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Crete, Greece

Chania is the capital of the homonymous regional unit and is located in the western part of Crete. The combination of natural landscapes and endless entertainment options makes Chania one of the most popular destinations for travelers around the world. In this Ferryhopper article, you can find information about the city of Chania and its ferry connections with other destinations. 

How do I go to Chania?

You can travel by ferry from mainland Greece to Chania through the port of Piraeus. The port of Chania is located in the district of Souda and is only 7 km from the capital. During the winter months, there are 2 daily evening ferries, that arrive at the port of Chania early in the morning. However, in the summer months, there is one additional morning ferry route. The duration of the ferry trip from Piraeus to Chania ranges from 9 to 12 hours and for that reason, you should consider booking a bed cabin in order to travel more comfortably. 

Tip: If you want to bring your car and further explore Crete, there is also the option of vehicle transportation in the ferry's garage.  Check the Ferryhopper pages, find and book the type of ferry ticket that suits you, easily and at the best prices!

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What to do in Chania?

Chania is the second largest city of Crete and it is a popular summer destination to travelers from all over the world. In and around Chania, you will discover beautiful landscapes and have endless choices for great food, walks, activities and of course, nightlife!

Beaches in Chania

It's no secret that in Crete you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, if not the world. Their common characteristics: the blue waters, the golden sand and the natural formations that complement their beauty. Here are some of the best beaches that you Ferryhopper recommends:

  • Elafonisi
  • Balos
  • Falassarna
  • Kedrodasos
  • Golden Coast
  • Seitan Limani
  • Loutro Sfakion
  • Agia Marina - Platanias
  • Stavros
  • Loutraki

Activities and Sightseeing in Chania

Chania is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, mainly because of its Venetian character. Passing through the city and its picturesque alleys, you will see samples of the history of Chania that will surely fascinate you. At the same time, you can enjoy Cretan delicacies all over the city, have a drink at the port or even choose from dozens of parties for dancing. Last but not least, we recommend organizing excursions to nearby places, especially if you are traveling by car, in order to visit the amazing Cretan landscapes. Here is our shortlist of the attractions of Chania

  • The Old Town of Chania
  • The tombs of Venizelos
  • The Archaeological Museum of Chania
  • The lighthouse and the Venetian harbor
  • Ancient Kydonia
  • The Samaria Gorge
  • The island of Souda
  • Sfakia

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Useful information about Chania

Probably, Chania is Crete's most popular destination, where travelers can find all the amenities they need for their vacation. In the center of Chania, there are all the services of a modern city such as hospitals, ATMs, supermarkets and petrol stations, as well as parts of the Technical University of Crete. Some useful telephone numbers for Chania are:

  • Chania General Hospital: 2821022000
  • Chania Port Authority (Souda): 2821089240
  • Chania Police: 2821025856 
  • Chania Citizens Service Center: 2821345900 - 5

Where to book ferry tickets to Chania

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Chania has direct ferry connections with 2 ports:

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