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North Aegean, Greece

Chios is the fifth largest island of Greece and is located in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is a very popular summer destination, due to its beautiful natural sites, the great food and the historical monuments. Also, you can easily travel by ferry to other islands close to Chios, as well as to the Turkish coastline. If you plan to visit the charming island of Chios, check the Ferryhopper platform for all the ferry routes and articles on how to enjoy your vacation!

How do I get to Chios?

Chios has two ports: that of Chora and that of Mesta and is well connected with mainland Greece and other Aegean Islands. 

Ferry from mainland Greece to Chios

Getting to Chios from mainland Greece is easy since you can take a ferry from Piraeus, Lavrion or Kavala to the ports of Chora and Mesta in Chios. 

  • Piraeus - Chios: There are daily ferry crossings from Piraeus to the port of Chora in Chios. There is also 1 crossing to the port of Mesta. Usually, most ferry routes operate at night and the journey lasts from 5 hr 40 min to 18 hrs.
  • Lavrion - Chios: You can take a ferry 1 time per week from Lavrion to the port of Chora. The ferry rides last approximately 6 hrs.
  • Kavala - Chios: Several weekly crossings run from the city of northern Macedonia to Chios and the duration of the ferry trip ranges from 10 to 14 hrs

Tip: Most of the ferry routes run during the night. For this reason, a good idea is to book a bed cabin to make your ferry trip more comfortable. There is also the option of vehicle transportation through the ferries' garage.

Island hopping around Chios

Chios is well connected by ferry to the most popular islands of the northeastern Agean like Lesvos, Samos, Ikaria and Lemnos with several weekly sailings. However, you can visit smaller, more secluded islands to enjoy nature and the sea, such as Oinousses, Psara, Fournoi and Agios Efstratios. Furthermore, you can take a ferry from Chios to Patmos and islands of the Cyclades like Mykonos and Syros.

Tip: A great getaway from Chios is taking a ferry from Chora to the port of Cesme in Turkey. There are 2 daily crossings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and the ferry rides lasts about 30 min. 

Check the Ferryhopper map of ferries to easily find all the available ferry connections of Chios.  

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What to do in Chios?

Chios is a very popular island for the beautiful beaches, the cultural heritage and the tasty local products like mastic.

Beaches of Chios

Chios has over 90 beaches and most of them are still unknown to the public. However, there are very popular and impressive beaches like Mavra Volia, with the distinctive black pebbles and the sandy beach of Karfas. Some of our most favorite beaches are:

  • Mavra Volia
  • Karfas
  • Agia Dinami
  • Agia Markella
  • Agia Fotia
  • Vroulida
  • Giosonas
  • Elinta
  • Emporeios
  • Komi
  • Mesinidi
  • Nagos

Sightseeing in Chios

Chios has many archaeological sites and beautiful natural sites. Ferryhopper suggests that you visit:

  • Archaeological Site of Commerce
  • Daskalopetra
  • Rimokastro
  • Castle of Chios
  • Temple of Apollo in Fana
  • Anavatos 
  • Chios Mastic Museum
  • Chios Archaeological Museum
  • Byzantine Museum of Chios
  • Church of St. Isidoros
  • Church of Our Lady of Krina
  • Chios Maritime Museum
  • Olympus Cave

Local Products of Chios

The Mediterranean climate of Chios favors the production of many top quality local products. Of course the most famous of these is the fragrant mastic, which is produced exclusively on the island of Chios and is largely the cause of the island's economic and cultural development. Residents are using mastic to produce a range of products such as ouzo, liqueur, candy, perfume and cosmetics that carry its fragrance. Beyond mastic in Chios, citrus and olive oil are produced, as well as famous wines and spoon sweets.

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Useful information about the island of Chios

Chios is an island with facilities capable of meeting every need. The island has a hospital, police stations and all the necessary services like gas stations and supermarkets. Some useful telephone numbers for Chios are:

  • Port Authority of Chios: 2271044433
  • Urban Bus: 2271022079 
  • Hospital: 2271044302
  • Police: 2271081537
  • Municipality of Chios: 2271350860

Where to book ferry tickets to Chios?

Go to the Ferryhopper and book online ferry tickets to Chios in just 4 clicks! Find all available information about ferry routes, compare prices and plan ideal holidays in Chios.

Chios has direct ferry connections with 30 ports:

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