Ferries from the Greek islands to Turkey in 2024

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Are there ferries between Greece and Turkey? Of course! The ferry connection between the Greek islands and the western coast of Turkey is the easiest way to travel between Greece and Turkey!

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Hotels and buildings by the seaside castle of Bodrum in Turkey

View of the impressive sea fortifications of Bodrum in Turkey

Greece - Turkey ferry schedules 2024

Which Greek destinations offer ferry services to Turkey in 2024? Usually, you can get by ferry from Turkey to Greece or the other way around through 9 destinations in Greece: Chios, Rhodes, LerosSamos, Kos, Lesbos, KalymnosKastellorizo, and Thessaloniki.

The ports of western Turkey that are connected by ferry to Greece are normally Çeşme, Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, İzmir, Seferihisar, Kaş, Ayvalik, Kusadasi, and Turgutreis.

Explore all 2024 Greece - Turkey ferry routes below:

Ferries and boats at the port of Chios, Greece

Ferries at the port of Chios in Greece

Ferry from Chios to Çeşme

The ferry route Chios - Çeşme is usually served by 2 ferry companies. There are normally up to 6 daily ferry crossings between Chios and Çeşme in the summer season. In the off-season, there are several weekly crossings. The ferry duration ranges from about 20-35 minutes to 1.5 hours and tickets are usually around €26.

Beach with white sand and umbrellas in Çeşme, Turkey

White-sand beach at the town of Çeşme in western Turkey

Ferry from Samos to Kuşadasi

You can usually catch a ferry to Kuşadasi in Turkey from 2 ports in Samos: Pythagoreion and Vathy. The Samos - Kuşadasi ferry route is served by 3 ferry companies and the duration of the sailing is around 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. The route is usually available twice daily, with tickets starting at around €30.

Ferry from Samos to Seferihisar

Usually, the route between Seferihisar in Turkey and the Greek island of Samos is operated by 1 ferry company. There are normally 4 weekly crossings that last 2 hours and tickets are around €35. Ferry availability may vary depending on the season, however.

Note that the Samos - Seferihisar ferry route is currently suspended.

Tourist boat in Kuşadasi bearing a Turkish flag

Tourist boat at the harbor of Kuşadası in Turkey

Ferry from Rhodes to Fethiye

Ferries from Rhodes to Fethiye are available by 2 ferry companies. There are at least 1-2 daily sailings to the Turkish town of Fethiye, depending on the season, with an average crossing duration of 1.5 hours. Standard tickets for this route start at around €30.

Ferry from Rhodes to Marmaris

Traveling by ferry from Rhodes to Marmaris is available 1-2 times per day. It takes 1 hour to reach Marmaris from the Greek island of Rhodes and tickets start at €52. The route is primarily operated by 1 ferry operator.

Building rooftops at the town of Marmaris in Turkey by the sea

The coastal town of Marmaris in Turkey

Ferry from Kos to Bodrum

Ferries to Bodrum from Kos in Greece are operated by 3 ferry companies. The Kos - Bodrum ferry route is in operation up to 6 times per day. The duration of the trip is just 20-40 minutes, with ticket prices starting at around €20. Check out our dedicated blog for more info about what to do on a day trip from Kos to Bodrum.

Tip: if you want to get from Santorini or Crete to Turkey by ferry, you can catch a domestic ferry route to one of the islands of the Dodecanese or the North Aegean Sea and board a ferry to Turkey from there. Check our Map of ferries to plan your trip with ease!

Ferry from Kos to Turgutreis

The route between Kos in Greece and Turgutreis in Turkey is usually served by 1 ferry company. The Kos - Turgutreis ferry crossing is available once daily. The crossing lasts 30 minutes and tickets start at €21.

Important: currently, the Kos - Turgutreis ferry route is not in operation. To stay up to date, you can always find all available ferry schedules in real time on Ferryhopper.

Ferry from Leros to Turgutreis

The Leros to Turgutreis ferry connection is served by 1 ferry company and is available with 3 weekly crossings. The crossing lasts 1 hour and tickets start at €40.

Important: the ferry route between Leros and Turgutreis is not currently in service.

Ferry from Kalymnos to Turgutreis

You can catch a ferry from Kalymnos to Turgutreis 2 times per week, on Mondays and Thursdays. It takes 45 minutes to travel between the two ports and tickets are around €25.

Important: the ferry route between Kalymnos and Turgutreis is also not currently in operation.

Ferry from Kastellorizo to Kaş 

From Kastellorizo in the Dodecanese, you can catch a ferry to the port town of Kaş in Turkey 1-2 times per day. It takes 20 minutes to travel between the two ports and tickets are around €28 in the peak season.

Ferry from Lesbos to Ayvalik 

The Lesbos - Ayvalik ferry route is served by 2 companies, with 2-3 ferry departures on most days. It takes 50 minutes to 1.5 hours to travel between the port of Mytilene in Lesbos and Ayvalik. Tickets for this route start at €20.

Tip: learn more about what to do on a day trip from Lesbos to Ayvalik.

Old buildings at the Turkish town of Ayvalik

The romantic coast of Ayvalik in Turkey, opposite Lesbos

Ferry from Thessaloniki to İzmir

The Thessaloniki - Izmir ferry route is currently suspended, with no announced ferry connections.

When active, the ferry route is usually served by 1 ferry company and the connection is available 2 times per week. It takes approximately 14 hours to travel between the port of Thessaloniki in Greece and İzmir in Turkey. Tickets for this route start at €81.

Good to know: more routes connecting Greece and Turkey may be added in the future. These are some of the most popular Turkey - Greece routes that used to operate in the past: Bodrum - Symi, Bodrum - Patmos, Bodrum - Leros, Bodrum - Rhodes, and more.

Which ferry companies offer Greece - Turkey routes?

There are at least 15 ferry companies serving Greece - Turkey ferry routes. Some of the ferry companies are large operators, while others are seasonal and local ferry service providers.

On Ferryhopper, you can book cheap ferry tickets for Greece - Turkey routes with: Exas Shipping, Sea Dreams, Sunrise Lines, Jalem Tur, Ugur Jale UluslararasiMeander TravelMakri Travel, Richardo SCTuryol, and Sky Marine Ferries.

Here are more Greek and Turkish ferry companies operating on the connection between Greece and Turkey: Bodrum Express Lines, Yesil Marmari Lines, Dentur Avrasya Group, Erturk Lines, Meis Ferry Lines, Samos Star, and Tuana Maritime.

Do I need a passport or a visa to travel between Greece and Turkey?

Citizens of third countries wishing to enter Turkey need a passport valid for at least 60 days following the final day indicated on their permit or e-visa. Depending on your country of origin, different measures may apply. For more information regarding visa and passport requirements check the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or consult your embassy.

Greek citizens don't need a passport or visa to enter Turkey and can travel between the two countries with their ID. However, we recommend that you always have your passport with you when traveling to a different country.

Tip: if you're planning to purchase alcohol or tobacco products in Turkey before catching the ferry back to Greece, keep in mind there are quantity limits to the products you can transfer.

The castle at the port of Mandraki in Rhodes, Greece

The beautiful port of Mandraki in Rhodes

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