Lesvos by night


North Aegean, Greece

Lesbos (or Lesvos) is a Greek island of unique beauty, located in the northeastern Aegean. Famous for its stunning natural landscapes, traditional villages and delicious local ouzo, it is an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure. Here, you can find all the information you need about the port of Mytilene and your vacation in Lesbos: how to get there, what to do on the island, best beaches, outdoor activities and ferry schedules. Book cheap ferry tickets online on Ferryhopper with no hidden fees!

The port of Mytilene by night

The beautiful town of Mytilene at dusk

Holidays in Lesbos

Lesbos, also known as “Lesvos”, is the third biggest island in Greece after Crete and Euboea. It is often referred to as “Mytilene” after the name of its capital and main port. No matter what you choose to call it, as Matt Barrett has written, Lesbos is “like no other Greek island and perhaps no other place in the world.” A popular holiday destination, the lush island is well-known for its diverse landscape, picturesque villages, exceptional food and amazing beaches.

Home to famous Greek writers and birthplace of the ancient Greek poet Sappho, Lesbos also has a rich history, which you can discover by visiting the island’s numerous archaeological sites and monuments. Travel to Lesbos and relax next to the sea, try delicious local delicacies, drink the island’s renowned ouzo and enjoy the nightlife at the bars of Mytilene!

How to get to Lesbos

You can take the ferry to Lesbos either from Piraeus (the port of Athens) or from the port of Kavala, a town in northern Greece. Most ferries arrive at the port of Mytilene, while there are also less frequent ferry crossings to the port of Sigri in the summer.

You can find more information about ferry schedules and tickets to Lesbos here.

Things to do in Lesbos

There are so many things to do in Lesbos, that you would have to spend the entire summer there to experience all the island has to offer! From outdoor activities and water sports, to unique cultural attractions and natural sights, Lesbos has something for everyone.

Sounds exciting? Read on to find out all you need to know about your trip to Lesbos.

Bay south of Molyvos in Lesbos

The amazing crystal blue waters of Lesbos

Beaches in Lesbos

Along the coastline of Lesbos, you will find many beautiful beaches with crystal blue waters. Some are easily accessible and have umbrellas, sun-loungers and beach bars, while others are more peaceful and secluded.

Our favorite beaches in Lesbos are:

  • Eresos: long and sandy, this is one of the most famous beaches in Lesbos. Eresos is ideal for water sports and activities.
  • Vatera: this is a beautiful endless beach with sand and crystal-clear waters. Ιn one section of the beach, you will find umbrellas, sun-loungers, tavernas and beach bars.
  • Sigri: this is a small cove with golden sand and shallow waters. There are hotels, restaurants and cafés in close proximity.
  • Molyvos: this long sandy beach is very popular and can be busy during the summer. It is ideal for water activities and has umbrellas, sun-loungers and showers as well as cafés and restaurants.
  • Eftalou: this endless coast is full of quiet, pebbly beaches with crystal-clear cool waters. Eftalou is also known for its therapeutic warm springs.
  • Agios Isidoros: this is a long beach with small pebbles and glassy waters close to the village of Plomari.
  • Agios Ermogenis: this stunning small beach is surrounded by pine trees and has a little fish restaurant.
  • Tarti: this is a popular wide beach with crystal waters. After your swim, you can try delicious local dishes at the tavernas right next to the sea.

Sightseeing in Lesbos

Lesbos is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for its impressive monuments that testify to the island’s glorious past. Just take a stroll around the city of Mytilene and you will come across gorgeous neoclassical buildings and magnificent churches, as well as beautiful mosques and hammams from the Ottoman era. Castles, museums, archaeological sites, monasteries, wetlands and a petrified forest are there for you to explore!

Some of the best attractions in Lesbos are:

  • the Castle of Mytilene
  • the Roman aqueduct in Moria
  • the ancient sanctuary of Messou
  • the Castle of Molyvos
  • the Castle of Sigri
  • the petrified forest of Lesbos in Sigri
  • the wetlands of the Gulf of Kalloni
  • the acropolis of ancient Eresos
  • the Monastery of Limonos
  • the mansions in the town of Mytilene
  • the Museum-Library Stratis Eleftheriadis-Tériade
  • the Theophilos Museum with an extensive collection of the famous local painter’s work

Tip: if you visit Lesbos during the summer, you can go for a day trip to Ayvalik, a popular holiday resort on the west coast of Turkey. The ferry journey lasts approximately 1.5 hours. 

You can find more information about how to travel from Greece to Turkey by ferry in our blog post.

The village and castle of Molyvos

The imposing Castle of Molyvos

Activities in Lesbos

The island’s diverse landscape makes it an ideal destination for outdoor activities. Lesbos is a hiker’s paradise, with an extensive network of well-marked trails that offer breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the neighbouring Turkish coast. Water lovers can go kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing or try water skiing and scuba diving. The island has several bike rentals, while you can also enjoy guided cycling tours.

For those looking for a more peaceful experience, we suggest birdwatching, as Lesbos is a Mediterranean migration hotspot and has an impressive variety of resident birds. You might even see flamingos!

Food in Lesbos

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in Lesbos you can try some of the most delicious dishes in Greece. The island’s cuisine features locally-produced ingredients and has been influenced by the culinary tradition of Asia Minor. Lesbos is well-known for its fish-based delicacies, the perfect accompaniment to the island’s world-famous ouzo!

You can find countless restaurants, tavernas and ouzeri (traditional restaurants that serve ouzo and meze) not only in Mytilene but in most towns and villages of the island. There are also plenty of shops that sell high-quality traditional products.

During your trip to Lesbos, we recommend trying the following:

  • ladotyri (local cheese made of sheep’s milk or sheep’s and goat’s milk)
  • ouzo of course!
  • sougania (onions stuffed with mince meat and rice)
  • chachles (rusk-like trachanas, traditional Greek product made of milk and wheat)
  • sfougato (omelette with zucchini and lots of herbs)
  • salt-cured sardines and anchovies
  • sun-dried fish with olive oil and lemon
  • kolokythoanthoi gemistoi (zucchini flowers stuffed with rice and herbs)
  • jams and glyka tou koutaliou (“spoon sweets,”  traditional desserts made from fruit preserved in syrup)
  • liqueurs made from delicious local fruit

Nightlife in Lesbos

Compared to other Greek islands, nightlife in Lesbos is more low-key but still exciting and unique! The lively capital of Mytilene is one of the main centers of the action, with its several cafés and bars where you can mingle with the locals, enjoy live music gigs or go dancing. Concerts, theater performances and other cultural events take place throughout the year, while there is also a beautiful open-air cinema for more quiet evenings.

The villages of Molyvos, Skala Eresou and Petra also offer plenty of options for night owls. Enjoy your drink right next to the sea, watch the sunset while drinking summer cocktails and dance to the latest hits in the bars and beach-bars of these popular seaside resorts! 

The village of Plomari in Lesvos

The picturesque village of Plomari in the south of Lesbos

The town of Mytilene and villages in Lesbos

Unlike the capitals of most Aegean islands, Mytilene is a big town, full of majestic buildings that testify to the island’s rich history and diverse influences. We definitely recommend exploring Mytilene to marvel at the impressive architecture and monuments.

The island also has many beautiful villages, small towns and popular resorts that we urge you to discover. Enjoy the amazing landscapes and gorgeous views, walk down the picturesque alleys and try fresh fish and mouth-watering delicacies in the villages of Lesbos!

Ferryhopper suggests visiting the following villages in Lesbos:

  • Eresos
  • Skala Eresou
  • Molyvos
  • Agiasos
  • Mantamados
  • Agia Paraskevi
  • Sigri
  • Plomari
  • Antissa
  • Asomatos

Useful information about Lesbos

Mytilene is the main port of Lesbos and the commercial, financial and cultural center of the island. There, you will find several supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, ATM machines, gas stations and a hospital. There are also amenities for travelers in most towns and major villages in Lesbos. 

As for accommodation, the island offers several options, from hotels to boutique studios and luxurious villas. Most of them are in Mytilene and other popular tourist resorts, such as Skala Eresou and Molyvos. Lesbos also has an airport, which is located approximately 8km (15 minutes by car) from the port of Mytilene.

Important phone numbers for your stay in Lesbos

Here are some useful contacts to keep handy during your trip to Lesbos:

  • Mytilene Port Authority: +302251024115
  • Vostaneio Mytilene General Hospital: +302251057700, +302251351100, +302251351400
  • Tourist Police: +302251022776
  • Lesbos intercity bus station (KTEL Lesvou): +302251028873
  • Taxis: +302251025900
  • Odysseas Elytis Mytilene International Airport: +302251038700

Transportation in Lesbos

Lesbos has an intercity bus (KTEL) that runs services from Mytilene to the island’s major towns and villages. There are also taxis, but the ride can be quite expensive. Lesbos is big, so if you want to explore it, we recommend that you bring your own vehicle. You will find gas stations in the capital and on some of the main roads.

Here are the distances between Mytilene and some of Lesbos’ main towns and villages to help you plan your trip around the island: 

  • Mytilene - Eresos: 86km (approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes by car)
  • Mytilene - Agiasos: 25km (approximately 30 minutes by car)
  • Mytilene - Molyvos: 60km (about 1 hour and 10 minutes by car)
  • Mytilene - Plomari: 40km (approximately 1 hour by car)
  • Molyvos - Eresos: 55km (about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car)

View of mountains and sea in Lesbos

Breathtaking view of the green island at sunset

Ports in Lesbos

The main port of Lesbos is Mytilene, which serves most ferry routes to mainland Greece and other islands. There is also a smaller ferry port in Sigri, a village on the northwestern coast of Lesbos. Keep in mind that it takes about 2 hours by car to get from Sigri to Mytilene.

Island hopping from Lesbos

Throughout the year, there are regular ferry connections from Lesbos to other North Aegean islands, such as Chios, Lemnos, Samos and Ikaria. From Lesbos, you can also travel by ferry to popular islands of the Cyclades, like Mykonos and Tinos.

There are direct ferry routes from the port of Mytilene to the following islands:

  • Chios
  • Fournoi
  • Ikaria
  • Lemnos
  • Oinousses
  • Psara
  • Samos
  • Mykonos
  • Patmos
  • Syros
  • Tinos

On Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries, you can see all the available ferry routes from Lesbos, so that you can easily plan your island hopping in the Aegean.

Lesbos ferry: schedules and tickets

You can easily travel from Athens to Lesbos by ferry throughout the year, while there are also regular ferry connections to Lesbos from the port of Kavala in northern Greece. More specifically:

  • Athens - Lesbos: during the winter, there are at least 5 weekly ferry crossings from the port of Piraeus to the port of Mytilene. In the summer, the ferry route Piraeus - Mytilene is served daily, while there are also ferry connections from Piraeus to the port of Sigri. The journey from Athens to Lesbos can take 11 to 17 hours depending on how many stops the ferry makes on the way.
  • Kavala - Lesbos: there are at least 2 weekly ferry crossings from Kavala to Mytilene during the winter, while in the summer ferries usually depart 3-4 times per week. The ferry trip from Kavala to Lesbos lasts 6.5 to 10.5 hours depending on the number of stops.

Tip: ferries to Lesbos usually travel at night, so we recommend booking a cabin for a more comfortable journey. You can also bring your vehicle with you, as all ferries have a car deck.

Find all available ferry schedules, routes and fare types and compare prices for ferry tickets to Lesbos at a glance on Ferryhopper!

Where to book ferry tickets online to Lesbos

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Lesbos has direct ferry connections with 29 ports:

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