an island with great beaches, picturesque mountain villages, delicious food, and a vibrant lifestyle. On Ferryhopper you can compare all ferry schedules to Naxos and book your ferry tickets easy, fast and at the best prices!

How to get to Naxos

You can get to Naxos by ferry from Athens, throughout the year so the island is a great destination for both winter getaways as well as summer holidays. Naxos has frequent ferry connections to the port of Piraeus, while there are also ferry routes to Naxos from the ports of Lavrion and Rafina, in Athens. An average ferry trip duration from Athens to Naxos is 4 hours, however, the length of the ferry ride depends on the ferry type, the port of departure, and the stops that the ferry makes. Read our blog 'A Ferry(tale) to Naxos 2020', for more useful information for your ferry trip to Naxos!  

Being right in the center of the Cyclades island complex, you can easily reach Naxos by ferry from many nearby islands such as Paros, Mykonos, Syros, Amorgos as well as Santorini and Crete. On the Ferryhopper search engine, you can compare all direct and indirect ferry routes to Naxos and book the best ferry itinerary for you. 

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Island-hopping from Naxos

The central location of Naxos makes it a perfect departure port for some island hopping in the Greek islands! Here are some indicative ferry connections from the port of Naxos, and their duration:

The port of Naxos is also a very popular option as a gateway to the islands of the Small Cyclades. From Naxos, you can get a ferry to the beautiful islands of Amorgos, Koufonisia, Donousa, Schinoussa or Iraklia. During the winter the ferry connection Naxos - Small Cyclades is mostly operated by the historic ‘Express Skopelitis’: a conventional ferry that serves the population of these small islands during winter and summer months. In high season (from the beginning of May to the end of September) there are high-speed and conventional ferries operating in the ferry line from Naxos to Small Cyclades. 

This ferry connection is also very convenient for travelers who want to travel from Athens to Small Cyclades as they can book an indirect ferry trip via Naxos and enjoy the most of the journey to the Cyclades. On our pages, you can find more information about the Athens-Naxos ferry connection as well as the popular Naxos - Amorgos ferry route

Due to its key location, during the summer months you can also get a ferry from Naxos to the islands of Northeast Aegean such as Ikaria, Samos, Leros or Patmos. From there you can then travel by ferry to the Dodecanese or the ports of the Turkish coast. 

On the Ferryhopper Map of Ferries you can see all the ferry connections from Naxos to easily plan your island-hopping experience in the Greek islands! 

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What to do in Naxos?

As soon as your ferry reaches the port of Naxos you will be impressed by the beauty of the island and of course by the view of the famous Portara, the ruins of the gate to the ancient temple of Apollo. Naxos is an all-year-round holiday destination, and especially in the summer, the island combines options for all different tastes. 

Naxos is an island with rich culture and tradition, beautiful architecture and landscapes, delicious food and local ingredients as well as great beaches to swim, sunbathe or do water-sports. 

Beaches in Naxos

Naxos is one of the largest Greek Islands and you have the chance to try many different beach options during your holidays there! In Naxos, you can find organized beaches, ideal for families and kids, more secluded ones, others dedicated to water sports as well as beaches for nudists. Here are some of the best beaches in Naxos

  • Agios Prokopios
  • Agia Anna
  • Maragkas beach
  • Pyrgaki
  • Plaka
  • Mikri Vigla
  • Alyko
  • Orkos
  • Kastraki
  • Moutsouna

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Sightseeing in Naxos

The island of Naxos was inhabited since ancient times, and its history and tradition are evident across the island. Make sure that when you visit Naxos you explore some of its impressive archaeological sites, the local architecture and how it combines with the beautiful natural landscapes of the island. Here are some suggestions for sightseeing in Naxos: 

  • Portara Gate
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Temple of Dimitra
  • Castle of Naxos
  • Archaeological Museum of Naxos
  • The Kouroi of Flerio
  • The Kouros of Apollonas
  • The Bazeos Tower
  • Fotodoti Monastery
  • Agia Kyriaki (Apeiranthos) 

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Food in Naxos

Naxos is renowned for its food, local ingredients, and cuisine! The Naxian cuisine combines Cretan with Cycladic flavors in a great balance! You will find many restaurants and taverns across the islands, as well as shops to buy some of the delicious local products of Naxos! Make sure that when in Naxos you try: 

  • Potatoes
  • Honey
  • Arseniko cheese
  • Graviera cheese
  • Citron liqueur 
  • Gouna (usually with sun dried fish)
  • Zaboni (a type of local prosciutto)
  • Jams and spoon sweets
  • Olive oil 

Nightlife in Naxos

The island of Naxos is definitely a good destination for food tourism but not only that...Entertainment and nightlife in Naxos are also guaranteed. The island combines many options for different tastes, with bars, cafeterias, clubs, jazz bars, beach bars and romantic spots in the lively Chora as well as in villages and settlements around Naxos. Throughout the year in Naxos, and particularly during the summer season, there are many music gigs, cultural festivals, food festivals, and theatre performances. 

The mountain villages of Naxos

Naxos has some of the most impressive mountain villages in the Cyclades and we recommend that you spend some time exploring this side of the island. The mountain of Zas, of 999m height, named after Zeus, is the main landscape where the mountainous settlements are based. The mountain villages of Naxos have distinct architecture and culture and you should definitely visit as many as you can during your stay on the island to discover the Naxian lifestyle. Here are some of the most beautiful mountain villages of Naxos:

  • Apiranthos
  • Filoti
  • Halki
  • Filoti
  • Koronos
  • Moutsouna
  • Tripodes
  • Sangri
  • Potamia

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Where to book my ferry tickets to Naxos?

Booking your ferry tickets to Naxos is now easier with Ferryhopper! On our search engine, you can compare all ferry schedules to Naxos, both direct and indirect, while on our map of ferries you can see all the ferry connections from/to Naxos to organize the best island hopping experience in the Cyclades. You are now just 4 clicks away from your ferry trip to Naxos, book your ferry tickets here.  

Naxos has direct ferry connections with 52 ports:

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