Planning Your Ferry Trip

Planning Your Ferry Trip

Should I buy ferry tickets for my holidays in advance? And if so, when are ferry schedules and tickets released? Where can I travel to with Ferryhopper? How late can I book a ferry? How accessible are ferries to people with disabilities? What happens if I get seasick? If you are planning to travel by ferry to the Greek islands or to other destinations, then look no further! Here you will find answers to all these questions.

When are ferry tickets and schedules released?

December 21, 2021

Ferry schedules and tickets usually become available 3-6 months before the departure date. However, new ferry routes and extra itineraries are often added, so tickets can sometimes become available much closer to the departure date. During the off-season – i.e. November to February in most countries – ferry schedules are often released just a few weeks before the departure date, which can be as late as the end of October. Ferryhopper updates its search results after every change of itinerary by ferry companies. So If you cannot find ferries running on a specific date, please try searching again later. You can also check our blog for the latest information on ferry crossings and schedules.

Where can I travel to with Ferryhopper?

December 21, 2021

Ferryhopper collaborates with ferry companies operating routes throughout the Mediterranean. We currently offer ferry crossings with more than 50 companies and the number is constantly increasing. On Ferryhopper you can book tickets for all Greek destinations (islands and mainland), the whole of Spain (including Canary islands & Balearic islands), Turkey, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Albania, as well as for ferry routes from continental Europe to North Africa (Algeria and Morocco). The French island of Corsica and all the other ports of the Mediterranean are coming soon!

Should I buy ferry tickets in advance?

July 17, 2020

Yes, we recommend that you book your ferry tickets in advance. Our advice is to buy tickets as soon as you’ve made your travel plans and ferry schedules have been released. Ferryhopper will have all the available ferry crossings! Booking your ferry tickets in advance means that you will not have to worry about availability, which can become very limited as the departure date approaches. If your holiday plans change, you can easily change your booking through our website.

Last minute booking. How late can I book a ferry?

December 21, 2021

You can book ferry tickets through our website up to the very last minute before departure. Please note, however, that some ferry companies do not offer last-minute online booking (e.g. Minoan Lines).

When you are traveling to the Greek islands, you will often be required to have a paper ticket, as many ferry companies do not offer e-tickets. In this case, you will have to pick up the tickets before your trip. It is important to mention that if you are making a last-minute booking, you will only be able to select a ticket collection option that allows enough time for you to pick up your tickets. More specifically, you will be able to select the courier or hotel delivery service, only if there are at least 6 days left before your departure. If your ferry departs in under 6 days, then you only have two collection options: you can either pick up your ferry tickets from our offices (Kallirrois 23, 117 43, Athens) or from the port.

If you book an e-ticket (in case they are available for the ferry route you are looking for), you will of course not be required to pick up your tickets before the trip. Instead, you will receive the boarding pass on your mobile device and check-in online.

How accessible are ferries to people with disabilities?

December 21, 2021

An increasing number of ferry companies are investing in making their journeys more disabled-friendly. While most big companies offer facilities for disabled people on their ferries, we recommend that you always contact our customer support team before you book your trip in order to get more detailed information about ferry and port accessibility.

It is important to note that port authorities and ferry companies are obligated to provide free assistance to all passengers and to ensure that they board, travel and disembark safely and comfortably. We should also mention that some ferry companies require that persons with disabilities make their booking either via phone or via email. If you have specific assistance requirements, you should inform us or the ferry company at least 48 hours before your departure. Ferryhopper also recommends that you book your cabin well in advance, as the number of cabins that are accessible to people with disabilities is limited. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

I suffer from seasickness. What can I do when traveling by ferry?

July 3, 2020

If you suffer from motion sickness, we suggest that you avoid traveling by small high-speed ferries and that you opt for an open-deck conventional ferry instead. This could make your journey more comfortable, as fresh air usually helps relieve seasickness symptoms. Moreover, large ferries generally provide a smoother ride in windy conditions. If it’s not windy, then one of the larger high-speed boats might also be a good option. However, it’s probably safer to choose an open-deck conventional ferry when possible, as it’s hard to predict what the weather will be like on the day of your trip.

Is there Wi-Fi on ferries?

July 17, 2020

The number of ferries providing access to the internet on board is gradually increasing. Some companies offer their Wi-Fi service for free, while others charge a fee. Usually, you can purchase Wi-Fi on board by opening your device’s web browser and providing your credit card details. For more information you can ask the crew members at the reception of the ferry.

Please note that the bandwidth of these networks is often limited. You will, therefore, be able to access your emails for example, but it may be difficult to engage in online activities that require a large bandwidth. It is also worth noting that for most of your journey, you will likely have internet access on your mobile through 3G or 4G networks.

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