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Introducing Koufonisia to the international travellers is a wonderful challenge! First of all, Koufonisia is a group of two islands: ‘Pano’ or ‘Ano’ (Upper) Koufonisi and ‘Kato’ (Lower) Koufonisi. They are both islands of incredible beauty, with their main asset being the turquoise waters of their seas. Their main difference though is that Kato Koufonisi is a secluded getaway: First, there is no accommodation available to spend the night at Kato Koufonisi, unless you want to camp in the beach under the night sky and second, you cannot drive at Kato Koufonisi as there are no defined roads. 
Pano Koufonisi, by contrast, is a small island that has all the comforts that you need to spend a relaxing holiday by the sea. 

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Ferry tickets and schedules to Koufonisia

Koufonisia are well connected to the port of Piraeus throughout the year. In the winter months there is a ferry from Piraeus to Koufonisia around 3 days a week. During the summer there are more ferries connecting Athens to Koufonisia, departing from both the port of Piraeus and the port of Rafina. 
To be precise, it is the port of Pano Koufonisi that serves the ferry itineraries to Athens and other islands. To reach Kato Koufonisi you need to get a smaller boat that departs regularly from Pano Koufonisi, also offering daily tours around the islands’ beautiful beaches at a low cost.

Ferries from Athens to Koufonisia

Ferry from Piraeus to Koufonisia

Getting to Koufonisia from the port of Piraeus is easy and possible throughout the year. Koufonisia are connected to Piraeus 2 or 3 days a week with conventional vessels during the whole year, while in the summer months there are also daily high speed ferries operating in this route. 

The ferry trip duration from Piraeus to Koufonisia depends on the type of vessel that you choose. The trip duration with a conventional ferry is a bit more than 8 hours so we recommend that you book a Bed cabin if you wish to travel in more quiet and comfort. High-speed vessels take approximately 5 hours to reach Koufonisia from the port of Piraeus and they usually offer numbered seats. The ferry ticket prices vary according to the vessel and the seat that you choose and it is common for ferry companies to slightly change them every year. Indicatively, (based on 2019 data) prices for the Piraeus - Koufonisia ferry route start from 30€ for conventional ferries and 60€ for high-speed ones. 

If you wish to make your ferry trip to Koufonisia a little more interesting you can always take the ferry from Piraeus to Naxos and then the legendary ‘Express Skopelitis’ from Naxos to Koufonisia. Express Skopelitis is a small conventional ferry that has been connecting the islands of the Small Cyclades for more than 30 years. The ferry trip from Naxos to Koufonisia takes approximately 3 - 4 hours depending on the island ports that Skopelitis connects in its route.  

Ferry from Rafina to Koufonisia

The port of Rafina is connected to Koufonisia only during the summer months usually with high speed vessels. The duration of the ferry trip from Rafina to Koufonisia can be from 6 hours to 8 hours while the prices start from approximately 60€ for an economy seat. 

Island-hopping in Koufonisia

The island complex of Small Cyclades, where Koufonisia belong, is a group of beautiful small islands that connect to each other with regular itineraries throughout the whole year. From Koufonisia you can take ferries to Naxos, Amorgos, Irakleia, Donousa or Schinoussa. Koufonisia are connected with the nearby Small Cyclades islands by conventional ferries as well as high speed vessels (during summer season only) so the ferry trip duration as well as the ferry ticket price vary. 
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Summer Holidays in Koufonisia

Koufonisia are renowned for their extreme beauty and delicate character and you will find this out as soon as you set foot to its small, picturesque port. The short distances in the island make life in Koufonisia effortless while there is no better way to spend your time in the island than enjoy its beautiful beaches.

Beaches in Koufonisia

The beaches in Koufonisia are the island’s most attractive element: crystal clear, turquoise waters, golden sand and a beautiful landscape surrounding them. A real paradise in the middle of the Aegean sea!

  • Fanos
  • Pori
  • Foinikas or Charokopou beach
  • Gala 
  • Ammos

One of the biggest advantages of Pano Koufonisi is that, given its small size, it is possible to reach all of the great beaches of the island on foot. As you walk in the coastline from the beach of Charokopou (Foinikas) to Gala you will also find few natural pools and caves to swim at and explore. 

What should be on your bucket list: Breaking dawn at Pori, the eastern part of the island, which offers a truly breathtaking sunrise. Pori is also home to Kalofeggo, one of the island’s finest bars and restaurants.

Day trips from Koufonisia

If you want an alternative from sunbathing and swimming in the beautiful Koufonisia beaches there is a variety of day trips you could do around the island. 

  • Kato Koufonisi: A day trip to Kato Koufonisi is a great option if you wish to explore hidden beaches, hike and eat the delicious traditional food at the only tavern of the island, “Venetsanos”. Often people free camp at “Lakki” beach or at the “Nero” beach so if you are a bit more adventurous feel free to bring your tent!
  • Keros: In a short distance from Koufonisia you can find the small island of Keros, an uninhabited island and an important archaeological site with findings from Early Cycladic period 3200-2000 BC. At Pano Koufonisi you can find boats that organise day trips to Keros. 
  • Small Cyclades: Island hopping around Pano Koufonisi is an excellent option. Koufonisia are well connected with the neighbouring islands of the Small Cyclades and in less than an hour you can be at Irakleia or Schinoussa. From Koufonisia you can also catch a ferry to Donousa or the ports of Amorgos.

How to book your tickets to Koufonisia

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Koufonisia has direct ferry connections with 18 ports:

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