North Aegean, Greece

Samos is a beautiful island in the north aegean sea with long history, an intense green landscape and crystal clear waters. Samos is the birthplace of the ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the ancient astronomer Aristarchus as well as the ancient philosopher Epicurus. Its long historical and archeological tradition is only a taste of Samos’ rich culture, attractions and activities. Samos is a great holiday destination for nature-lovers and anyone who enjoys good food and wants their summer holidays to combine both the mountain and the sea. 

Ferry Schedules and Ferry Tickets for Samos

Samos connects to the port of Piraeus with frequent itineraries throughout the year. The main island port is Karlovasi, but often the ferries travelling from Piraeus to Samos also stop to the second port of Samos (and the island capital) Vathi. The duration of the ferry trip from Athens to Samos depends on the destination port (Karlovasi or Vathi) and the itinerary that you choose. Indicatively the Athens - Samos ferry route can last from 7 hours to 14 hours so we would suggest to consider the bed cabin option when booking your ferry tickets. 

Samos is also in a key location that allows you to explore the east and north-east side of the Aegean sea: it is located next to the islands of Ikaria and Fournoi as well as the Dodekanese islands like Patmos, Leros or Kalymnos. From Samos you can also take a ferry to the Turkish coast line, and the port of Kusadasi. During the whole year Samos has ferry connections to the Cyclades, mainly the port of Mykonos or Syros.  

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Ferry from Athens to Samos 

Getting to Samos from the port of Piraeus

Samos is well connected to the port of Piraeus throughout the year with ferries departing from Athens to Samos at least 4 to 5 days every week. During the summer months the ferry itineraries are more frequent, due to higher demand. The ferry from Piraeus to Samos usually stops at the port of Karlovasi but there is often connection with the port of Vathi too. Your destination port in Samos will affect your ferry trip duration as Vathi is a bit further in the east to the port of Karlovasi. Indicatively the duration of the Piraeus - Samos ferry trip ranges from 7 hours and 30 minutes to 14 hours so make sure you check your destination port before booking your ferry tickets!
The cost of the Piraeus to Samos ferry trip is subject to change every year but an approximate range based on 2019 data is from 20€ to 50€ for a standard economy seat. 

Which port in Samos?

Samos has three ports, two in the north side of the island (Karlovasi and Vathi) and one in the south side (Pythagoreio). 

  • Port of Karlovasi: Karlovasi is the second largest town in Samos and it is located in the north west of the island. The port of Karlovasi serves ferry connections to the port of Piraeus, to the other islands of the north aegean like Ikaria, Fournoi or Lesvos, as well as to the Cyclades (Mykonos, Syros).
  • Port of Vathi: Vathi is the capital of Samos, located in the north east side of the island. The port of Vathi serves ferry connections to the port of Piraeus, to Mykonos and Syros as well as to islands of the Dodekanese like Patmos or Rhodes. From Vathi you can also take a ferry to Kusadasi in Turkey as the trip is only 1 h and 30 minutes. 
    It is often the case that the same ferry route passes from both the northern ports of Samos. For example from Piraeus to Karlovasi and then to Vathi and vice versa.
  • Port of Pythagoreion: Located in the south east of Samos, the town and port of Pythagoreion is the main ferry departure point to the islands of the Dodekanese. During the summer months you can get a ferry from Pythagoreio to Patmos, Leros, Kos, Kalymnos, Symi or Rhodes. 

How long is the ferry trip to Samos?

Samos is located 295 km (183 miles) away from Athens (port of Piraeus) so the duration of the ferry trip is relatively long. The exact duration of the Athens - Samos ferry trip depends on the port of Samos that is your final destination. Indicatively, the ferry trip from Piraeus to Karlovasi can last from 7 hours and 30 minutes to 10 hours while the ferry trip from Piraeus to Vathi can last from 10 hours to 14 hours. 
Often the ferry trip to Samos is overnight so whichever your destination port we would recommend that you book a bed cabin for a more comfortable ferry ride. 
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Ferry from Rafina to Samos

At the moment there is no direct ferry connection from the port of Rafina to Samos. There is however an easy way to get to Samos from Rafina via the island of Mykonos. Ferries from Mykonos to Samos are regular during the winter and frequent during the summer while the minimum layover time for this indirect ferry trip is 7 hours and 30 minutes.  

Island hopping from Samos 

If you want to spice up your summer holidays in Samos or just change scenery for a few days, you can get a ferry to nearby islands of the north aegean like Ikaria, Fournoi or Lesvos or get a ferry straight in the centre of the Cyclades and the islands of Mykonos or Syros. From the port of Pythagoreio you can also get ferries to the Dodekanese such as Patmos, Leros, Kos, Kalymnos or Rhodes

Holidays in Samos

Samos is a peaceful island with great natural beauty and offers a variety of activities for all ages and tastes. No wonder it is a popular holiday destination for families as well as groups of friends! When in Samos, you will soon discover that the entire island is an archaeological site. From the Iraio of Samos to the Eupalinos tunnel and Pythagoras’ cave, Samos’ heritage is linked to mythology, science and Greek history, an element of the island that is really worthy to explore. 

Beaches in Samos

Samos has a variety of beautiful beaches to choose from, located in different parts of the island.

  • Tsamadou
  • Potami
  • Mikri & Megali Lakka
  • Psili Ammos
  • Seitani
  • Glykoriza
  • Tsampou

Villages in Samos

The four main settlements in Samos are the three ports (Karlovasi, Vathi, Pythagoreio) along with the small town of Marathokampos located in the south west of the island. The picturesque mountain villages of Samos are also an opportunity to see some beautiful views of the north aegean, walk in the nature and taste some of the local delights. 

  • Manolates
  • Pyrgos
  • Kastania
  • Spatharaioi
  • Platanos
  • Drakaioi

Distances in Samos

Samos is a relatively large island and it has a good road link so having a car or motorbike would be an excellent option in order to explore the island beaches, villages and nature. Here are some indicative distances in Samos that might be useful:

  1. Vathi - Karlovasi: 30 km (approximately 40 minutes drive)
  2. Vathi - Pythagoreio: 12 km (approximately 17 minutes drive)
  3. Samos airport - Pythagoreio: 3 km (approximately 5 minutes drive)
  4. Samos airport - Vathi: 15 km (approximately 20 minutes drive)
  5. Karlovasi - Marathokampos: 14 km (approximately 23 minutes drive)

Tip: Samos has a remarkable wine heritage. If you happen to be there in August, don’t miss the wine tasting festival where all local producers sample their wines, and you can decide which wine will keep you company upon your way back home.

How to book your ferry tickets to Samos

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Samos has direct ferry connections with 35 ports:

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