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Crete, Greece

Crete is the largest island in Greece and has a total population of about 1 million. The biggest and most popular settlements in Crete that include important ports are Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno and Agios Nikolaos, as well as Sitia and Ierapetra. If you are looking to organize your holidays in Crete, visit Ferryhopper and find all the information about the island and its ferry connections.

Which are the ports of Crete?

Crete has 5 ports on the northern coastline that connect the island with mainland Greece and the Aegean Islands

  • Heraklion
  • Chania
  • Sitia
  • Rethymno
  • Agios Nikolaos

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Ferries from Heraklion

Heraklion is located in the north of the island and it is the biggest town in Crete, with many options to enjoy your stay. Heraklion has the most important port of Crete, as it is connected with many regular crossings, to other islands. More specifically, there are ferry routes from Heraklion to mainland Greece, and especially with the port of Piraeus. At the same time. Heraklion is connected with many islands of the Cyclades like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Milos and Syros. Moreover, there are crossings to the Dodecanese, such as Rhodes, Kos, Karpathos and Kalymnos and it is an intermediate stop for driving to Rethymno or Agios Nikolaos.

You can find more information on what to do in Heraklion, as well as its ferry crossings on Ferryhopper!

Ferries from Chania

Chania is in the west part of the island and it is the second biggest city in Crete. The port of Chania is 7 km from the city, in the Souda region. The main ferry connection of Chania is with the port of Piraeus, as there are daily crossings all year long. Furthermore, Chania is the intermediate destination in order to reach the beautiful island of Gavdos.

We recommend that you visit the Ferryhopper page on Chania to find more details about the city and its ferry connections. 

Ferries from Sitia

Sitia is located in the prefecture of Lasithi, east of Crete. It is connected by ferry to mainland Greece via the port of Piraeus but is also an ideal starting point for island hopping in the nearby islands of the Dodecanese, such as Kasos, Karpathos, Chalki and Rhodes.

You can find all ferry connections and details about Sitia, on the Ferryhopper page.

Ferries from Rethymno

Rethymno is the capital of the homonymous prefecture and is located between Chania and Heraklion. The port of Rethymno is connected to Athens by ferry, by direct service from the port of Rafina. The Rafina - Rethymno ferry route only operates during the summer months, twice a week and the ferry journey takes about 13 hours. At the same time, there are frequent ferries connecting Rethymno with destinations in the Cyclades, in particular, Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos.

Details about the port of Rethymno, the city and the sights are presented on our pages!

Ferries from Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is located in the eastern part of Crete and is the capital of Lasithi prefecture. Currently, its port is not connected by ferry to any port in the country. In order to reach Agios Nikolaos, you can travel by ferry from Piraeus, with the port of Heraklion or Sitia as an intermediate destination. From there the distance to Agios Nikolaos takes about 1 - 1.5 hours by car.

See all the alternate options for your trip to Agios Nikolaos on the related Ferryhopper page.

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Where to travel from Crete?

Crete is directly connected with Athens, many of the Cyclades Islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos and Paros. During the summer months, there are also regular crossings to Gavdos and the south Dodecanese such as Kasos, Karpathos, Rhodes or Chalki.

Ferry from Piraeus to Crete

Crete is connected with Athens via the port of Heraklion and Chania with daily ferries to and from Piraeus operating all year round. During the summer season, there are three or four ferry services, mainly at night. The ferry companies operating these crossings are usually Minoan Lines and Anek - Superfast. At the same time, ferries traveling to Crete have bed cabins and the option of vehicle transportation, at affordable prices. However, if you are traveling in the summer, keep in mind that availability can be quite limited and it would be a good idea to book your tickets in advance. Also on the Ferryhopper blog, you will find all offers of the ferry companies operating crossings to Crete so you book cheap tickets all year long!

Check the Ferryhopper pages on the ferry routes Piraeus to Heraklion and Piraeus to Chania, to find more information on how to travel easily to Crete.

Ferry from Crete to the Cyclades

Ferries connecting Crete with the Cyclades, such as Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Milos and Anafi, usually depart from the port of Heraklion. These are seasonal ferry trips during the summer period and there are 2-3 high-speed ferries per day. The ferry companies that mainly operate these sailings are SeaJets, Minoan Lines and Golden Star Ferries. 

Check the Ferryhopper map of ferries and organize easily, quickly and economically, the best island hopping from Crete to the Cyclades!

Ferry from Crete to Gavdos

The ports of Crete that serve the ferry connection to Gavdos are the port of Sfakia and the port of Paleochora in southwest Crete. During the summer, there are daily sailings from the central island of Crete to Gavdos.

Plan your trip to Gavdos with the information you will find on our related page.

Ferry from Crete to the Dodecanese

The crossings from Crete to the southern islands of the Dodecanese are operated via the port of Heraklion and the port of Sitia. The ferry company AEGEON PELAGOS provides ferries more than once a week, all year round. The ferry departs from the ports of Crete, arrives at Kasos, continues to Karpathos and after Halki, ends at Rhodes.

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Holidays in Crete

Holidays in Crete meet all tastes. Due to the vast expanse of the island, Crete offers unlimited options that will enhance your experience. It is an ideal destination for couples, families and friends, with beautiful natural landscapes, magical beaches, intense historical landmarks and attractions. At the same time, Crete is famous for its traditional local recipes, that you can taste in any corner of the island. Finally, Crete is one of the most vibrant islands in terms of nightlife, as the island hosts some of the largest parties and festivals of the Greek islands!

Where to book ferry tickets to Crete?

On the Ferryhopper pages, you can find information on the hottest Cretan destinations such as Heraklion, Chania and Rethymnon to plan your ferry trip. Compare prices and itineraries and book online ferry tickets to all the ports of Crete!

Crete has direct ferry connections with 59 ports:

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